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ray ban plus the specially" listen to his wife say

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    <p> or heart thumped, mused: "You" divorce "is written not fair ah, why should I compensate you 180 Wan it? " Can quickly, his wife no longer answer to Jiang Feng hesitation,nike air max online, he said:. "Liu Ping said, but not really a divorce,chaussure giuseppe zanotti, afraid of what it is 1.8 million when she was worried that I refused to remarry,barbour pas cher, plus the specially" listen to his wife say, Jiang Feng also think some truth,scarpe nike donna, obediently in "divorce agreement" signed on. After this the "fake divorce" procedures, Jiang Feng in his own name the school district bought the house. A family of three continue to live together. Fake divorce his true cleanse the family However, whenever Jiang Feng Liu Ping urged to remarry Civil Affairs Bureau procedures, but she always said no hurry,nike donna, too busy recently. The day before and also lived,lunettes de soleil ray ban, they often work together to take my son to see the movie,remise rayban, go out to eat food, go sen fly a kite,nike air donna, go out camping barbecue. Goes divorce certificate and divorce papers that seem to never appeared. Jiang Feng also did not expect a huge turn of events about to happen to him and the children. He arrived at the 2014 Spring Festival, as usual,nike tn, a person to return home New Year's Jiang Feng,air jordan 4, Liu Ping, this time it may be uncharacteristically, adhere to a person to stay in Nanjing. Fail to beat his wife,golden goose outlet, Jiang Feng had to bring your own son back home. To Year 6.</p>

    <p> then this "divorce" is not the true meaning of the parties said that in the process of signing the agreement.</p>

    <p> Liu Ping nobody answered the phone, text messaging is not back. Jiang Feng feel is not right, the rain with his son drove more than 100 kilometers back to Nanjing, the home is empty, Liu Ping is still not contact. Liu Ping was home until the next afternoon, but she came back to Jiang Feng is really made for divorce. Under the anger, frustration and despair, Jiang Feng with his son left that once belonged to their common home, father and son moved to buy a new house,nike kobe 2016, and began each other's lives. However, Jiang Feng nightmare is far from over. Liu Ping Jiaxizhenzuo thought would stop there, do not want to find Liu Ping Jiang Feng, asking them to fulfill a contractual "divorce agreement" on the house, the car will transfer to her, but also to compensate her 1.8 million yuan! Agreement lawsuit came to the door to get into trouble April 2015, Jiang Feng received a call from the court, the original, Liu Ping has actually holding a share of the "divorce" filed a lawsuit to the court for Jiang Feng divorce agreement on commitments. Until this moment, Jiang Feng really realize that all this is true, when he signed sleepwalk "divorce",baby sleep, now that he completely collapsed. He can not think, for a child to buy sets of school district room to do a "fake divorce",under armour women, how to let their own today not only come to life and wealth in the end, also a former lover to court, already cleanse the family, and 1.8 million have come out ahead. The "stark reality" of the "divorce" in the end there is no force of law? Reporters interviewed the family of professional lawyers Jiangsu Ningjia marriage law firm lawyer Zhang Lei. Mr. Zhang pointed out, first of all, divorce no true and false, false from the need to be cautious. The parties to the civil affairs department of voluntary registration of divorce, the marriage has been dissolved. Case, if Jiang Feng said is true.</p>

    <p> He became even more unacceptable is that, because the share of fake divorce agreement,nike femme, he must not only cleanse the family,escarpins louboutin soldes, the wife will lose 1.8 million. To buy school district room couple fake divorce Jiang Feng said that in May 2013, in order to give a positive elementary school son school district to buy a house, to discuss the couple for "fake divorce" in order to circumvent the Nanjing when the "credit limit restriction" policy. Thus, the two find a good school district, on a good price, after payment of the purchase deposit,2014 Scarpe Hogan, to the Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registry for "fake divorce" procedures. In the "divorce" marriage registration office, in accordance with the requirements of Liu Ping, fill in the following: a son by a man raising, raising all costs borne by the man; second, now all the houses owned by the woman,moncler piumini, the man voluntarily give up property rights; Third, the home of all furniture, appliances, jewelry, and other securities, including the new one to buy imported cars, all owned by the woman; Fourth, all jointly owned marital debt borne entirely by the man; Fifth, the man voluntarily 1.8 million yuan compensation for the woman ... This looked serious inequality "divorce", Jiang Feng.</p>


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