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parka woolrich Buddha Plastic Technology

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    Biography Tesla China ranked first in the world order stocks rose,ferragamo occhiali da sole
    Phoenix Financial News Monday, Tesla stocks rose. Among them,louboutin prix, the new state-chou,Woolrich, Shanshangufen limit, JAC, Tian Qi Li industry up over 7% of all-electronic, Jiangsu Guotai up over 6%, universal money flows, BYD, Buddha Plastic Technology,moncler doudoune, Jianghai shares rose over 5 %.

    Message level, the recent month Tesla concept once again swept the A shares, and the market attention is often accompanies Tesla in domestic sales booming. According to the private person Tesla research revealed that the current Tesla weekly orders in the country are ranked first in the world, some experts predict that Tesla will soon become "the next Apple."

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    Cathode Materials

    Gan Feng Li industry (002 460) in December 2012, the company intends to not more than 6.7815 million yuan transferee ViewSonic 49% stake in the new energy,hogan donna, coupled with June 2011 to 20.4 million yuan transferee 51% stake,magasin louboutin, will achieve full control. The company's main battery, a lithium ion battery, with the core technology of production of lithium three yuan cathode material precursors and other lithium battery cathode materials technology.

    When l Technology (300073): The company is the first to export lithium cathode materials suppliers,louboutin france, with five international customers top six lithium giant present, including Samsung SDI, LG Chemical, Sanyo Energy,chaussure louboutin pas cher, Shenzhen BAK and BYD and other companies.

    CITIC Guoan (000 839): The company owned CITIC Guoan MGL power (accounting for 90%) accounted for 40% of lithium cobalt oxide products in the domestic market, but also abroad only large-scale production of lithium ion secondary battery manufacturers. It is currently the largest lithium battery cathode material of lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganese oxide manufacturers.

    Negative electrode material

    Shanshangufen (600,884): The company, as currently China's largest integrated lithium-ion battery materials suppliers to form a mature and complete lithium-ion battery material product system, product range covering lithium battery cathode material,solde loubouin femme 2015, cathode material precursor,louboutin, a negative electrode material and electrolytic liquid products. Companies cathode material,hogan outlet online, anode material,jordan pas cher, electrolyte domestic market share are among the top three.

    Owned subsidiary of China Baoan (000009) Shenzhen BTR is the world's largest lithium-ion battery anode materials suppliers,hogan scarpe interactive donna. (Currently 74% of global natural graphite resources in China)


    Jiangsu Guotai (002,091): subsidiary of Huarong Chemical (representing 78.895%) had 2500 tons of production capacity of lithium battery electrolyte,chaussures louboutin dégrif, the domestic market share of 40%.

    The new state-chou (300 037): The company is one of the major domestic supplier of lithium-ion battery electrolyte, the market share of over 20%, the company began to lithium foreign manufacturers in China as a breakthrough, the gradual export to the international market.

    Other: Fluoride (002,407), ninety-nine long (002 411), heaven-sent material (002,709)


    Southeast (002263): in September 2011,moncler uomo, the company set by the scheme with an annual output 60 million square meters of lithium ions into the insulating film project fund-raising 366 million yuan,basket louboutin, is expected to add annual sales income of 270 million yuan,woolrich bambino, net profit of 54.91 million yuan . Interactive platform that the lithium battery separator project is expected to end in 2013. June 2013 announcement that a new wholly owned subsidiary of Green Sea Energy Company plans to invest nearly 800 million yuan to build "an annual output of 300 million Ah lithium-ion battery energy projects."

    Buddha Plastic Technology (000973): a subsidiary (accounting for 32.13%) Jinhui company has a lithium ion dialysis microporous films with production capacity of 12 million m2 / year,chaussure louboutin femme.

    Other: Tian Qi Li industry (002 466), BYD (002594)


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