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  1. hjgfd0z6p

    14 at noon, a British child trace element detection unit on the network. Everything is normal, and there is no excessive lead. (Network screenshot)
    "Yueyang father girl was poisoned" microblogging truth investigation normal blood test, "cast poison woman" fictitious reporter Dai Yuan Li Peng intern reporter Zhang Liang into capital drones
    Core Tip
    Two days, a girl Yueyang bursts "were poisoning his father, only to cheat insurance" microblogging, causing many users attention. The reporter interviewed a number of units of the relevant personnel, the laboratory data analysis and multi-confirmed: the girl did not lead poisoning, but the mental state of doubt.
    ■ reporter Zhang Liang Dai Peng intern reporter Li Yuan into capital drones
    Newspaper May 14 hearing two days, a girl Yueyang bursts "were poisoning his father, only to cheat insurance" microblogging, disturb the network.
    The evening of May 13, she microblogging live "escape into the long" lead to more and more users attention, circle of friends crazy turn. Yueyang girl Eiko (a pseudonym), Sina Weibo name "Vogelying", is the protagonist of this network storm.
    Microblogging help: the father to kill women?
    Since May 11, the British child began publishing help on Sina Weibo. Bo said: that he was poisoned father in Yueyang City First People's Hospital for treatment. Thereafter, she also uploaded more than one blood test results.
    The 13th in the evening, help microblogging rapid fermentation on the network. Eiko constantly updated microblogging, directed at the biological father, in their consumption of lobster, soft lead into an attempt to kill women, in order to obtain high accident insurance. She also disclosed the identity of the father and phone information while accusing mother.
    18:30 the same day, the British child and then update it,extension a clip naturel, and that they had to write a suicide note in his wallet. Subsequently, she had contact microblogging private letter in Changsha student Peng Ming (pseudonym), represents the night would "escape" to Changsha, the Changsha Railway Station to hope that it can access, and to help the police. "Live microblogging" begins, an escalation message concerns Yu Wan.
    "Escape live", tracing users
    At 20:09 on the 13th, the British child update microblogging: Changsha, we would arrive at around 10 pm;
    20:31, she updated again: "I'm safe in the car business to Changsha, the joint driver four people."
    Subsequently, claiming Eiko student girlfriend users Wang Na (a pseudonym), by Sina microblogging account @ demigod piano, message help,extension a clipe, and access to the train station called friends.
    22:02, Wang Na update micro-Bo said, the British child or because the phone battery died, has lost contact with his own. She called for more kindly friends together to Changsha railway station to find, and published by Eiko commercial vehicle license plate tail number.
    22:23, Wang Na, Peng Ming, another student Eiko, Eiko and high school classmate Chen Xi (a pseudonym) and friends, arrived at Changsha Railway Station, Changsha and contact Chaoyang Road police station and media help with the rescue.
    After nearly two hours of lost contact, at 23:27, the British child again microblogging sound: Before I sign torch Changsha railway station, wearing a pale green shirt,http://www.radio-gresivaudan.org/spip.php?article2393, blue jeans,http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form&no=78&page=2, wearing glasses.
    23:37, the British child was found in the Changsha Railway Station Square.
    Repeatedly identified: normal blood tests
    Subsequently, the British child was rushed Xiangya Hospital. Has been in the morning, the hospital can not be detected by blood, she was taken away from the hospital the next day and agreed to a blood test.
    While around at 12:00 on May 14, the network appeared on a report by a medical examination Changsha single test report issued by: Eiko various trace elements are normal, no excessive lead.
    The report inspection unit, it had admitted Eiko Yueyang City First People's Hospital.
    Previously, the British child is also on the microblogging drying out the blood test report in Yueyang, also normal, no poisoning. But she claimed to be hiding key reports. Yueyang City First People's Hospital Medical Chief of Shen Hung even that admission, the patient claiming to lead poisoning, but doctors see their symptoms do not match,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/innocent/totes-08624.html, the subsequent blood test is completely normal, no signs of toxicity.
    The truth behind: the mental state of doubt
    Before she flee Changsha, Yueyang police had twice because Eiko police.
    At 18:56 on the 13th,extension sur cheveux courts, the British child to report his father Yueyang 110 poisoning potentially fraudulent. Police the police, but British children do not match, also refused to go to hospital.
    Half an hour later, friends again alarm, police trip to the scene, but Eiko Omitted Union. After she confirmed that she had to go long.
    Yueyang Tower District Osprey Hill police station one week surnamed police officer said: the girl's father in Miluo business,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-55w-hb4-4.html, not every day, at home, with no evidence of any poisoning related.
    Reporter interviewed Yueyang City Public Security Bureau, Yueyang Tower District Public Security Bureau,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/denim-19-menscasual.html, Yueyang Tower District Osprey Hill police station, Yueyang City First People's Hospital and many other units related personnel, the laboratory data analysis and multi-confirmed: Posted no lead poisoning,meilleure extension cheveux, but the spirit state of doubt.
    Shen red even introduction, Yueyang diagnosis, patients with mental trance. And an unnamed doctor said: microblogging text from the girl, the thinking is very jump,extensions a clip, can not be excluded suffering from delusions of persecution.
    We do not intend to condemn, because Eiko suddenly plunged imagination, she herself is the "lost ones."
    We do not intend recycling gimmick, this wind Pori, even if all the onlookers, friends, love,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/uchiyama-sports/alp-spi301-a.html, and more in order to save.
    We just subsided, the British child get quiet treatment,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/s-pants-23-menscasual.html, let the truth be made public, so that the matter ignited the fire goes out, so that all concerned about her people calm.
    Like previous "Qing'an revolver," had so many endless conjecture horizontal network, in the moment of truth publicly, all rumors vanished.
    Therefore,http://www.continentalwindowfashions.com, not rendered absurd, only to promptly inform the truth.
    (Original title: blood tests normal, "cast poison women" non-existent)
    Edit: SN117

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  2. fihjdf4p9h

    Xie came to the rental site, looking at the floor tiles and some can not accept Xie produce the receipt landlord collect rent
    Two months ago, Ms. Xie was a long trip, she came back, she found rental houses demolished, leaving a to rubble.
    Bedding, clothes, stove, books, luggage, etc.,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/uchiyama-sports/mik-mva200-a.html, all his possessions were gone, some of the most important documents are gone.
    At first, the landlord told her house to do the demolition process, and subsequently shut down no longer show up.
    Ms. Xie had to go around looking for: in the end who dispose of my belongings?
    A surprise "home" is gone, leaving only rubble
    January 24 afternoon, Ms. Xie two months later returned to Hefei. She is a stranger, has been working in Hefei,http://morinavi.pref.fukui.jp, rented in Qingxi Road, Hefei submarine mountain area and the intersection of a private house in. Around 17:00, she was on the bus and went straight to rental housing.
    To the destination, Ms. Xie surprise. Rows of houses, all gone, full of concrete blocks,http://ir.lib.fukushima-u.ac.jp,extension a clip sur cheveux tres court, bricks and tiles. After around to find that she did not know was carried out the transformation of villages, these houses all ripped.
    "Why did not inform my landlord?" Xie somewhat angry. "Is not my landlord's everything a good income?" Xie although very surprised, but still believe that the landlord can handle. Xie Hefei then find a friend's house, because the day was so tired she did not contact the landlord, in a friend's house pragmatic and slept.
    The next day, Ms. Xie went to rental housing site, a call to ask the East Room where to put belongings in the end. "Chai Fangzi people have to deal with." The landlord claimed not to know the details, and then the phone off.
    B sad clothes to buy, are you supposed to file
    Ms. Xie introduced her last 3 monthly house belonging Shushan Wulidun street Cheonggye Road RC Club Seven Mile Tong Group, the two sides have not signed a contract, but the landlord wrote her article deposit and rent receipts. The above figures show that rent 70 yuan per month. "I just feel cheap,http://verdamilio.net/tonio/spip.php?article2462, before deciding to rent." Xie said her rent this private house, about 30 square meters, comes with bedding, buy a stove as well as a heater.
    "I am a living, is love reading,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/brandcouture/ac-4946.html, there is room two thousand dollars worth of books, a box of clothes." Xie said that the most terrible is that, on her desk, there are many important documents, no such documents, she life in the future will become a mess. But in the end it is what kind of file, she did not disclose.
    Two months ago, Ms. Xie out of town. "I quilt and clothes are new, neatly folded." Xie said Chai Fangzi people should be able to see out.
    In between these two months, Ms. Xie has not received the landlord's phone. "I do not know my cell phone signal a problem. However, I will be able to receive text messages, but I never received any information about the landlord."
    C question belongings all gone, in the end who to turn to
    The most important is to find the lost belongings. January 25,extension cheveux, Ms. Xie helpless to find a local police station, police station suggested that she look for other departments to reflect, Xie decided to find street to ask to see.
    January 26 morning, Ms. Xie Wulidun the first street, reception staff let Xie find Reconstruction of the Village office, and the transformation of villages suggested that she go to the office or the landlord.
    Ms. Xie went to the area of the stream channel community Ju Wei,extension a clip, reflects her problems, ask to give treatment. The other said, it does not matter and social RC recommended her to the transformation of villages in the office informed. "Turn around and come back." Cheonggyecheon road a club RC office, Ma Lei Xie straight.
    January 26 at noon, Ms. Xie went to rent the site, looking at the rubble, Ms. Xie straight daze. "Do you know,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/t-shirt-56-menscasual.html, who broke down the side of a tree house?" Xie to the scene of two old people crying care what had happened.
    One man out of compassion, with the demolition of houses to find Ms. Xie participants Gui Xiansheng.
    Gui Xiansheng said he demolished the houses are empty, that some things are also said not to the landlord. Ms. Xie Gui Xiansheng plea Think intermediate tears several times. Gui Xiansheng says he demolished many houses, do not remember.
    D Results landlord could not find something or not landed
    Speaking in a room when the East, a Zhengxing old man said: "I know him, a few days ago and he talked for a long time too!" To hear the case,http://qcxypai.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=315&fromuid=233, Ms. Xie's eyes seemed a lot brighter.
    "That's how to find him?" Xie asked. "I'm still working, his family out in the dark cell." Mr Cheng said he did not know the side of a specific address. But he knows which cell. If nothing, you can find help. Since Cheng to go to work, we can only wait.
    Xie thing in the end where to go? Reporters accompanied Ms. Xie went to the demolition site.
    Although full of rubble, but the specific address, Ms. Xie still remember very clearly. In Live View, also did not find anything legacy.
    January 26 afternoon, Wu Lidun Street Reconstruction of the Village office staff Zhu Liping,rajout cheveux, said: "The room is not possible to have something removed." She said the house is the landlord to pay out, if there are things that will not be removed.
    Zhu Liping said, if someone is not at home, they regard the things one registered, including representatives of villagers, police and other people to do the preservation of evidence. Ms. Xie best to find a landlord to ask to see.
    Upon inquiry, Ms. Xie was the side of a home address,http://meguru.jp/cgi-bin/joyful/./joyful.cgi, but it is not clear which specific unit. So the reporter and his party went to find the address, despite various efforts, still did not find a party. The same day,extension a clip naturel, reporters repeatedly call the phone side of a date has been shut down.
    January 26 is a small lunar years, Ms. Xie bad bother friends, 25 have spent the night in the cafe.
    Xie rule, or to spend in the cafe. Her best hope is to find the landlord as soon as possible, to find his papers.
    Newspaper reporters Chenwang Sheng / Wen Gao Bo / photo

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