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nike tn officiel in peril of becoming"

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    <p> inspired generations of Chinese communists hard work, overcoming all obstacles and lead the people to overcome poverty to prosperity. The party's 18 years, with Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade inherit and carry forward the fine style of Mao Zedong and other revolutionaries of the older generation, highlighted the hard work,air max bw pas cher, thrift. Eighteen shortly after the Politburo That made eight provisions improve their work style,basket nike tn pas cher, close ties with the masses. In January this year, Xi Jinping, has made important instructions to practice strict economy and combat waste, waste wind sure Hensha! These initiatives across the country won praise, extravagance and waste, such as mice on the streets people cry, thrifty civilized blowing. For some time, all kinds of waste shocking waste of public consumption which is great harm, adverse effects. It was estimated that the country's total food waste each year equivalent to about 50 billion kilograms of grain,hogan scarpe uomo, equivalent to nearly one-tenth of the country's grain output. In addition to waste on the table, in some production, construction,tn soldes, circulation.</p>

    <p> frugal home no not busy; no party losing frugal, thrifty nation perish not. As can be seen,doudoune femme moncler, save both necessary self-cultivation, but also closely linked with the fate of the party, state, nation. Corruption is a waste of public funds,hogan junior, will worsen the party cadre, the party lost the foundation, losing blood,hogan scarpe, loss of power. Pernicious,parajumpers jas heren, as food for thought,nike tn pas cher nikems, a lot of the history of the dynasty died due to extravagance is a mirror. Realistic conditions also decided that we must frugal. Overall,chaussure tn pas cher, China is a country short of resources,hogan sito ufficiale, increasingly scarce energy resources has become the bottleneck of China's economic and social development. China's per capita water resources per capita reserves of arable land resources, forest resources, oil, gas, copper and aluminum and other important mineral resources are far below the world average. Although China's grain to achieve the ninth consecutive year of increase, but supply and demand is still in a tight balance. Overall the standard of living of our people is not rich.</p>

    <p> the country there are nearly one million rural poverty reduction target, more than twenty million people and many urban residents of disadvantaged groups, we have no reason to extravagance and waste. Work style can cause Xing. The party's 18 stressed that "three no change" and called on the whole party insists hard work, thrift,nike tn, Yong lazy remediation efforts extravagance and other unhealthy practices, excellent work style unite the party and the people, the political wind driven folk. Today, the entire party and society to vigorously carry forward the fine tradition of thrift, vigorously promote conservation glorious waste shameful ideas, and strive to practice thrift and waste in the whole society has become common practice, which we implement the eighteen spirit of the request, Mao Zedong Thought and the thrift is the best inheritance and learning style. & Nbsp; Author: Cao made before (Author: Literature Research Center) & Nbsp; (EdiChang-e III probe launched. "Chang E flying to the moon with a rabbit, and blessing!" "As Xichang people, Xiang said: Chang E sister, there are express A Xichang to!!" (Via TTman945.) "China's first lunar landing must be Chang E, Pig followed. There are Wu Gang felling trees in the moon." "The moon is China's inherent territory inviolable. Journey HISTORY records as early as 4,000 years ago,hogan scarpe, at least one or more Chinese nationals living woman." (Via. Astruias) "Moon Chinese territory since ancient times, China has indisputable sovereignty over its early period in ancient China, China's first astronaut scientist is also the world 'Chang E' went to the moon on behalf of my visit, and the establishment of The first research station,nike tn officiel, larger temperature difference between day and night because the moon Guming named 'moon Palace'.</p>

    <p> consumption, waste is very serious. Some redundant construction projects and have inflicted heavy losses, some cities construction greedy for large ocean,hogan attractive, some people consume the pursuit of luxury, excessive packaging and some product, some activities grandeur ... serious waste distressing criticized. A philosopher said,air max pas cher pour homme, love is all thrifty virtue fundamental. The Chinese nation is a nation pay attention to thrift, savings concept deeply rooted, save the wind generation to generation. "Thrifty, Germany, the total also; extravagant, too big evil," "extravagant beginning, in peril of becoming",fitness video, "Jian Chang festival is, or irregularity is dead", "a rice porridge,scarpe hogan outlet, when come easy; Bansi half thread, constant study of difficult material. " People can not stand without frugal.</p>

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