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    Huayi Chinese policy net profit over 50% light-situ transformation of each enclosure | huayi | Aim
    Announced the first annual report Huace and Huayi Brothers has taken the lead in performance, revenues in 2014 were 2.389 billion yuan and 1.916 billion yuan. Enlight only about half of Huayi.
    Passion for film and television media sector in recent years has not diminished.
    Strong content film and television company has always been optimistic about the subject,louboutin soldes, although there is a high risk, the fund has continued into the movie this piece of the Red Sea.
    At the end of 3, A-share annual film and television companies and gradually released results of Letters, giant Huayi movie,basket louboutin, TV chiefs China policy, film and television veteran of the Great Wall,escarpins louboutin, cutting-edge light media, there are different degrees of growth in revenue,hogan rebel ebay, which the Chinese policy Huayi profits an increase of 50%.
    With the forthcoming regulatory policy, film and television companies in the process of transformation has become more pragmatic.
    Huayi Chinese policy profit growth of over 50%
    Announced the first annual report Huace and Huayi Brothers, also on the performance of the lead.
    Huayi 2014 operating income of 2.389 billion yuan, an increase of 18.62%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 897 million yuan, an increase of 51.93%.
    Over the same period, Huace operating income of 1.916 billion yuan, an increase of 108.16 percent; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 390 million yuan,scarpe hogan outlet, an increase of 51.03%.
    Also in the film primarily in light of the media results of Letters shows that the total income of 1.222 billion yuan, although an increase of 35.19 percent over the previous year, but still only about half of Huayi, the net profit of 329 million yuan, compared with the same period last year It grew by only 0.22%, essentially flat.
    According to Great Wall Television Express data, total net operating income attributable to shareholders of listed companies of approximately 514 million yuan and 206 million yuan, respectively,louboutin homme, an increase of nearly 17% and 34%. With Huace income to the drama is known for its more than three times.
    Volume Tatemi compete, and various growth trend is also very obvious. Behind the high revenue and what the driving force and weaknesses?
    Huayi Brothers report shows that from 2011 to 2014, attributable net profit of about 203 million yuan,hogan outlet, 244 million yuan, 590 million yuan and 897 million yuan, increased year by year trend. The main business of film and television entertainment sector has decreased 38.37% YoY.
    Wei Huan Yi Yan consulting and research manager told financial weekly newspaper reporter, silverside Internet + technology Huayi entertainment sector contributed absolute income, compared to income of thickening the plate 30 times last year, making this sector accounted for 36% of main income, Entertainment also offset the revenue shortfall, in addition to 360 million non-recurring net gains and losses from the sale of palm interested in science and technology.
    Huayi Brothers chairman Wang Jun told the media, the sale of palm interested in science and technology shares also continued a decade. Reporters repeatedly call the Huayi Brothers, has no answer.
    For movie revenue decline,hogan scontate, Analysys International analyst Huang Guofeng said that if the file can be given, are big production may also play a little bit, but in 2014 released movie is about 10,louboutin chaussures, the number has decreased, before all 15 right and left, while the box office is not high.
    Compared Huayi Brothers,louboutin soldes, China policy in the media shine on its main business, according to the report shows, TV sales revenue 1.734 billion yuan, an increase of 107.59%; sales revenue of 031 million yuan movie, an increase of 286.82%. Net profit after the previous acquisition of Pinkerton media to realize an annual deduction of non-187 million yuan to complete performance commitment.
    Enlight performance Express showed, the increase in revenue was mainly due to substantial growth in the movie business, in 2014 the Company issued a total of 12 films, the cumulative box office of about 3.139 billion yuan. Only "Breakup Buddies" over 10 million at the box office enough to make light media continue to fame.
    Each film company restructuring plan
    While in the pursuit of performance, film and television companies are also circle draw their own territory, their own make the transformation to explore.
    As early as last July, he declared to the Huayi Brothers cinematic, wanting to build entertainment empire, rather like Warner Brothers has been closer. In November,escarpin louboutin, three horses common shares of Huayi Brothers,hogan lovells italy, Ali venture, peace capital, Tencent Computer and CITIC Construction co-injection of 3.6 billion.
    Huang Guofeng said that there are three main business Huayi Brothers, Internet entertainment, recreation and real Troika Entertainment,chaussures louboutin, Internet entertainment shareholders there Tencent, Movies Star Alliance jointly made products, but not particularly hot on the market,hogan, in general, is move forward.
    And on April 2, Huayi Brothers announced that the United States Huayi entertainment project with the United States STX signed a cooperation agreement to jointly invest before the end of 2017,louboutin pas cher, filming and distribution of not less than 18 cooperation videos. Hony Capital and TPG Capital and other private organizations are the United States STX entertainment shareholders. Huayi Brothers had also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with South Korea's Showbox, it plans to more than three years of cooperation 6 videos.
    Huayi Brothers also started the layout seen in overseas markets, film and television sector in recent years, or will usher in a new growth.
    In addition, the acquisition is a major trend in gaming companies, Huayi Brothers a few years ago acquired silverside palm interested in science and technology and science and technology will be in the last year has greatly thickening revenue Enlight fun last year 160 million acquisition of 26% stake.
    Investors Huace behind Baidu and millet in the figure,hogan sito ufficiale, the cooperation even more in the direction of the Internet. Following and after Iqiyi joint venture recently established China policy and millet Chinese Theater, test the water a new distribution model. In addition, the acquisition of Korea Huace heavily NEW company carried out the whole industry chain layout
    Wei Huan believes that now content to do business, but also pay attention to vertical integration channels and terminals, as well as interaction with the Internet platform, thus lowering the overall valuation will rise.
    On the other hand, the industry also highlights the acquisition. Great Wall Television on February 10 announcement, to be paid in cash to buy 60% stake in East Fang Longhui, Zhuji Great Wall 100% stake in film and television, advertising Macro 60% interest, for a total cash payment of 840 million yuan; the end of June 2014, the Great Wall Television announced the acquisition of Shanghai and Zhejiang League wins light, the total price is not more than 324 million yuan.
    This means that in less than a year, the Great Wall Television will spend nearly 12 billion acquisition of five film and television media company. Great Wall Television claiming to complete the entire contents of the whole industry chain layout.
    Huang Guofeng that because the regulation of the next film culture media will become strict, there are certainly motivated listed blow, and now the industry's development trend of film and television industry is a little bit pragmatic than last year, last year, the stock market is hot contrast may not be so obvious.
    In addition, he believes that a pragmatic point where cooperation is the ticketing area. Ticket now on the market in this area has played a growing role, affecting the film industry, especially the promotion and release two links, each film companies hope that their films at the box office and more, finally definite profile, big screen the player will want to do a good job in all aspects,bottes louboutin, thinking and collaboration ticket, another ticket success stories but also to make them feel that a combination of the Internet and make them go steady,louboutin paris, this year's movie ticket and will have more binding.


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