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scarpe hogan outlet August 2005

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    Ma stressed that the transfer of Alipay is absolutely legitimate
    On Saturday,hogan outlet, Alibaba Group Chairman of the Board and CEO Jack Ma at the shareholders' question, said at the scene of Hong Kong Alibaba shareholders meeting, Alipay recombinant transfer ownership to another company whose holding is absolutely legitimate,hogan uomo outlet, the purpose is to make Alipay in line with national policies to secure the first party payment license, "no big conspiracy." At the same time, he would Alibaba stock price has been stagnant apologized to shareholders,louboutin soldes, saying it will take time.

    Our reporter Li Bin

    ■ About Alipay

    Yahoo accused Ma secretly transferred ownership

    Yahoo's first quarter earnings on Wednesday disclosed, Alibaba Group has paid a transfer of title to another Ma Po holding of domestic companies. It is worth noting that the change of ownership Alipay Alibaba message is not the first publication,louboutin pas cher, but from its 40% stake held by Yahoo announcement.

    Let Yahoo dissatisfaction that Alibaba's Alipay equity completely transferred to the new company by the CEO Jack Ma holding, although Yahoo still has a 40% stake in Alibaba Group and has a board seat, but Alipay change of equity in August last year completed until March 31 this year, before they are notified.

    Ma said that Yahoo was not legitimate and trustworthy

    "If the Board does not know the things that we do give out quietly, and this is what some people will believe it." Ma at the scene asked the shareholders' meeting. He said Alibaba had discussed and confirmed on the matter as early as July 2009 the Board of Directors convened. "It is the public that goes, as a woman party we have not said,louboutin pas cher femme, because things are not yet settled."

    Although Ma insisted Alipay restructuring the board of directors know for sure, but absolutely legitimate, but questioned Yahoo shareholders can not help but start to worry about the relationship between Yahoo and Alibaba will make the deterioration of the already sluggish stock Ali worse.

    Ma Yahoo also complained a lot: "Last year, Yahoo! Chat and Share Repurchase problems, had very good talk, Yahoo has agreed to,louboutin paris, but to come up with specific programs of the critical moment they terminate the negotiations and Yahoo things we disappointed. speak does not count, I have no confidence in them. "

    DCCI Internet Data Center founder Hu Yanping believes that Yahoo could not know Alipay ownership transfer things, but have not settled the matter, a statement by Yahoo just want to put pressure on,louboutin femme, making their own transfer Alipay equity transfer process interest can be maximized.

    Yahoo has a critical moment sweep Ali "face"

    This is not the first time the relationship between Alibaba and Yahoo tension.

    August 2005, US $ 1 billion plus Yahoo Yahoo China assets Redemption Ali Group 40% equity and 35% of the voting rights. Ali ownership structure is formed Yahoo, Softbank, led by Jack Ma and Alibaba employees tripod situation.

    Since then Yahoo executives often accused Ma did not do a good job the company. In September 2009, to engage in legitimate Alibaba occasion of the 10th anniversary celebrations, suddenly announced that Yahoo will sell Alibaba 1% of its shares held by Alibaba face difficult to see. Thereafter,hogan interactive shop online, it was rumored that Yahoo CEO Bartz to enter the Alibaba board of directors,hogan outlet online, will crowd Ma.

    In particular, Yahoo has not agreed to repurchase the hands of Ali shares grasp, let Ma "stuck in my throat."

    ■ Other responses

    Apologize to the shareholders on the share price slump

    It is reported that the listing in November 2007 after more than four months that is cracked hair, Alibaba's share price has only HK $ 13.3, also lower than the issue price of HK $ 13.5 listed four years ago, it became much Alibaba shareholders place blame .

    "We apologize to the shareholders and shares represented regret we listed from 2007 to the present, revenue and profit growth of 2-3 times, but the stock did not how to move." Ma spot stock price is too low for investors to apologize,louboutin soldes, but he Ali will still emphasize the "customers first, employees second, shareholders third" concept,escarpin louboutin, "E-commerce has only just begun, Alibaba is doing the right thing,louboutin soldes, ultimately worthy of everyone, it is only a matter of time."

    Alibaba is no price pressure

    Alibaba shareholders suspect the scene is deliberately suppressed stock prices, in order to lower prices to repurchase Yahoo shares held by Ali.

    "We also can not wait (shares) rose a little higher, I have 12,000 employees in B2B companies (ie,escarpin louboutin, Alibaba listed companies),scarpe hogan outlet, employees have equity, beat down the stock price,hogan outlet online, the staff hate me." Ma said with a smile knowingly it is impossible to say price pressure established.

    ■ Ma Quotations site

    "If this really help consumers,escarpin louboutin, can help SMEs can really establish credibility, we really can Nanuobeier Peace Prize."

    "Alibaba developed to such a large company that is one hundred percent legal, one hundred percent transparent."

    "The stock price beyond our control, and now some companies are not even earnings,louboutin pas cher, the stock has gone up very much, but our revenue growth in the share price did not change, I believe that Buffett can not read."

    "Alibaba fraud, fraud on Taobao, on the other hand speaks not a bad thing, indicating that Alibaba have the effect,basket louboutin, if not the effect of fraud Who? Is not a waste of time?"


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