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    Group Vice President Huang Xiaoming United States: 2015 annual sales will reach 200 billion yuan

    Midea Group Director, Vice President and Party Secretary and Group spokesman Huang Xiaoming,nike air max bw, before it comes to an interview with the China Securities newspaper reporter an exclusive interview, the US group full-year sales will be more than 110 billion yuan, the company has recently developed a new ambitious five-year planning - "Rebuilding a United States",louboutin paris, 2015 Midea Group will achieve sales revenue of 200 billion yuan, exports $ 10 billion, global top three white power industry, and strive to enter the world top 500.

    It will enter all white

    China Securities Journal: US group from which future growth industry?

    Huang Xiaoming: The next one hundred billion from two major domestic and international markets. Mainly in the domestic market opportunities brought by urbanization. Towns appliances is almost universal,golden goose homme, during the second five, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and other products in large quantities to enter the update period, energy-saving, high-end demand for environmentally friendly products will grow rapidly. In the rural market,louboutin pas cher, home ownership rate is still very low, demand is expected in the rural market refrigerator second five times as high as 12 million -1400 million units.

    In addition, we will pay more attention to overseas markets, especially in India, Brazil and other emerging markets. From our study of the Indian home appliances market point of view, and 20 years ago,hogan outlet, China's home appliance market is very similar to a large population of home appliance market is growing rapidly.

    In the industrial layout,ferragamo occhiali da sole, the United States will stick to white goods related diversification, will have access to all the white goods industry. Adhere to the industry's top three industrial development goals, home appliances at the core, the positive development of real estate, logistics and industrial lighting,parajumpers outlet, and cut into appropriate areas of financial investment. Meanwhile,louboutin chaussures soldes, the search for long-term support for the development of new industries, including refrigerated,louboutin prix, building intelligent control,chaussures louboutin, intelligent home, LED lights, multi-industry pattern of building industry continued healthy development.

    China Securities Journal: the United States,escarpins louboutin, what kind of strategy in overseas markets? The current United States still accounted for a large proportion of OEM,hogan, what initiatives own brand? Midea for $ 57.48 million to acquire 32.5% stake in Egypt Miraco company has completed the transfer, does this mean that the company will focus on overseas through mergers and acquisitions to enter the regional markets?

    Huang Xiaoming: US group revenue in overseas markets this year, about $ 5 billion in 2015 to reach $ 10 billion,spaccio peuterey, overseas sales accounted for the overall proportion of group sales more than 35%.

    We will pay more attention to emerging markets, it plans to "second five" at the end of the global emerging markets industrial layout basically completed. On the markets of developed countries, we will not rush into, still primarily an OEM manufacturer. We chose emerging markets overseas factors include: local home appliance industry growth is relatively high, on a global scale is still a low-cost area, another area with radiation, such as Brazil in South America will be our bridgehead radiation.

    Overseas markets its own brand is our goal,louboutin homme pas cher, but this is a very difficult process, we will gradually come forward.

    Small appliances listed no timetable

    China Securities Journal: US group of small household appliances integrated cluster size has been ranked the world's top three, the first part of the category among the industry,woolrich outlet italia, the Group in the future if there will be restructuring its capital markets or other arrangements? In addition, after the Andhra logistics IPO is not, whether it will continue to apply for IPO?

    Huang Xiaoming: this year 110 billion yuan in sales, small appliances can do about 30 billion yuan. For small appliances integrate or related operation, has been the focus of attention of the market, we have an open mind to listen to opinions from all sides,hogan online, according to the progress of the entire group of industry consolidation as well as internal and external environment to be considered, but had no clear program and timetable.

    At the same time, we are very optimistic about the logistics and other related industries, the industry is actively will be bigger and stronger,louboutin pas cher, as there is no timetable for IPO again.

    China Securities Journal: In the current appreciation of the renminbi, the labor costs rising background, the United States how to stick to their core competencies?

    Huang Xiaoming: over the past 30 years, the rise of China's home appliance industry is the driving factor of production cost advantage, and now these comparative advantages will gradually lost. How these elements into a low-cost drive efficiency advantages,hogan prezzi, the US group is the key to the current transformation, we propose to actively promote structural adjustment, industrial restructuring and upgrading to achieve business transformation driven elements.


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