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Reporters although not personally seen the old man

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    Hangzhou Xinhua October 19 (Reporters weeks actually) in Hangzhou, a famous diving elderly, he often take advantage of people not in the downtown section of diving equipment lying on the ground,http://ir.nul.nagoya-u.ac.jp, whenever someone in the past helped him, he would tell her unfortunate life experiences, and took the opportunity to discuss the main points people living expenses. According to local police, the elderly this practice has been going on for nine years,http://www.chinamusicbookshop.com/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=354936, they repeatedly wanted to send him back home in Anhui, the old man always refused.
    This news came out,http://www.postyourshavedpussy.com,ralph lauren soldes, the network of public opinion boiling, most people think old people are diving cheat passers compassion,http://www.guitarhome.com.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=125074, will make social indifference and should be condemned. Some of the people who helped him,louboutin soldes, Dayton also call fooled, that their good intentions hurt.
    Public opinion has such emotions can be understood, if the elderly begging normal, rather than this way of deception, perhaps allowing everyone's sympathy. But behind the incident question is why the 80-year-old pension to rely on this way?
    Reporters although not personally seen the old man,http://www.slsq.gov.cn/bbs/home.php?mod=space&uid=176750, but according to an interview with his other reporters, his wife had died years old, the family has two sons,http://www.goveganic.net/spip.php?article220, three daughters, and the old man had a small son and daughter live,scarpe mbt, but it is not very harmonious coexistence, he go begging.
    Old man has five children, but need to rely on foreign land fraud in the way to make a living,karen millen outlet, this is how sad! Even if his approach is wrong, but no one to support the old dilemma society more worthy of reflection. Walking in the streets, begging for the elderly is not uncommon,http://daimaoh.co.jp,louboutin soldes, according to common sense, no one wants to be in such a shameful way to make a living, but there is no child support, no pension, when, perhaps begging to become a compelling choice.
    Therefore, instead of condemning the old man is not, as common to think of ways how to make them "a sense of security." In addition children need to do maintenance obligations, we should at the same time social security force,http://www.tjwanke.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=858, see the need for these groups.
    (Original title: elderly "dive" nine years behind the pain of old age)

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