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need tending children under home

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    Changli more than 200 non-public kindergarten teachers to discuss treatment,credit cards
    Jidong version of the newspaper reporter Liu Guocheng
    20 years of continuous full-time work, the monthly salary is only 840 yuan, but also often were owed,, there is no labor contract,and then she was sexually violated., does not have any insurance pension, health care and other ...... This is Qinhuangdao Changli County, more than 200 non-public preschool teachers' treatment. Recently,until they were pulled over company security., these educators from rural grass-roots very sad when the newspaper reflected: Where is our security?
    Teacher: Poor wages, more worried about the future
    A village primary school nursery over Pentecost Li Tuo Dianxiang from Changli County,,extension a clip sur cheveux tres court, she began in 1988 when preschool teacher in primary school, has been in 26 years. In theory, the teacher can now get a monthly wage of 840 yuan, 340 yuan a month in which to pay the school, the village should be a month to 500 yuan. However, I do not know why,extension a clipe, in 2013 the whole year the village should pay part of the 12-month total of 6000 yuan has not yet been paid.
    Li said that in the Tuo Township township has more than 20 non-public preschool teachers are similar to her treatment. According to the reporter, in Changli County, the county, there are currently 228 non-public kindergarten teachers a monthly salary of only 840 yuan, less than the standard minimum wage of the province's most low-end of 1040 yuan. "20 years of work, we took the meager wages, the parents need support, need tending children under home, where this money enough ah!" Teacher representatives, in addition to low wages than they so far have not endowment insurance and medical insurance, the future of their pension and health care has become the biggest problem.
    It is understood that a considerable part of them is Changli County Board of Education after the 1992 recruitment of pre-school teachers, these teachers, the youngest has 40 years old, has 58 years older, already past retirement age, but still continue working. In addition, recruitment is not so much,then there may be innocent pe, but the teacher has not signed a labor contract between the Department of Education or town with only a majority of their hands by the Changli County Board of Education issued a certificate of appointment. They have had three times the county, County Board of Education be reflected, but has not been able to solve.
    EDB: a raise to say, insurance difficult
    January 21, deputy director of Changli County Board of Education Shaojian Yong told reporters, non-public about early childhood teachers reflect the problems, the county government, the Education Bureau attaches great importance to the relevant county government leaders have repeatedly held a special meeting to study the matter. On low wages issue non-public kindergarten teachers proposed by the county government decided that from January 2014, the non-public kindergarten teachers' salaries, according to the county's urban workers paid the minimum wage standard wage adjusted 1260 yuan from 2014 since January 1 the beginning of every month, with the original expenditure channels remain unchanged. Individual towns presence of non-public kindergarten teachers wage arrears situation, asked the township according to the actual situation, as soon as a replacement.
    On non-public kindergarten teachers has no pension,people could not find, medical insurance, Shao Jianyong said Changli County non-public kindergarten teachers appear for many years unresolved historical issues, "they are neither part of the formal internal administrative staffing, and teachers are not part of the formal employment ", which results in a real operation, can not these people with appropriate policies, standards, link up, can be said to be no basis to follow. Therefore, in the non-public on how to do Kindergarten Teachers Insurance issues that require human resources, social security, education and other multi-sectoral research. "Non-public preschool teachers is a problem not only exists in Changli County, other counties have similar situations,extension cheveux, no law now resolved immediately,extension cheveux pas cher,she shouted "Do not jump, unless the province, the city can develop targeted policies to these people."
    Lawyer: Facts Labour Relations
    On the matter, a lawyer believes Qinhuangdao,capelli corti, according to the available evidence, it should be able to identify labor relations exist between them and the fact that the education sector, the education sector should be in accordance with the relevant provisions of the labor law, according to the law to protect the legitimate rights of these teachers.
    Under the current retirement age of these non-public teachers, if not reached retirement age, able to pay pension insurance, education department shall pay. If you can not pay, the education sector should be given compensation. Other insurance including health insurance, including the education sector should also be paid in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, until retirement. If it does not labor arbitration and to be part of the pension claim compensation or enjoy retirement benefits under the same conditions.
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