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many teachers are lectures with PPT

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    The university classroom, many students are accustomed to using a cell phone camera pictures in this group teacher's PPT new culture reporter Kan spin
    During the National Day this year, Harbin Institute of Technology's official website published a school principal Zhou signed article "Let the notes become a required course in life," to promote students in the Internet still regain traditional classroom taking notes. Zhou article before the National Day after a day of discussion with some students of improvisation.

    So, how many people in our province in the high school classroom taking notes? Recently, a new culture reporter Ta Fang several universities in the classroom, most students found the smart phone into a "notes artifact," a remake of the teacher PPT, or do not shoot to shoot, tube directly after school teacher courseware.

    The teacher stressed the compulsory content in the classroom was a mobile phone, "click" sound

    October 28 afternoon, a Shaw House 501 College amphitheater, sophomore year of Chinese language and literature class, the teacher to explain the side while turning on the projector PPT software, did not make writing on the blackboard. More than 200 students attending classes, at least one third pick up the phone, a remake of the content on the PPT. The pen and paper to record a few.

    At 13:30 on October 29, Changchun, a university classroom 501,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/lens-deli/y-5-lcpre.html, this small classroom can accommodate 50 people, they come to listen to Modern and Contemporary Literature Course. After the teacher began to lecture, sitting in front of seven or eight students from took notes,http://www.postyourflasher.com, carefully recorded, and another dozen students filmed using a mobile phone to PPT.

    "Note that this is a compulsory part of." Talked about half of the class, the teacher raised his voice, in addition to a few serious notes,extension cheveux, the whole rest of the students raised his phone rang a "click" sound, the classroom became a "press conference" .

    October 30 morning, within a university lecture theater, two classes of more than 110 students news writing course. Sitting near the middle of the first three rows of the students --- that is the legendary "learning Pa zone" --- very carefully, took notes while listening, more than 20 people. While some others listen, while turning the phone,extension a clip sur cheveux tres court, and lectures from time to time using a mobile phone a few PPT. Three male students is even textbooks, and this did not bring pen, with only a cell phone. The classroom, three boys in a thin trying to beat down the teacher's courseware. "Do not worry, I wait until the end of all the courseware package copy to you." Said the teacher.

    Lectures in more detail than the PPT is not a bad exam notes

    More than ten years ago in the classroom, students are taking notes, now how do not remember it?

    "A lot of students take notes or PPT is to shoot the teacher's exam, and before the exam, the teacher will draw the focus, so very few notes." Jilin Normal University, Wang said senior girls, and she said, can not remember notes depends on are not the focus of courses, if the examination is compulsory content, the relatively more serious students take notes, and if it is elective or unimportant subject, we are not so seriously.

    "Now there are very few students take notes, and most of them using a mobile phone camera, or focus on an important part of school after finishing." Jilin Engineering and Technical Teachers College Chen said the one hand,ou trouver des extension a clip,http://estherpaqs.2itb.com, many teachers are lectures with PPT, on the blackboard little writing on the blackboard,extension cheveux achat en ligne, the teacher and some fast-paced, taking notes,http://www.nudistgallerie.com, "keep up" with the notes must be recorded using a mobile phone.

    Compared with the traditional blackboard, with PPT class seems more "Times", but for students, taking notes and shooting PPT would be any different in the learning effect? Northeast Normal University, Lee students belonging to a family of notes. "The teacher PPT mostly written content, while talking about the specific class is a more detailed, supplemental content, while most teachers test is to supplement the content, if you do not take notes, exam certainly not test well." In addition she said, compared with the direct copy courseware, take notes more impressive, learn more solid.

    Lee students said,http://www.zhuzhou.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, remember not to take notes, but also has a relationship with the teacher's teaching methods. "One teach junior" Ancient Literature "teacher from school with no PPT, writing on the blackboard is the direct use, almost all the students to take notes."

    Upload PPT before class to let students to preview the classroom by writing on the blackboard to teach

    Northeast Normal University, Li said the students, university and primary and secondary schools are not the same, although there are textbooks, but the teacher's content is not exactly as Pa textbook, but will combine their knowledge to determine the content of a lesson,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/denim-38-menscasual.html, and PPT to equivalent adjustment after the "textbook."

    There are many university teachers and the PPT blackboard combined, play a good effect. Northeast Normal University, Wang Chungang teacher this semester teaching physical chemistry. Classroom, kept written with chalk writing on the blackboard, in conjunction with the PPT, students using a mobile phone camera little, basically in the notes.

    "I'll put the next lesson before class on the contents PPT spread class group, so that they Keqianyuxi." Wang Chungang said, PPT only skeleton lectures, there is a lot of knowledge by writing on the blackboard to teach, you need to listen carefully and carefully recorded.

    Wang Chungang said that using a mobile phone in the classroom photographed PPT is widespread,extension a clip,http://1958happy.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=16623396, but still want the students to write their own, to remember. "Notes, the process of memorizing formulas is thinking, learning process."

    A view

    The weakest ink is better than the strongest memory

    Zhou mentioned in the article, class, the students can now download courseware, a copy of the teacher's PPT, search the Internet, it seems more relaxed approach to learning, but did not undergo systematic in-depth study and reflection, some knowledge is paradoxical, some valuable The idea flashed. The impact of the mass of information flooded our selection and absorption of knowledge,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000626333.html, a lot of knowledge has not been properly digested it would be gone. So how I read something memorable? It is a very important way of taking notes. "Weakest ink is better than the strongest memory."

    Second point

    Courseware can copy the key to the heart to go

    For this phenomenon, Jilin University Business School professor Paul oct present that the traditional take notes should not be lost, but do not have a pen and paper to take notes, you can also use a laptop to remember. After a note quiz also easier to modify and save. In addition, the courseware is not can not copy, then copy the key is to "take heart." Courseware is just a link, you can advance to the students so that they learn to understand the content, so there is a process of thinking. Different disciplines should be treated differently, "such as higher data, the teacher in the classroom to teach the process of deduction, this light beat courseware Certainly not."

    Liu whole new culture reporter intern Ai Ling Li Meng Jun

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