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nike occhiali da sole In an interview with reporters

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    Woman busted

    4.1 nights Guiyang Economic Development Zone,hogan prezzi, because the feelings of the two couples, leaving the bee. This picture of a dispute between men and women is a couple,swarovski bracelets, the man surnamed hole woman surnamed Wei, and the location is in the quarrels of the man surnamed Wang home, video, woman was kneeling in prayer in some weak down to the ground, the man shot several times very angry, Credit goes to the side of the police discouraged. Video propped woman is a reporter and Mr. Kong's sister, while talking about happened that night, Mr. Kong's sister,peuterey outlet online, a little angry.

    Ms. Hung said his brother and sister got married ten years, the two have a child,tiffany orecchini outlet, has recently been divorced. But when the two were still married, only to find his wife and Mr. Kong Wang relationship is very general.

    Ms. hole worried because his brother's car is stolen, so the monitor is installed in the car, I did not expect this monitor allows KongXianSheng unexpected finding his wife and another man have a "hidden secrets." Mr. Wang and his wife after the discovery of "hidden secrets", Mr. Kong decided to have a say. On April 1 the same day,zanotti sandals, Mr. Kong and his family all the way to the trailing Ms. Wei and Mr. Wang and Mr. Wang found a home.

    Ms. Hole: "After the opening, two people are still what,nike, no clothes to wear on the couch."

    After the opening scene unbearable for both sides then had a heated argument and caused physical conflict,abercrombie roma.

    Reporters saw in the Wang family living room floor,hogan scarpe interactive donna, has a sofa and TV backdrop blood,hogan interactive prezzi, Mr. Wang and Ms. Wei's face there was a marked edema.

    However, the owner Mr. Wang told reporters that he is absolutely innocent. Mr. Wang told reporters that his 40 year old, living alone after divorce, and Ms. Wei during the Spring Festival because jobs only know,golden goose deluxe brand, they know each other through social software, so they decided together, and Ms. Wei has been told him that he was divorced, the court has adjudged.

    After the two at the time,ceinture ferragamo, Wang Wei is they often come home,hogan online, even recently lived in, Mr. Wang would have thought, two divorced people come together is also normal,occhiali da vista ray ban, I did not expect such a sudden thing.

    In an interview with reporters, Ms. Wei had been meditating on the corner stool, Ms. Wei said,ceinture burberry, in fact, since she is the biggest victim of this farce is that she did not deal with their marriage, only led to such a tragedy.

    Ms. Wei said she recognized Mr. Kong and 10 years, but recently has embarked on the feelings of the two strangers. They often have barriers for a number of things, life becomes noisy often. Wei is: "He had time to go swimming with children and a woman, then the children would not like him."

    August 2015 15 night, because the child did not hesitate to charge the father of the fuse,giuseppe zanotti sandal, and ultimately war broke out two people. Then they began divorce, and even referred to the court. December 1, 2015 the Court divorce the two. Ms. Wei said before that she has been considered the signature belongs to a divorce, but because the Tribunal adjourned the property, and later as Mr. Kong withdrawal,dior bracelets, marriage also has legal effect. But Ms. Wei If you want a divorce firm in order to wait for six months after the prosecution.

    Ms. Wei: "I think he's good to me,moncler outlet, 20 years no one so good to me that I would go with him,hogan, and he does not matter what it really does not matter."

    Wei is: "I do not want anything,coach bracelets, do not house, I want a divorce, I want to be free."

    &#160,louboutin paris homme;

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