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    "Bounty isolated city,outlet woolrich bologna," the sequel to marry Xie Mengwei Ady wife | "Bounty isolated city"

    Ady and Xie Mengwei,louboutin pas cher. (Source: Phoenix Entertainment)

    Last night,outlet peuterey milano, the movie "Bounty isolated city" will meet fans and the media, held in Beijing, director Shen Dong carrying starring Ray Lui, Ady,hogan uomo outlet, Xie Mengwei etc. will all be present. Xie Mengwei With wonderful performance in the film, Bo frequent applause media scene and the audience.

    Performing applause son Bo Ray Lui

    In the movie "Bounty isolated city", the Miao Xie Mengwei plays sharpshooter Huang Erhu,louboutin soldes, carries the families have gone to join Ray Lui led Hubi Jun wholehearted country,hogan scarpe interactive uomo, timid at first on the battlefield from the small Hmong youth,escarpin louboutin soldes, he grew into a fierce warrior on the battlefield. When Xie Mengwei screenings to shoot when Japanese officers shot the scene, the scene of the show sitting son Ray Lui, could not help but take the lead in applause,acheter louboutin femme, applause scene after another.

    Ady will marry wife

    After the movie "Bounty isolated city," show ends,hogan outlet, when asked Xie Mengwei and Ady opponents play,woolrich donna, Xie Mengwei said Shen guide promised to focus arrange themselves and Ady emotional drama in the next, on the grounds that Ady as a company commander's wife must take good care. Before there were media reports said Xie Mengwei crush Ady and in the studio and Yuan Wen Kang into a rival,peuterey wiki, and the scene of Xie Mengwei not taboo and Ady cotton,hogan interactive shop online, but the initiative to ask the next focus increased and her scenes,louboutin soldes, the two ambiguous index surge,louboutin homme, even directors are unclear about the relationship between the three represents.

    Hearts of the audience male lead

    With the TV series "Little Soldier" in Gazi and household Xie Mengwei,hogan interactive shop online, she has starred in "My head of my regiment," "In order to advance the new China" and other war movie and TV work. Will meet the media at the scene,hogan scarpe, Xie Mengwei smiled and said he was called Military Theme specialist.

    Xie Mengwei asked the audience to give himself in the movie "bloody city" in the performance of how much playing time sharing,hogan scontate, Xie Mengwei for his play 90 minutes, and immediately gave the director Shen Dong Xie Mengwei played 91.5 minutes. For the play the male lead candidate,hogan scarpe, Shen Dong said director Xie Mengwei male lead hearts of the people.


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