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now on the streets.

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  1. gfsdse3p5z

    Could not find work,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-35wu-h3c-11.html, the students had to sleep on the streets. (Network screenshot)
    But they can not find work to pay the agency fee
    The provincial government office in Shenzhen involved in the coordination, some students can be arranged & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;
    □ reporter Wang Wei Li Yichuan
    Sina Bo Friends "Story grass" in the newspaper microblogging message: a message forwarding, Henan 174 college students to pay 350 yuan per person, July 2 following the recruitment agent to work in Shenzhen. Unexpectedly, the original toy factory job is full, these students did not landed. In desperation, they had to sleep on the streets, now has two days!
    Go to work deep encounter cold shoulder
    174 students on the streets
    Yesterday morning, quickly passed on Weibo with this message: Henan 174 college students to work in Shenzhen beat the summer, I could not find work, now on the streets.
    This micro-blog by a man named "Zhang Hongfeng" netizens yesterday 1:21 released, with the text published in the photograph,http://bronestlyonnais.fr/spip.php?article42, you can see on a dark square a lot of people on the grounds of clothes. Subsequently, the reporter contacted Zhang Hongfeng, he said, the day before yesterday, a netizen on the microblogging message said to him, a large number of students sleeping in the streets of Shenzhen, Henan,babyliss curl pas cher,http://tukipie.net/comono/index.cgi, caught his attention.
    According to Feng Zhang of the phone, the reporter linked to a student Guo. Guo said he was Hebi people, first year at university in large software River College. Before the summer recess, he saw a notice posted on the wall in the campus recruitment, recruitment agency that can arrange for students to do the Shenzhen factory workers.
    Guo said he and six classmates signed up and signed with the intermediary of the contract period is 35 days, the two sides agreed to pay not less than $ 2000, room and board by the factory responsible. Before heading to Shenzhen, Guo and students have to pay 350 yuan per person to the agency, including 50 yuan intermediary fees, medical examinations, 50 yuan and 250 yuan fare.
    "July 4th morning we sat on the bus mediation package arrived in Shenzhen facility, the people standing in front of the factory was allowed to enter, he said workers have been recruited full, people do not need, and we heard the news 'frying pan' the intermediary says we must first do not rush, wait for them to again consult with the factory look. "Guo said,babyliss curl pas cher, we can only wait for news in the vicinity of the plant,scarpe mbt, but still no progress until the evening," because the local consumption is high, we go out with a little money, the students had playing on the ground floor near the square, and some simply go to Internet cafes. "Guo said,http://amanatu.com, came to Shenzhen, a total of 174 people, are students of colleges and universities in Zhengzhou,babyliss curl pas cher, large parts are freshman.
    "We are still waiting for news, I heard that the intermediary has a falling out with the manufacturers, the factory no matter thoroughly, and now we do not know we supposed to." Guo said.
    Coordinated by the provincial government in Shenzhen Office & nbsp;
    Some students can be arranged
    Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the agency responsible for Chen, he said, these students from multiple colleges and universities in the province attracted a total of 174 people. Student internship agreement signed with the factory,http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form&no=100&page=", into the factory workers, the basic salary of 1320 yuan, overtime grant, we will get a monthly salary of 2,000 yuan. "Think you can come into the plant, but did not expect before the factory bought some people, and we are helpless, students camped in the streets for two days, we are here to actively contact the factory, but the other did not accept." Chen said.
    4 pm, the good news came, the provincial government offices in Shenzhen Liu Huzhen Party branch secretary, told reporters yesterday learned of this from the micro-Bo, do Zhushen immediately found the students involved, and expand factories and Washington coordination, factories agreed to receive some of the students into the factory work, the remaining students, Zhushen do is to contact other factories, the students will make proper arrangements.
    For this,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/cio/n0106300016.html, the League Committee School Department official said, in fact, such problems from "summer job" caused by last year happened on many occasions. "Some irresponsible intermediary companies, in the absence of fully coordinated a good case, on the organization of student work, once the work is not forthcoming, they would not care, let the students to fend for themselves. We do not recommend that college students summer jobs, labor law the summer work-study and student summer practice unprotected. If you really want to work, but also through school-organized manner, through such private recruitment agency, if there are problems,http://www.lisesbilleder.dk/test/displayimage.php?album=6&pos=25,Chaussures louboutin, rights will be very difficult. "the responsible person said.
    As of press time last night,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/cio/m0802800020.html, reporters learned that some students have entered the Washington factory dormitory to rest. (Master machine is eligible for royalties 200 yuan)
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  2. hdf4i2kTErg

    <p> (a) poverty alleviation work </p>

    <p>1, the implementation of the new pension beds 500. Accompanied by the district leadership field research Taopu Liziyuan plots nursing home projects, COSCO two Bay City plots project status determined endowment facilities project design, formation of the feasibility report, timely resolution of problems, actively promote the project implementation. </p>

    <p>4, do a good job in Yushu Qinghai earthquake disaster charity donations,hogan sito ufficiale, in the district charity foundation set up a special point of acceptance, as of the end of 6, a total of units from 286 units and individuals to receive donations totaling. </p>

    <p> Civil Affairs Bureau personal work summary </p>

    <p>2, for the old service projects in an orderly manner. As of the end of 4, there are 6 elderly activity room construction is completed, and has begun to add activity facilities. The region a total of 15931 elderly people enjoy home care services, including 9621 elderly people funded by the government to purchase services, 6310 elderly people at their own expense to enjoy the home care services, has completed 89% of the annual number of indicators. </p>

    <p>1, increase the intensity of social assistance. At the end of June, coverage of the region's residents, the number of 20663,pandora sito ufficiale, the cumulative distribution of aid of $3907; medical assistance 669, medical assistance payments paid 19.59 million yuan; residents enjoy health insurance subsidies personnel 5742 passengers, total issued grants 96.6 million yuan; branch back to Shanghai Bangkun 30268 targeted subsidies, a total of issuing grants 3582.9 million yuan. Comprehensive help 7454 people, supporting capital spending totaled 2 million 740 thousand yuan (the relevant work bangkun. District beloved Bangkun service agency to carry out in kind assistance warmth giving activities, the total amount of 31.5 million yuan; to "send warmth, a harmonious, welcoming the World Expo" as the theme to carry out one-time comprehensive assistance activities, a total of spending of aid funds 210 million yuan. </p>

    <p>4, actively carry out the elderly health promotion action. Together with the district health office to carry out the XX annual health (elderly) area of the inspection and assessment work, to carry out the World Expo, the health care community line activities,new balance baratas, the introduction of health monitoring and other ten for the old health services. United Shanghai Bai Ruifu for the old health service center, in the streets (towns) to carry out for the old health services</p>

    <p> (two) social welfare and aging work </p>

    <p>3, strengthen the construction of the pension agency window. Organization of nursing staff training and competition,hogan outlet online, to carry out pension services experts,hogan sito ufficiale, service star award recognition. Develop contingency plans,scarpe hogan outlet, do a good job in the Expo during the operation of pension security agencies, the information submitted, the comprehensive management of the maintenance of stability work, the signing of the old-age security agencies undertaking responsibility, improve the pension agency security and service management capabilities. </p>

    Summary of the personal work of the Civil Affairs Bureau

    <p>3,pandora outlet online, in conjunction with the Shiquan Street XX held a "love in the blue sky" a large charity fundraiser. The active site region four sets of team leadership and contributions, cadres, people in the community and love have placards and dedication of love, district charity fund branch and the streets (town) is to raise money of 806 million yuan, a calendar year highs. At the meeting,adidas yeezy pas cher, the city's first charity Chenlu service inaugurated. </p>Related Articles:

    With the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, and give prominence to the "on administrative licensing" learning, advocacy, through organizational learning and training, forestry system of cadres and workers to deeply understand the basic spirit of the three laws, to further strengthen the administrative law concept, improve the ability and level of agricultural management according to law.

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