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    <p> trying to deny the right to embark on the road of Tibet. White profound analysis of the so-called "middle way", "Greater Tibet" and "high degree of autonomy" and other Tibetan separatist ideas, the world Dalai group tried to package himself, pretending to meet the "global trend" to expose, under the guise of such "third way "and" national self-determination "," national Autonomy ",scarpe nike," non-violent "," win-win "and other international discourse hypocrisy. White with plenty of facts to prove that Tibetan separatist group by "non-violent" violence in the name of the real true face. Finally, the White Paper pointed out that 60 years ago,zanotti homme, the central government to safeguard national unity and national unity of the overall situation, the 14th Dalai Lama actively seek cooperation to achieve peaceful liberation of Tibet. After 1959, the Dalai fled abroad,acheter rayban, the central government is always doing everything humanly possible to give way. However, the Dalai these 60 years is again and again to make the central government and with the wishes of the Tibetan people of the opposite choice. The central government hoped the Dalai Lama live to cast away illusions, face reality,under armour, correct mistakes,ray ban new wayfarer, select objective and rational way,nike donna, to do something useful for the exiled Tibetan. Central Policy on Dalai himself is consistent and clear,tn requin, only the Dalai Lama publicly declare that Tibet is inseparable part of China since ancient times,under armour women, give up 'Tibet independence' stance and stop separatist activities, can we improve relations with the central Government. Mao Zedong once said: "! People.</p>

    <p> a license plate, frequently seven or eight million; Guangzhou implementation of the "lottery bid +", after the implementation of the policy,abercrombie, the growth rate dropped two-thirds of vehicle licensing. Intended purchase of the policy is to ease traffic congestion and improve air quality, consumer freedom became luck,woolrich online, money is more money to buy a car, license plate finally hand, is not willing to set in a small displacement of the car . So, the situation is "rich and poor" and own brand sales decline because of the restriction caused by car, we are constantly spreading. "Car purchase is unreasonable, which undermines the rights of the people." Li Kun, deputy director of the National Institute of Comprehensive Transportation Development and Reform Commission to "China Economic Weekly" said that the car restriction policy is just a simple administrative means.</p>

    <p> people alone, are the creators of history" History of Tibet for nearly a century has proved that the abolition of feudal serfdom,nike uomo, choose the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics,lunette soleil ray ban, it is a historical choice, people's choice. Practice has proved that only by adhering to unity and oppose separatist, persist in progress and oppose retrogression, insisted stability,acheter louboutin, oppose unrest in Tibet will have a bright future. And any attempt by any force against the tide of history, the result can only be abandoned by history and the people."China Economic Weekly" reporter & nbsp; Zhang Lujing & nbsp; Bai Chaoyang & nbsp; trainee reporter & nbsp; Xie Wei & nbsp; intern & nbsp; HU Yue | Beijing reports Get the car indicators in Beijing is difficult. 2011 release "restriction order" since the Beijing Yaohao indicators success vehicle distribution ratio from the initial 1: one eighty-four dropped to 10.6, but this year with the purchase of more stringent vehicle introduced the New Deal, and this will continue to refresh the record,rayban pas cher, It is estimated that,nike soldes, then, the success ratio of at least 1: 132,lunette ray ban, ie 132 individuals, only one person can sign in. Beijing as the norm, as of now, different restriction policy has been in Shanghai,scarpe nike air max outlet, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Shijiazhuang,zanotti femme, have been implemented. Shanghai to implement "new motor quota auction policy".</p>

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