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    <p> Nanjing, where I was in the sun like spring,giubbino peuterey uomo," and @ Peking and Tsinghua, soon led a plurality of micro-official schools on hot song "Nanshan South" lyrics adapted large Solitaire. Yangzi Evening News reporter interviewed found that such exercises had been from Universities official micro-alone selling Meng into the "Partnership sell Meng."Yangzi Evening News all media reporter & nbsp; Yang sweet child & nbsp; Cai Yunqi"Nanshan south" two singingYour presence deep inside the mind,scarpe hogan outlet, is this ...You are the sun of the south,doudoune pjs, the snowI was cold at night in the north, springIf you have time before darkI want to forget your eyesVery poor life,nike air foce one, endless dreamWho he is no longer talking about reunion islandBecause the heart has long been desertedHis heart would not take a homeOnly lying to yourself to do a dumbHe said you any praised the beautyLess than when he first met youTime linger helplessIf all land togetherHe took his life just to hug you"South Shannan" is the folk singer Ma Di (flute sound the same) songs, included in its release last year,dame rayban, the album "islands" in the. In this year's "China good voice",ray ban outlet, the Lei during the election with blind cover this song,nike tn, has won a number of the judges turn around and rely on folk singer image one fell swoop. But then Ma Di on the microblogging "fire",hogan outlet, said Zhang Lei to "Nanshan South" is used as the allegedly infringing commercial speech, "at least two or more different occasions to" Nanshan South "as the main selling point of commercial speech and propaganda ,ray ban aviator, did not make any call without any licensing agreements. "South North lead,hollister milano, sung from weather historyYou cold at night in the snow in BeijingSeasons in the sun I like spring in Nanjing(Nanjing University to talk about the two weather)If you have time before darkI will remember this beautiful across the north and south(Peking University set lyrics responses)Very poor life.</p>

    <p> a kindergarten classroom forgot to turn off the UV lamp, a plurality of kids eye burnsThese are children in a kindergarten in Hangzhou classes of students in the classroom yesterday due to the ultraviolet light disinfection is not closed,chaussures giuseppe zanotti pas cher, many children's eyes by ultraviolet light burns.Thing in the end is kind of how it?Qianjiang Evening News reporter to verify:This morning, the reporter went to the East Park Kindergarten understand what was going on.According to park officials explained that the current high incidence of infectious diseases in spring, kindergarten will conduct morning and evening ultraviolet light disinfection, 6:30 am by an usher who open classroom ultraviolet lamp.</p>

    <p> 7:15 teacher of life will turn off at work.Yesterday morning, there are life-through the classroom teacher UV lamp off action, but may not be fully pressed,celine 2016, resulting in ultraviolet light is not turned off. Since yesterday, better outdoor lighting, indoor lamp also open, so that the ultraviolet light (caught in the middle of two fluorescent lamp) is turned on, and can not discern obvious score.Around 11:30 noon, the second class teacher Xu teacher discovered the problem, immediately turn off the UV lamp.12:00 - 14:30 kindergarten lunch break, 14: 30 part children get up, to reflect their own class teacher Xu eye discomfort, Xu immediate feedback to the zoo.After the preliminary judging teachers, have eight children more obvious irritation,hogan outlet scarpe, dry eye, redness of the face and other symptoms.</p>

    <p> endless dream(Shanghai Jiaotong University, "pure Solitaire")I will not talk about and who meet the islandBecause the heart has long been deserted(Nobody! I.</p>

    <p> contact the teacher Red Cross Hospital doctors hope the doctor can diagnose the next. The doctor recommended to the hospital with specialized equipment detected more than 3 points, eight teachers lead students to the Red Cross Hospital eye clinic.Around 16:00, worry other children will have symptoms, the teacher will also be a dozen other children in kindergarten to the hospital,air max pas cher, the doctor's advice, a total of 20 (including eight before) are equipped with an eye creams, costs borne by the zoo.East Park East Park Kindergarten Part second class, a total of 31 children, 18 have three children leave the rest of the 28 children in the afternoon back to the two parents,baby childcare, six children by their parents to bring their own hospital, 20,basket zanotti, accompanied by teachers and parents at the red Cross hospital for treatment. East Park headquarters campus director Zhang Xiaoyan, said zoo willing to bear all the consequences.Zoo said 18 evening 7:00, a dozen parents to communicate with the zoo, Zhang principal tell what has happened to the parents, but also clear. Today in the second class of normal classes, but only two children to class (yesterday on leave).One of the parents of children Kiki is a Zhejiang Yellow Eye Hospital doctors, she thought, irradiated with ultraviolet light for too long, the children will really hurt,ray ban new wayfarer, but will not cause permanent damage, the basic three days will be able to recoverReporter subsequently interviewed the relevant departments under the city, and that the relevant departments on the matter is currently being held coordination meetings.Source: Evening News Editor: Mao MinNanda official micro uploaded Nanjing and Beijing sunny snowy pictures.November 6, Beijing ushered in the snow, Nanjing was "willful" to turn over a summer. "Occasion" that the Nanjing University official microblogging posted a message,barbour, "You're a cold night in the snow in Beijing.</p>

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