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    A-share rally behind: agency chiefs fought Motherboard

    Year of the Ox A shares really bullish, A-share gains in the last 10 trading days close to 10%,hogan, while the two cities is 70 stocks rose more than three percent, from publicly available data, the agency "big brother" appeared frequently gains Habitat before stocks once again become exchanges Down "regulars"

    Analysts believe that the recent market mechanism obviously money involved, which may be extended A-share rally time.

    Small-cap stocks gradually weaken

    Year of the Ox in the first two days, A shares closed the stock market is not only a series of red, cities stocks also celebrate two days of broad based. From the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange announced the deal late return, the agency dedicated seats has become more stocks daily limit of "a guest"

    Only yesterday, for example, to buy seats before Baoguang shares (600379),hogan uomo outlet, Sun Paper (002 078), Card Electronic (002197) and Fengzhu (600,493) four of the five stocks daily limit, there are 1-3 hotels, ranging from body seats appeared.

    This can not help but reminiscent appeared in November 2008 that wavelet construction stocks rebound frenzy. Public information, was ranked the top gainers in the Taihang Cement (600,553), Road shares (600,818) and other stocks, before its purchase amount is generally five brokerage business department - hot money has become the main wound deserved. Similarly,louboutin pas cher, the small plates shares outstanding,louboutin pas cher, generally smaller, inner panel chase stocks also deserved to be the object of such funds.

    However,hogan outlet milano, according to Wind statistics show that in the chart stocks rose nearly 10 trading days, small-cap stocks have quietly withdraw or table supremacy battle.

    Rose from the distribution point of view, the two cities 10 stocks rose more than 30% the proportion of 4.51% (above right), which accounted for 62% of the Shanghai Stock Exchange stocks, small board stocks accounted for only 8.57%. In the list of 20 stocks rose before the battle,chaussure louboutin femme, small board stocks is "crop failure"

    In addition, the increase of over 30% of the stocks, including Bao Sheng shares (600,973), Sanyou Chemical (600409),hogan scontate, Shandong Hailong (000,677) including a number of stocks,louboutin paris, before its purchase amount is the same amount of five seats in the institution occupy. The above situation,louboutin prix, and before the benefit out of four trillion investment rebound in marked contrast.

    "We believe that the recent market will remain strong shock, the focus has improved the situation." Guangzhou Securities researcher Lu Zhenning said that from the information available, more and more organizations believe that the difficulties faced by the short-term is over,peuterey donna, so it becomes more optimistic.

    Huatai Securities analyst Chen Huiqin believes that the global financial downturn, A-share performance is quite strong,hogan sito ufficiale, but the possibility of the Shanghai index has fallen below 1950 points is not large, because of the government's stimulus package helps maintain Investor confidence in the market.

    In addition, some analysts continued to stir concern in small-cap stocks will rebound in A-share market continued to restrict, but yesterday's session of the heavyweight rise again, the road seemed to have rebounded a bit longer.

    Follow industry upturn

    So, institutional investors came back, not when warm air blowing policy of the moment, a good grasp of how to enhance the focus of market opportunities brought about this "problem",abbigliamento peuterey outlet, was placed in front of investors.

    "Selective focus February as the economy bottomed stabilized the industry, taking into account the policy support of the industry." Lu Zhenning that, in boom lows cyclical industry, the chemical and petroleum highest certainty extractive industries, and the performance is more ideal valuation is not high, it would be a good choice for overweight.

    In addition, Lu Zhenning pointed out that the shipping transport sub-sectors are also signs of stabilization, with low static valuation, it is also of concern in the rally. Iron and steel, nonferrous metals,louboutin homme, cement boom phases have bottomed signs,hogan outlet online, but the presence of iron and steel cost pressures on us,hogan, non-ferrous metal price fluctuations, a large cement early gains, it is recommended that the standard iron and steel, nonferrous metals and cement as the trading varieties to be concerned.

    Guoxin Securities analyst Tang Xiaosheng that, although the current market trend temporarily opportunities exist, but the government proactive fiscal policy and loose monetary policy to stabilize the low macroeconomic, structural market is still worth the wait, so you can follow three main lines:

    Take active allocation strategy in the market consolidation process, the pre-layout cars, real estate, banking and other leading industries.

    In addition, the need to focus on policies to promote the theme of industry and prices stabilize rebound stage opportunities, focus on the top ten industry revitalization plan to bring the short and long term investment opportunities.

    Determine the growth performance of sectors such as agriculture,hogan scarpe interactive donna, construction,woolrich outlet online, insurance, petrochemical plastics plastics, electronics,hogan rebel ebay, pharmaceuticals, shipping and electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing, also a medium-term investment opportunities.

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