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    "Saving Private Ryan" and other 25 films selected for the US "National Treasure movie" directory | jumping lamp | Saving Private Ryan

    Image Daily News US National Film Protection Agency (National Film Preservation Board) Film Registry section (National Film Registry) has announced the 2014 United States national treasure movie list, Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan", the Coen brothers' murder green toes "and Pixar animated short" jumping lights "and other 25 films selected will be given permanent protection of national Library of Congress.
    Selected national treasure movie film are not necessarily how high artistic value, but mainly because they can reflect the style and culture of different periods of American society,jewellery ring, historical literature value. Currently the Library of Congress has a collection to save a total of 650 such videos.
    According to regulations, only movies released in ten years (including documentaries,bague pas cher, short films, cartoons, etc.) only candidacy. In addition to these three films,jewellery ring, the films selected this year also includes the oldest black starring movie "Bert - Williams participate in fun games" (Bert Williams Lime Kiln Club Field Day,engagement ring, 1913),anillo outlet, the horror film "Rosemary's baby "(Rosemary & rsquo; s baby, 1968), 3D movie" House of Wax "(House of Wax,jewellery ring, 1953),anelli outlet, - John Wayne (John Wayne) starred in" utter Dragon "(Rio Bravo,gemstone ring, 1959), of Sting - Hoffman (Dustin Hoffman) star in "little people" (Little Big Man, 1970), Matthew - Broderick starred in "spring is not a school day" (Ferris Bueller & rsquo; s day Off, 1986) and the old version of "Willy - Wonka and the chocolate factory" (Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, 1971).
    Here are this year's 25 registered national treasure video:
    Bert - Williams participate in fun games (Bert Williams Lime Kiln Club Field Day,anillo outlet, 1913) silent film
    The Big Lebowski (The Big Lebowski, 1998)
    Argentina Love (Down Argentine Way, 1940)
    Long painted by (The Dragon Painter,pride ring, 1919) silent film
    Felicity West (Felicia, 1965) documentary short
    Spring is not a school day (Ferris Bueller & rsquo; s Day Off, 1986)
    Almost a full house (The Gang & rsquo; s All Here,anelli outlet, 1943)
    Wax (House of Wax, 1953)
    Stranger's arms (Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport, 2000) Documentary
    Little (Little Big Man,jewellery ring, 1970)
    Jumping lamp (Luxo Jr.,anillo outlet, 1986) animated short
    Moon breathing rhythm (Moon Breath Beat,anelli outlet, 1980) animated short
    Please do not bury me (Please Don & rsquo; t Bury Me Alive, 1976!)
    Power and the Glory (The Power and the Glory, 1933)
    Chidan Bravo (Rio Bravo, 1959)
    Rosemary's Baby (Rosemary & rsquo; s Baby,engagement ring, 1968)
    Storm bloodstains (Ruggles of Red Gap, 1935)
    Saving Private Ryan (Saving Private Ryan, 1998)
    Shoes (Shoes,anelli outlet, 1916) silent film
    Iowa Expo (State Fair,pride ring, 1933)
    Thirteen Lake (13 Lakes, 2004) Documentary
    Exposure of Thieves (Unmasked,anillo outlet, 1917) Movie
    V-E +1 (V-E +1,1945) Documentary Short / silent
    Road to Peace (The Way of Peace, 1947) puppet movie
    Willy - Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 1971)


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