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    <p> fraternizing with unscrupulous business owners use the powers and functions affect the hands, as some of those friends EIA business, business to undertake the EIA approval of the EIA report. It is understood that the kingdom long bribe these friends involving more than 30 business units, including within several well-known enterprises in Fujian Province, because most of the human circle of friends, the kingdom long are eleven heart. After the incident.</p>

    <p> and sometimes unconsciously will touch the bottom line, for me personally is the most difficult to resist the temptation of friends. You look at my record crime which primarily is the interaction between friends. Range is a small range. These people are my friends 20 years before,nike scarpe, the bottom line relax, relax the limit,http://www.geeksandbloggers.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi,barbour soldes,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gion/cr-27268.html, the defense relaxed. High wave: They were able to form one kind of conspiracy of silence, long-term exchanges circle of friends, I think he still can not do without actually behind the money, he valued his so-called friends in the hands of the powers of these officials,scarpe nike, only one before the law the fact that his circle of friends, not a good pro hello my brother thermal brother, but collusion, bribery interest network. Commentary: Officials circle of friends, and alienation became a sphere of interest, corruption ring. The circle of friends fell into this alienation of the party and government cadres, far more than a quarter Jianye. Behind these sacked officials.</p>

    <p> there is always closely followed a series of political and business circle of friends. CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee of the original Committee, former secretary of Zunyi Municipal Liao Shaohua, April 9 for accepting bribes of First Instance jailed for 16 years. Even to the court,hogan outlet, he still claimed to be her friends dragged into the water. Liao Shaohua's circle of friends in the most striking of these is the promotion where Liao Shaohua,louboutin noir, where there is now a businessman. This person is businessman from Hunan Province Chen Chun Zhang. Chinese New Year 2004 to early 2012, Zhang Liao Shaohua Chen Chun accepted if asked, has charged 10 yuan Chun Zhang granted 3.94 million yuan in his dormitory. Liao Shaohua statement in the trial when he said, to pay a group of heavy buddy loyalty, but also the boss friends with stench,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/n-tops-14-menscasual.html, ideas change gradually, greed also will be training together, the last of these so-called friends "warm boiled frog" . Traders are keen to make friends with officials, corrupt officials and businessmen are willing to make friends,baby sleep, which own doorway. And this circle, not just exist in the big greedy big corruption among senior officials. "Chinese tobacco 4,http://szbbs.sznews.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, 1700 to send wine box count money 150,000, 66,000 yuan in cash trip to Europe." This is a daily record Dezhou businessman Zhang to his circle of friends for gifts. After it was to the sun to the Internet, the local discipline inspection departments for investigation, gift objects are local cadres and officials,http://sc.ddbj.nig.ac.jp/index.php/ja-howtouse/46-ja-category/ja-howto,lunette de soleil ray ban, involving nearly 100 people. More recently 20 diary, gifts including cash, bank cards,zanotti femme, cars, real estate, high-grade alcohol and tobacco.</p>

    <p> as well as overseas travel,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/waiwai/8100-810pd-7jf.html, and so on. It can be described as full of tricks. Recently, the Texas Commission for Discipline Inspection announced on someone's where 29 party members and cadres of the decision. The former director of the county finance bureau Plain Song diary were involved in corruption and bribery investigation of more than 400 million by the Court of First Instance sentenced to 14 years. Texas businessman bribes these diaries,nike air max online, drying out of the current political and business circle of friends bureaucratic deformities. Kingdom long,air max outlet, former deputy director of Fujian Provincial Environmental Protection Office, in January this year for accepting bribes was sentenced to 10 years in prison court. Fujian Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of communications, said the kingdom long beginning in 2007 served as the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director, after vigorously bartering Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau deputy director.</p>

    <p> and love is greater than the right. Li Jingang members of the panel: Look at a few people, Ye Xu Dongming, Gold Mantis this Zhuxing Liang Ye,moncler italia, there are several people that this small group of people, including his go to Nanjing is also the small circle of people who ran the mutual long-term use,barbour, that is to say brother, brother,nike scarpe uomo, man, those things are good to say. He can violate the principle to give you something to do, you may not see him melt inside this circle to go,under armour mens,http://www.postyourasian.com, you normal thing he could do is not good. Commentary: If asked to accept a friend, close friend money, act as a friend, Ji Jianye circle of friends has actually become a trading power for money alienation interest group. Circle of friends called the name of the guise of friendship,lunettes ray ban, it is considered personal gain. Ji Jianye,nike france, while most trusted circle of friends and eventually became his sacked Ban Masuo, bribes amounting thousands of yuan, Ji Jianye constitute illegally accepting other people's property,barbour paris,http://snowstorm.sourceforge.net/cgi-bin/site.cgi, a huge amount,nike donna, making it the prisoner jailed for 15 years. Ji Jianye: temptation for officials is a lot.</p>

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