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nike france and take three approaches

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    <p> the basic system of state-owned construction land management. Generally speaking, different uses, location, land use conditions, different life and land, the land use right value is different. Land use rights assessment is not what we do, is done by a third party evaluation institutions out.Media reports, Ms. Wang, also looking for before I consulted, I encounter her sympathy. At that time I called her may be less appropriate analogy, land use rights for 70 years of the house,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, like the 4S shop car,air max 90, while the house only two or three years the right to use,air max outlet, like opening more than 10 years of second-hand vehicles, which the value of which two high which is low.</p>

    <p> increasing market transparency.How the renewed transfer period expiresExisting laws and regulations lagReporter: After the land transfer period expires, how should renew?Zhang: expired during the "People's Republic of China Property Law" (hereinafter referred to as "Property Law") provides that one hundred and forty ninth,giubbotti woolrich, residential construction land use rights, the automatic renewal. But the "Property Law" provides only for "automatic renewal", how to renew,woolrich arctic parka, or need to pay land transfer payments and the payment standards are not clear. Up to now,remise rayban, the state has not yet issued the Regulations on the transfer of land for renewal,zanotti homme, but did not receive the standard to provide for the renewal of land use right transfer fee. Lagging legislation, such grassroots department of land no laws in actual operation,scarpe nike air max outlet, out of nowhere,barbour paris, you can not handle the relevant formalities for renewal,hogan outlet sito ufficiale, the inconvenience to the masses.In countries without specific implementation details of the case, at present we can only refer to the grassroots land department of state-owned land practices, first by a third-party appraisal agency land prices.</p>

    <p> land prices based on the unit or converted into a floor price, calculate the total land transfer payments re-signed state-owned land use right transfer contract.We are drafting policy recommendations to Fangpu HuiWant Renewal always welcomeReporter: people facing the expiration of 20 years or is about to expire,lunettes de vue ray ban, many are working class, even low income groups, to the high one-time payment of land transfer, for they are a heavy burden Moreover,woolrich italia, they are from the room or another open hand over the house to buy,lunette de vue ray ban, for these groups, land department has considered breaks and other incentives?Zhang: Wenzhou in the implementation of state land use early in the process when the allocated transfer transfer procedures, the use of people in order to pay less land transfer and the choice of a shorter number of years to obtain the transferee of land use right phenomenon exists in a certain range. Now let's assume the assignee,baby gear, is a bit unfair. We also study the problem,nike femme, and take three approaches,under armour mens, one is actively reflect to the above, this system needs top-level design, we could not break. Not yet been received very clear answer; the latter two are also working on our place as Wenzhou inclusive policies and programs to solve the opinion,barbour paris, has been engaged in the drafting of the first draft of policy recommendations,nike outlet, the recent discussions will organize relevant personnel to submit superiors, properly resolve such problems. But this inclusive policy, should be developed within the legal framework; the third is for the people now want to renew, we always welcome, and given priority processing.Like the difference between new and used carsProperty Value tenure decisionsReporter: Before the owners learned that the renewal to pay the land transfer is easily hundreds of thousands, and their real estate transaction prices have not only more than one million, that is to say, if you want to renew, pay land transfer to account real estate transaction price is about one-third to half Why so expensive?Zhang: State-owned construction land use rights have an expiry date.</p>


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