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pigalle louboutin but also where the dramatic conflict.

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    Haiqing maxed media circle of friends who either woman stronger then cited Reflections

     Sohu entertainment career in a number of TV hit drama "Women should not be less powerful day" (referred to as "strong woman"), has become the recent focus of public opinion. Which he portrays female media people mainland actress clear sea, with its precise understanding of the media industry, used superb acting and a distinctive personal attitude in the media people, especially women reporters circle of friends formed scraper situation, causing resonance.

     Wei Yanhao parental role when the "intern reporter"

     Following the "Tape" "flat" "Wang Gui and Anna" and "intention", the sea clear and well-known screenwriter sixty-six partner again, the star of "strong women" female Zheng Yuqing. She graduates from the beginning of the university campus, stepped in to serve as editor of Metropolis,louboutin pas cher femme, a complete experience from traditional media to the infinite beauty of forced transformation process.

     In order to grasp the real living conditions of media people, Haiqing starring in the play before had done their homework - to a newspaper and became a "intern reporter." Whether the interview,hogan donna, writing,louboutin prix, typesetting, proofreading, printing, or tracking the incident,hogan scarpe interactive uomo, all the way to experience the sea clear. This allows her to fully put into play Zheng Yuqing life,nouvelle nike, such as in the play, she went to interview the flood front, turned the iron gate in the rain, do not let yourself get wet camera damaged. Another example is "jargon" "Tabloid head hanging scale" and appeared from time to time, so that people are more plentiful. But also to "strong women" in detail once again become a winning masterpiece.

     With the play hit, many women have for the media people are Haiqing role in shaping the "thumbs up." They play in the clear sea emergencies interview, unannounced visits to the experience really resonated with that Haiqing's performance "very real." In particular,hogan outlet, some errors play Zheng Yuqing recruits to commit, so many media people feel very familiar, amiable feeling.

     Interpretation of "superwoman" real life hot lead

     "Strong Women" in the broad framework of professional theater, also has a social role of Feminine: when the wife and mother to do business or strongman? This became the core of the show's topic, but also where the dramatic conflict.

     Haiqing played just the first episode of the drama, the choice was difficult co-existence before: the field trip had just been called back to the newspaper temporary Zheng Yuqing, the plane must first return unit is not home, keep her husband midnight children at home, "jealously guarding its availability." Side of the business,scarpe hogan, while the family is indeed difficult to strike, it also laid the tone of the play. With the story unfold, this conflict is increasingly enlarged,doudoune moncler solde, eventually leading to breakdown of the marriage has become the fuse.

     For such a "family drama" emotional rhythm, Haiqing hold up very much at home. Some passages show natural, people address him enjoyable. As in the play when she discovers her husband stealing "their own money",scarpe hogan outlet, Haiqing in just a few minutes from the misunderstanding Zheng Yuqing angry,golden goose sneakers mid star, relieved to informed, to calmly deal with the process seamless interpretation. During expression, eyes, and the lines are extremely place, show clear sea years performance skills, but also let the audience can not help but praise for her acting point.

     Play,moncler bambino, Zheng Yuqing finally to focus on a career. But in reality,louboutin soldes, many women neither this promotion space,louboutin femme prix, nor so resolute courage. This gap led to public opinion,woolrich bambino, "the woman in the end or else stronger," once again hot. Female reporters in the circle of friends, said he would like Zheng Yuqing adhere to the same cause,nike air max, "to be a strong woman." And some people responded that the future will change jobs,chaussure louboutin, that "reporters are not suitable for women."

     After all, in real life,hogan interactive, very few people can clear as the sea in general, career and family balance. Even Haiqing has also said that she was willing to give up the cause of both,louboutin paris homme, we are not willing to leave too little time at home. And to do that, "women have to pay more than the efforts of others."


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