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    Rainie to celebrate my mother's 60th birthday photo of mother and daughter over love | Rainie Yang | Mom's birthday

    According to Taiwan media, "ETTV cloud" March 13 reported that the entertainer Rainie 4 in love from the women's team debut,anelli outlet, not only sing and dance, scares the "Sweetheart" in the excellent acting,engagement ring, won the 45th gold bell Award for best actress,jewellery ring, is many people's minds goddess. Her mother, on the 13th to celebrate the 60th birthday,jewellery ring, and PO a photo of mother and daughter,jewellery ring, in addition to an awesome feeling especially warm,jewellery ring, cold mother age beauty also attracted netizens exclaimed.
    Rainie revealed on the 13th book in the face to help celebrate the birthday of his mother,anelli outlet, although only with the family ate lunch, but very warm and cheerful, and her emotional and said: my life because of my mother and her health intact ~ hope, worry-free! Really I love love her! And PO own and her mother's photo, 60th birthday,anillo outlet, she always give us a look at it! So, I betrayed my mother & hellip; photograph, Yang mother leopard scarves hanging ears but also with big circle earrings,biker ring, dressed quite rich wave of flavor, but it is noted that her skin brilliance and translucent,anillo outlet, looks nothing like the 60-year-old, lead users have big praise witch.
    In fact, almost every Rainie mother's birthday, mother and daughter are in the network share photo,anillo outlet, fans and therefore found Young mother inverse growth,gemstone ring, noted Rainie every mother had a birthday like more young, straight Young mother it will maintain, have a message hoping to learn the secret to let their own age freeze Mommy holding faces of the children look like.
    Rainie face full text:
    60th birthday,jewellery ring, she always give us a look at it! So,jewellery ring, I betrayed my mother ... Although today only and family ate lunch,stainless steel ring, but very warm,engagement ring, very happy!
    My life because of my mother and her health intact ~ hope,bague pas cher, worry-free! Really I love love her! Mommy,bague pas cher, Happy Birthday!


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