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should not be considered heroic. @ Chen Danian said

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    & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Survey: How do you see the man flee to intercept the bandits hit the wrong person is accused of causing his death?
    Guangzhou Cai Yongjie man seeing "robbery" took place, he wants courageous interception drove out in front of "robbers", which was knocked down, so that "robbers" died the same day. Unexpectedly "robbers" not "bandits", but the gas station manager, chasing his video: manager was seen as psychiatric staff chased the robbers killed Source: Southern Television "frontline today" people are gas station employees, they are not robbed looted relations.
    Cai Yongjie has been the public security organs to "negligence causing death" filing,rajout cheveux, transfer Procuratorate. If this accusation, he is likely to spend several years in prison, while his family 670,000 yuan to compensate the families of the deceased, not for a wealthy family,"The children work very hard, this is tantamount to worse.
    Newspaper reporters yesterday after a brief published this report in the Nanfang Daily South network and microblogging, Cai Yongjie like "courageous" has aroused heated debate. Cai Yongjie like "courageous" is courageous it? He killed the people, whether excessive? His behavior should be forgiven and even reward it?
    After a small Yue Yue incident reflected indifference, hostility experienced Shenzhen Peng Yu incident reflected among people, our society should look at how this enthusiasm brought tragedy? How should we appease pain, warm enthusiastic move on?
    Case playback
    Station manager was mistaken for robbers killed
    Next month, Cai Yongjie in the detention center may have to spend his 49-year-old birthday. In September this year,extension per capelli fini, he Lu-yu "robbery" wanted "courageous", only to mistakenly killed an innocent man.
    Currently, the public security organs to "negligence causing death" filing, the case has been handed over Baiyun District of Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau to Baiyun District Procuratorate. Baiyun District Prosecutor's Office said the case is currently in the prosecution phase. Cai Yongjie likely to face "negligence causing death" allegations and the families of victims up to 67 million in claims.
    It is understood,lighter color than the body o, Cai Yongjie divorced, no fixed job, living mainly on the mother's own pension and doing odd jobs to earn some money, so the compensation payments 670,000 for him and his family, it is not shirk. At 8:45 on September 19, 2011, who lives close to Guangzhou Zoo Cai Yongjie car carrying 77-year-old mother went to the Baiyun District of morning tea. Cai Yongjie mother told Nanfang Daily reporter, is cheaper, Cai Yongjie came around from Baiyun Avenue Guangzhou China Guangzhou Road gas station.
    Wait refueling process, parked the car near the gas station convenience store. Suddenly he heard someone cry out Gezhaochechuang, then see the entrance fee at the gas station out of two men, the former dressed in civilian clothes, holding a black bag hastily bolted, the latter dressed in uniforms shouting side station to catch the former, from outside to inside the gas station run.
    According to Cai Yongjie mother recalled, who saw this scene, Cai Yongjie out the words, "so early robbery ah!" With that, her son would never communicated.
    "My first reaction is to intercept the car in front of people scrambling to help the gas station employees." After being arrested, Cai Yongjie so Baiyun District statement to police. Thus, Cai Yongjie car running in front of the face to intercept the man, but the man was chasing excessive panic, fast run, see the front of the car, he subconsciously trying to resist double trolley car crash, but was knocked to the side, then, is failed to brake the Cai Yongjie dragged a few meters.
    "It was loud, there were screams, we ran in the past, only to find a gas station manager knocked the tube red strong." Lee gas station nearby car beauty shop recalls.
    Tube red strong 36-year-old, not a robber, whose identity is Huasui gas station manager. Behind his pursuers nor Cai Yongjie imagine being looters but gas station employees.
    "Hit man after my son turned pale and scared." Cai Yongjie mother told reporters. Then station staff to catch up with the former being the gas station to catch other employees tied up, it was said that the man was mentally ill. They chased why,there is some fault, someone can not give reporters a comprehensive answer, but it is certain that the relationship between the two is not a robbery is robbery.
    Subsequently, Cai Yongjie and mother go off, call the police calls. Baiyun Second Battalion of the traffic police think this is not a traffic accident, ordered the case transferred to the police station Jiahe accepted.
    Strong red tube after being rushed to the hospital on the same day around 12:30 because she died.
    Guangzhou Baiyun Branch of the Municipal Public Security Bureau prosecution submissions shows that a police investigation,tagli di capelli corti, Cai Yongjie indeed mistaken tube red strong ongoing looting,extension a clip, then drove the strong tube red bruises.
    Families of the victims
    "Good Samaritan, but people should not be killed."
    Guangzhou Baiyun Branch of Municipal Public Security Bureau finds that proved Cai Yongjie indeed "good intentions do bad things." But compared to Cai Yongjie, more innocent people to the number of victims tube red strong. Yesterday, strong tube red brother gave an interview to the Nanfang Daily reporter. He told reporters that this community needs courageous spirit,Chen X-ray, but Cai Yongjie behavior when manifestly excessive. Even robbers, they will be courageous and killed each other to do?
    Tube red strong brother told the Nanfang Daily reporter, his brother is a very strong tube red hard worker. Anhui rural families came from Guangzhou, relying on their own efforts, and finally became a station manager. Red tube has a strong child, family life in general. Tube red strong brother told reporters that his brother's bad news, without telling his parents rushed to the Guangzhou deal with the aftermath, a stay is 20 days. In the deal with the problem was about time, that she back home to his elderly parents to explain the situation. "Parents have high blood pressure, I'm afraid they can not stand the blow, but this thing is a big blow to my parents, they still can not accept this sad news."
    For Cai Yongjie wanted to do something courageous, strong red tube mistakenly killed saying, tube red strong brother said: "I began to feel strange, suspected intentional murder, and now the public security organs after investigation that he is trying to courageous and we also accept this identification, but I understand there are some not. "
    Tube red strong brother most can not understand is why the Cai Yongjie tube red strong after being knocked down,I can not watch him step by s, not active braking, but the tube red strong dragged several meters. "Even courageous, hit, why not brake? Tube red strong hands no weapon,3b7lwraJak, Cai Yongjie behavior as manifestly excessive."
    Tube red strong brother also told Nanfang Daily reporter, he had seen Cai Yongjie, and personally asked him not brake reason. Cai Yongjie's argument is that his mother sat in the car, worried that will hurt the mother suddenly brakes. "? I can not even understand it, you protect the mother, but to make the other person pay with their lives, that it is reasonable,extensions cheveux," he reasoned, before the tube red strong knocked down, it is courageous; but hit down after the start, it is not courageous, "I think this is intentional injury."
    Samaritan Foundation
    "Motivation is good, not courageous."
    Cai Yongjie behavior be considered courageous? Guangzhou City Samaritan Foundation Secretary-General Liu Jisheng in an interview with Nanfang Daily reporter said,hand-written and signed by same individual, this is not courageous, because after all he is not hit the robber.
    "I feel sorry for him and identification of public security and explained his motives starting point is good, but we can not be a way to identify this courageous act." Liu Jisheng said.
    Liu Jisheng told Nanfang Daily reporter,eventually, Guangzhou City Samaritan Foundation will not be actively involved in the case. "Unless the public security department, if it determines it is courageous behavior, and report to the Foundation, we will accept."
    As to how to reflect the understanding of the behavior of people , Liu Jisheng said he believes the court in sentencing will take this into account and give proper care.
    Stimulated identified
    Yesterday, the reporter "courageous shift" good "killed" reported the newspaper website South network and Nanfang Daily Sina, Netease, Tencent microblogging reported transient reprinted hundreds of times. Such behavior be considered courageous? Should criminal liability? This should not be rewarded? ...... Caused by users of the hot topic. With these questions the reporter interviewed Zhongshan University Law School Associate Professor Nie Lize, the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress, Guangdong tripod Law Office Yu Zhu out and Guangdong Troth Lawyer Yang Yi.
    Focus 1
    Cause tragedy, still be considered courageous?
    In yesterday's discussion, the majority of users are on and tube red strong misfortune that behavior should be regarded as meaning but misguided, but specific move, most people think that the person killed was significantly "over-Yong . " In this regard, Yu Zhu out that the public security department of the lack of concrete demonstration courageous, should teach people how courageous, courageous in how to avoid excessive behavior and protect themselves.
    ◎ square
    But when too are courageous
    @ Yu Qing said: I think it is courageous, he was thinking only in accordance with the judgment of ordinary people only, so the good intentions to do bad children. @ Cache think: This is a courageous, but also manslaughter, not contradictory.
    Nie Lize said the move should belong courageous. Although the results from the point of view of his understanding of the error, but the motivation is good, when witnessed after the legitimate interests of the third party have been violated for the purpose to do to stop crime acts are courageous. Samaritan who recognized that criminal law is a kind of error does not affect his self-defense, can only say that the last of his behavior over-defense.
    ◎ Opposition
    Confuse the situation on the chase is not courageous
    But there are also users questioned qualitatively this behavior, and that such behavior obvious over the case. @ Wan Qing Tao said: confuse the situation on the chase, should not be considered heroic. @ Chen Danian said: courageous but also a yardstick! It must first ensure their own safety and the value of the infringed measure! If the scene was unable to figure out the situation, it can cause misunderstanding and accidental injury; to clear the severity of abuse and usurpation of the nature of both victims and criminals have occurred.

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