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my daughter and their ratio will age quickly and skill

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    3 year-old girl tiger park has six unarmed foot tightrope Tigers Nanchang 3 year-old girl 10 meters altitude tightrope,rajout cheveux
    March 30 morning, Nanchang only a 3-year-old girl and a half off the ground wire 10 meters to walk 50 meters empty-handed, there are six foot eyeing the Northeast Tigers "audience." Tomorrow, this "female child prodigy" will challenge one hundred meters, a record, and to declare the "tiger's mouth empty-handed tightrope" Guinness Book of World Records. At the same time, she will be at Changzhou Yancheng Wildlife month set a world arena, the public at home and abroad under the "war book" challenge, the winner on the spot reward one million yuan.
    3 year-old girl walking a tightrope tiger's mouth empty-handed
    This "female child prodigy" named Zhang Xiaoyan, stage name "Little Swallow", is the town of Nanchang County Tangnan people. "Swallow" is the prodigy of Jiangxi Zhang troupe members, but also the Art Troupe Zhang Shen Wen little girl,http://www.postyourasian.com, her elder sister was hit in Zhejiang Xiandu empty-handed tightrope Guinness Book of Records "Little Phoenix" Zhang Li. "My daughter the jaws of death tightrope based in Changzhou Yancheng Wildlife World Tiger Park area by car, time is March 30 in the morning, walking away empty 130-meter-long steel wire her tiger Siberian tiger park 6 from the shelves, tiger wire from the ground is less than 9 meters. "yesterday afternoon, the body in Changzhou Zhang Shen Wen interview with this reporter, said that when her daughter tightrope windy, and the park's six tiger looked at her from time to time.
    "When her performance, there is an episode scared me!" Zhang Shen Wen clearly remember her performance in the process, the tiger suddenly looks a little restless, he kept roaring, which is also a tiger toward their daughter's jump to the top. "At that time,http://www.postyourasian.com, my daughter was in the air, shake a few times, eventually brought under control, she took a sudden slip down when more than 10 minutes walk 50 meters, the Tigers quickly rushed past, but fortunately her back lines insurance rope. "daughter of a successful performer Chang Shenwen very pleased.
    "Prodigy" is how to excel
    "Swallow" stunt is how to excel? Yesterday afternoon interview, Zhang Shen Wen told reporters early in the year and a half's time, "Little Swallow" standing balance bench to practice as a game to play. Later, Zhang Shen, see her daughter's feet grow in strength and balance, put the "Swallow" exercise more difficult, first two bamboo poles fixed in the ground, still let her play in the above, until the "Swallow" to walk on bamboo after freely, to turn into tens of centimeters from the ground in a position to set up two high wire exercise, and then gradually reduced to one, gradually increasing the height from the ground level, "swallow" hand can have roots beam.
    Shen Chang Wen pleased, "Little Swallow" very talented,http://ceo.johobuilders.co.jp, very strong balance, progress very quickly. "She showed extraordinary talent, so I whim:? Why do not you try it lose balance bar" Zhang Shen Wen did not think that less than a year, the children will be successful.
    Challenge will be one hundred meters
    During the interview, Zhang Shen Wen said, April 2, "Little Swallow" will challenge one hundred meters, a record,http://insyoku.livedoor.biz/archives/23701890.html, then there are more challenging and thrilling action,extension des cheveux prix, more thrilling scenes, and declared "tiger's mouth empty-handed tightrope" Kat Nice world record.
    "I also hope that people at home and abroad to come to the challenge." Zhang Shen Wen said that in the next month (April 3 - May 3), "swallow" the Changzhou Yancheng Wildlife World located under the ring, All are welcome home and abroad to challenge the winner on the spot reward of 100 million,extension de cheveux, "then, my daughter and their ratio will age quickly and skill,extension sur cheveux courts,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/nt-shirt-2-menscasual.html, someone wins, we spot cash bonus." Zhang Shen Wen seemed very optimistic about her daughter "Little Swallow" .
    Father says it will not delay the child learn
    "Swallow" show attracted widespread attention in Jiangsu, everyone amazed at her skills, but also their father, Zhang Shen Wen questioned, he said the move was a kind of psychological harm to the child. "Yangzi Evening News" report, he said: "in terms of his father, Wang Cheng-feng is common sense, but we thought not, contrary to the nature of the child in this unconventional means to Destructive Enthusiasm,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000918832.html, children fame,extension cheveux naturel, in a sense , in addition to obtain huge economic benefits, but is likely to ruin the child originally innocent childhood "Meanwhile, the Yangtze Evening News reporter also interviewed to watch the performances of the local people, some people said:." If it is my child, I never let her go tightrope child is so small, too dangerous. "
    In this regard, Zhang Shen Wen admitted that her daughter out of the show, he does have benefits, but let the children tightrope is to exercise the child's interest hobby, but also to exercise the child's body,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/topism/s-tops-17.html, "the child is 7 years old, I let her go to school,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ishino7/ul20-s.html, will not delay the child's future. "text / reporter Tu Yonghui intern Hu Feijun (Photo by Zhang Shen Wen)

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