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    <p> in addition to the traditional means of anti-dumping, countervailing,hogan scarpe, in terms of market access aspects of technical barriers to trade, labor standards, the green barriers have become increasingly demanding from export taxes, export settings quotas and other export control means caused by more and more trade friction. Our nearly nine years in a row to become the anti-dumping and countervailing investigations than any other country in the world by. At the same time,parajumpers korting, the cost of labor and other factors of production rose faster, ASEAN and other emerging economies and other developing countries with labor costs and natural resources.</p>

    <p> even though the national industry, there are some development, foreign capital also has some entry, such as Shanghai's "ten foreign market," Tianjin's industrial, Wuhan military production also once reputed moment, but overall is poor and backward countries, endless war,hogan donna, left behind in the trend of the times. This state continues for a hundred years.After the founding of New China,celine 2016, our Party led the people started large-scale industrialization. Comrade Mao Zedong, our task "is to settle down so that we can build our modern industrial country.</p>

    <p> modernization of agriculture, modern science and culture and modern national defense." 50s of last century, the country has achieved remarkable results. Later, as the guiding ideology to a "leftist" mistakes,scarpe hogan, there have been the "Cultural Revolution" as a decade-long calamity,parajumpers dames, coupled with our understanding of the laws of socialist construction is not deep enough, the construction of large-scale industrialization not successfully continue.Third Plenary Session opened a new historical period of reform and opening up. 30 years, despite the difficulties it encountered,under armour tights, but we created after World War II economic growth of a country the longest miracle. China's economic aggregate ranked in the world, the beginning of reform and opening up is the eleventh; in 2005 over France, ranking fifth; 2006 exceeded the UK, ranking fourth; in 2007 exceeded that of Germany, ranked third; in 2009 over Japan , ranking second. In 2010, the scale of China's manufacturing sector than the United States,maschera oakley, ranking first in the world. We walked the few decades in developed countries for hundreds of years through the development process, created a miracle in the world development.With the economy growing, we have encountered a series of new situations and problems in development. Economic development is faced with the shift speed node, as a person over 10 years old to 18 years old child has soared after the 18-year-old long tall speed to slow down. Economic development is faced with structural adjustment node,golden goose scarpe, low-end industries to focus digest overcapacity, high-end industry to accelerate the development, production in the past are what make money.</p>

    <p> "Thirteen Five" period, we should adapt to the new norm, to grasp the new normal, leading the new normal as throughout the whole process and the overall development large logic.From a historical long process,hogan blu, China's economic development in the course of the new state,doudoune moncler femme, a new pattern, a new phase is always evolving, new economic development is a normal stage of this long process. This is entirely consistent with the law of development of things spiraling motion. Fully understand and grasp the new normal, we need to look at China's development from the time and space high angle.From the time point of view, China's development experience from prosperity to decline and then filled several large periods, today's new normal is the result of such a large turnover during the change.In ancient China, the founding of agriculture, long-term agricultural civilization in the world leading level. Han Dynasty, China's population to more than 60 million, more than 8 million acres of cultivated land. Tang Dynasty Chang'an City area of over 80 square kilometers,hogan online, population over one million,parajumper jas, magnificent palaces, Buddhist pagoda towering, something very prosperous cities. Poet Cen had "Chang'an one million," the poem. Northern Song Dynasty, the state's tax peaking at 160 million consistent, is the time the world's most affluent countries. At that time, London,hogan bianche, Paris, Venice, Florence's population less than 100,000, while China has 10 million people in nearly 50 cities with more than.After the Industrial Revolution, we began to fall behind the Western countries are developed. After the Opium War, China's self-sufficient economy gradually disintegrated, the industrial revolution the opportunities did not seize.</p>

    <p> how much can be sold for the production of situation does not exist. Economic development is faced with power switching nodes,golden scarpe, the driving force of low-cost resources and significantly reduced the formation of factor inputs, the driving force of economic growth needs more innovation.From space, the advantages of China's exports and participation in international division of labor model is facing new challenges,scarpe hogan interactive, economic development is reflected in this new normal variation.Since the reform and opening up, an important feature of our development strides is the full and effective use of the international market. Built on low labor cost advantage and the transfer of labor-intensive industries in developed countries outside the big export and export-oriented development opportunities on the basis of, has become an important driving force for China's rapid economic growth. From 1979 to 2012, China's exports of goods to maintain an annual growth rate of around 20%,scarpe hogan originali, the rapid growth of world trade powers.The rapid development of China's exports, also benefited from the golden period of growth in Western countries released a large number of effective demand. 2008 international financial crisis, Western countries, the end of the golden period of growth,special celine 2016, the economy into a deep adjustment period, a decrease of effective demand, re-industrialization, import substitution effect of domestic industry reflux enhancement, a direct result of the slowdown in export demand. Strengthen trade protectionism and other Western countries.</p>

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