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    TV series "dwelling" hit, will be the focus of attention is pulled toward the city purchase family. Hai-Ping Guo heroine experiences, so many real-life house slaves found resonance. Who lives in Qinyang City in Henan Province and Hai-Ping Guo Jiang Qinqin has a lot of similar experiences, but Hai-Ping Guo ultimately through their own hard work to achieve the dream of home, and Jiang Qinqin face mortgage burden, astray. Qinyang City Procuratorate by the prosecution, December 27,tagli di capelli, 2009, Jiang Qinqin is the city court of kidnapping sentenced to eight years imprisonment and fined 20,000 yuan.
    [Parents] "hollowed out the real situation, not quite enough. Look after your friends!"
    Jiang Qin Qin was born in the rural outskirts of Qinyang City, Henan Province in 2007 graduated from a university. Jiang Qinqin familiar people know, the "80" after a bit of female students "petty bourgeoisie", the character is very mild, life stress atmosphere. To trace Jiang Qinqin when no state of mind becomes calm heart qi impetuous, but also preparing to buy a house in the city talking about her. & Nbsp;
    After graduation, Jiang Qinqin returned home from the provincial capital of Zhengzhou Qinyang. Despite being close to home to work in the urban areas, but the city needs to live rent, she still has a kind of "floating" feeling. "What is certain is the home to have their own house, the family all enjoy together?." Jiang Qinqin and also a "street family" boyfriend appears: Buy the first goal is to enjoy a happy life must be achieved. & Nbsp;
    Rate looked up every day, then look around the room to talk about the mere mention of people look, act decisively Jiang Qinqin Yayi Yao, he decided to act decisively in a cell Qinyang urban buyers. In October 2008, we went through a complex process, the couple purchased a total price of more than 30 million homes. & Nbsp;
    Down payment of 10 million yuan, and the remaining housing fund by bank mortgage, 15 years to pay off a month for 1,200 yuan. When the old man put together the first two live frugally without any payment to the savings Jiang Qinqin and her boyfriend, not without tragic confessed: "hollowed out the real situation, so a little later to see your friends.!" & Nbsp;
    Jiang Qinqin can not think, after the city had its own house, the quality of life has not improved, but because of the mortgage burden led to more trouble.
    Jiang Qinqin] [house slaves and she no longer dared to peer into the mall,extension capelli, buy a necessary clothes, always asking what time discounts, wondering when to buy cost-effective.
    Jiang Qinqin leather company to do quality inspector, monthly salary of 1,000 yuan to succeed, the same work in factories boyfriend monthly salary not much taller than her. They pay in addition to mortgage payments, can only solve the minimum standards of food and clothing. Self-deprecating as "poor second generation" of them, every day in addition to working hard, nervous and fragile. Inflation, bank interest rates, wage arrears ...... once volatility touched each have their sensitive nerve, life was completely carried away by the mortgage. & Nbsp;
    Like most girls her age, Jiang Qinqin there are irrepressible Hobbies: shopping, buy clothes, buy cosmetics, like a walk in the mall. But since to buy a house, and she no longer dared to peer into the mall, buy a necessary clothes, always asking what time discounts, wondering when to buy cost-effective. Jiang Qinqin brains every day to control consumer spending, in order to save money, she pennies, can walk out the car never, never eat their own eating, living units per day - Rental cabins - - markets "3.1" life. & Nbsp;
    Faced with the temptation of substance, Jiang Qinqin endurance also fall short of the time. Once, she could not bear it "luxury" one, spent 210 yuan to buy a coat,keep indoor ventilation. Manual workers in high temperature hot sun or closed unventilated environment job, can not yet had time to enjoy the joy of wearing new clothes, we must pay the price for his "impulsive act": that month, Jiang Qin Qin abandon the bus, walk back and forth to work 40 minutes a day; noon afraid to go to the canteen, a man hiding in the side of the bubble to eat instant noodles!
    [Lover] pressure because loans, she and her boyfriend dating, not affectionate, closed the opening to talk about money, he said money, love becomes a talk repayment.
    A rigid life, so Jiang Qinqin become more and more realistic, and more bad temper up. & Nbsp;
    Because the loan pressure, she and her boyfriend dating, not affectionate, closed the opening to talk about money, he said money, love becomes a talk repayment. Jiang Qinqin wanted at each appointment, give her boyfriend a little small gifts, small surprise,October 22 at 10 am, most of the time the other party can all come empty-handed. Jiang Qinqin know their monthly mortgage payments, but also her boyfriend also. And himself, leaving her boyfriend monthly repayment of money, wages depleted, the constraints of life so that he has thought and expression unable to achieve. & Nbsp;
    For a little pocket money, Jiang Qinqin quietly from time to time to collect some junk in the unit, and then secretly returned to rental areas, looking for the opportunity to discuss and receive a good price waste. "Your favorites have been reduced to scrap subsidies need to pick up life as a man you feel?" Whenever Jiang Qinqin talk about something to that, her boyfriend always "Hey,Zhangshun Ying heart has kind," smile, no emboldened to cope: Do not be so ah there is me! & Nbsp;
    Jiang Qinqin understanding boyfriend knew he was a special part of the people, by his wages and then earn some money that was wishful thinking. She began to pin their hopes to themselves. Can work overtime on overtime, holiday pay determined not to have a double break, in his spare time to earn "extra money" on hyperactive mind. One day in March 2009, when Jiang Qinqin again carries a piece of scrap factory ready to leave when he was brought to Factory guard found. Soon, she was fired units. & Nbsp;
    Jiang Qinqin lose a source of income to reflect too late to repent and immediately start looking for a new job,capelli corti, and eventually decided to sell cosmetics business. Down more than a month, Jiang Qinqin Boduantui frayed mouth, to earn a cost-effective, in addition to the rent, food, utilities and other living expenses, earnings only 126 yuan! The monthly mortgage,respectively, a person can only boyfriend "back"!
    [Colleague] "hole in our household that did two years ago to resign construction, and now have a house car tickets ......"
    One day, a "buddy" to Jiang Qinqin rental sit, face their own such a predicament, Jiang Qinqin lamented: "Now is the lack of a word:! Money is imperative to find how fast money opportunities" friend without hesitation He said: "Oh, that only the rich to rob a bank or kidnap you!" Jiang Qinqin suddenly surprised ...... & nbsp;
    May 11,Smashed cars stolen car property on January bursts of more than,extension de cheveux, 2009 afternoon, Jiang Qinqin ride to work, suddenly sprinkled with tire gas. Just former colleagues lived nearby, she pushed the car to find in the past. Played to the car gas, colleagues warmly invited Jiang Qinqin talk about the home. Jiang Qinqin listening situation, a jeweled colleagues to put their preaching: "the resignation of the previous year that hole in our household worked for two construction projects, and now have a house car tickets ......" farewell Jiang Qinqin when a colleague pointed yard parked black car: "Well, the car is her husband bought back!" & nbsp;
    Jiang Qinqin thoughtfully returned to rental, my mind flashed the "buddies" had himself said remark.
    [Children] "I do not want your child's life, it is necessary money!" When the other reply message, promised "we give you money ready, please do not hurt the child", the Jiang Qinqin turned off the phone.
    July 1, 2009 in the evening, a telephone call to a friend Jiang Qinqin Shen (handled separately). Both a meeting, Jiang Qinqin asked excitedly: "There are a good thing, you do it?" Shen hurriedly asked what, Jiang Qinqin own plan to come clean. & Nbsp;
    I heard a partner is ready to kidnap people, Shen exclaimed: "?! That's not a crime yet I can not go," Jiang Qinqin tone with rivers and lakes sister whispered curse after busy explained: "Look at you kid gall small, you just put the little girl called out on the line,extension a clip sur cheveux tres court, the rest of you are really "& nbsp!;
    Jiang Qinqin told Shen, the object of kidnapping the daughter of his former associates, the family is an upstart. As long as she promised to be able to sink a little girl called out, "hardening" of money, his own one-time pay off the mortgage, and the remaining two equally. Although it is short of money, but Shen feel this horrible way to make money, he did not agree. & Nbsp;
    Jiang Qin Qin did not give her side watching television shows about the details of the crime of kidnapping crime, carefully and try to study, side secretly track her off a colleague familiar with each other's patterns of life, how to implement planning intentions crime step. & Nbsp;
    July 3 evening, Jiang Qinqin Shen met again, I hope he can help. Shen hesitated and said: "Well, I'll come after the people are crying, others not my thing it!" Jiang Qinqin to come on the phone installed a new phone card, while Shen gave a detailed account of one side . Shen in accordance with her arrangements, fake off a junior high school students, call each other about their reunion. After completing the task, Shen relieved, she turned to go home. & Nbsp;
    Besides that off a class reunion, I did not think to call did not ask ourselves is which students will ride rushed to the meeting place. When she found himself and meet strangers Jiang Qinqin when asked where the students. Jiang Qinqin told her: "The students want to give you a surprise, hidden in the woods yet!" Unsuspecting put away off a car, went straight to the depths of the woods. & Nbsp;
    Followed the Jiang Qinqin suddenly from behind a jammed shut, pulled out a handkerchief sprinkled have drugged over her mouth shut a wish to resist, but the whole body soft. Jiang Qinqin yellow bag with a prepared set a check up on the pedal motorcycle, flustered disappeared into the night. & Nbsp;
    Around 23:00, Jiang Qinqin a check to the relatives an idle house, she took off a mobile phone,Xiuning requires more than 400 shop-for unity billboards, let off a call to his father: "! Dad, I was kidnapped," Jiang Qinqin interrupted calls to the Commissioner a severely made accountable before the microphone again handed off to a mouth: "dad, people do not seek only financial life,I'm sorry everyone.", you do not alarm ah!" & nbsp;
    After order not to arouse suspicion, Jiang Qinqin check a good bundle, alone back to the rental. She learned of the circumstances of the crime drama after another to a father sent off dozens of information, warning each other not allowed to report, or we "threatened to kill"! She let a father three days off to prepare one million yuan money "or even bankruptcy." Jiang Qinqin told off a father: "I do not want your child's life, it is necessary money!" When the other reply message, promised "we give you money ready, please do not hurt the child", the Jiang Qinqin turned off the phone . & Nbsp;
    The next day at 7 o'clock, Jiang Qinqin is ready to get up, the police suddenly appeared in front of her ...... It turned out that she was riding a motorcycle when committing the crime secretive behavior, causing a pedestrian's attention, all the way to track and promptly reported to the police. & Nbsp;
    Courtroom, standing accused gallery Jiang Qinqin misty eyes, she did not look up sitting in the gallery of the parents who, when the judge made her final statement, the Jiang Qinqin merely repeated: "I was a fool I really should not ...... "
    & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Exclusive articles Sina statement: the work (text, images, graphics and audio and video) for Sina,the entire team about 2 kilometers, unauthorized, and any media or individual is allowed in whole or in part.

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    Qiu and Xiao Lian
    WASHINGTON (Reporters Linxia Hong correspondent He Zhiying, Song Dan) because competition for a boyfriend and classmate Xiao Lian, Qiu school girls heart resentment. For the implementation of revenge, she pretended lower Alois and good, tangled two social idlers and scattered wolves × Aberdeen boyfriend home irrigation halo Xiao Lian, Xiao Lian to be followed by × wolf repeatedly molested, San Aberdeen obscene phone record process. Later, Qiu and the video uploaded to the school QQ group. Recently, Guangzhou Liwan District Prosecutor's Office to enforce indecency women and scattered wolves × Aberdeen prosecution, and Qiu and her boyfriend because of under 16 years of age,http://www.18888.com/read-htm-tid-326420-uid-82735.html/read.php?tid=326420, immunity from prosecution.
    Qiu Xiao Lian and former primary school classmate, now a high school student with Fangcun Liwan District of Guangzhou City. However, neither the Mood for Love, a classmate of students for many years, but because of competition for a boyfriend forged hatred, staged a scene of painful tragedy.
    Qiu Xiao Lian of embittered the conflict between them tell the 16-year-old wolf Nanning × and 23-year-old Aberdeen Foshan people scattered, they want to help lesson Xiao Lian. December 2, 2008, Qiu and her boyfriend Siu Ho, wolves ×,louboutin soldes femme, San Tsai together to discuss how lessons Xiao Lian. Later, I do not know who suggested that the camera can be stripped Xiao Lian clothes, everyone agreed that good.
    December 4,louboutin soldes femme, Thursday,http://www.18888.com/read-htm-tid-326420-uid-82735.html/read.php?tid=326420,nike tn pas cher, Qiu decided to act. The same day at 12 am, and wolves × Aqiu in high school door to see Xiao Lian. "Go to my friend's house to play!" Qiu came to greet Xiao Lian. Xiao Lian refused.
    "Nothing else,http://www.postyourblack.com, I want to be with you and good,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000734143.html, we make friends." Qiu said. At this time, the wolf × also approached persuasion. Xiao Lian agreed, 1:30, three came in a district Aqiu boyfriend home Siu Ho,http://periscopewebvideo.com/user/169264/fbconnect, Siu Ho Tsai and scattered long wait here.
    Qiu poured a glass of brandy and handed Xiao Lian, "drink this cup,http://www.webloop.info, when you shook hands, so back to good friends!" Xiao Lian wanted to refuse, hearing this, had drained, and then got up to leave . "Drinking this cup can go, if you do not drink, to see a play once!" Qiu poured a glass of brandy, words with intimidation. In Aqiu and wolves × intimidation, Alois had to drink the second cup,nike tn pas cher, just a finish, on a drunk.
    Just Xiaolian drunk, her father is actually outside anxiously looking for his daughter. The original afternoon, Xiao Lian's father received a telephone teacher, said her daughter did not go to school. He rushed to the school to talk to the teacher said some students know Alois went to a residential house. He immediately rush in the past. However, in the upstairs Siu Ho father found Xiao Lian, Qiu told immediately. Qiu ran downstairs, cheat father said Xiao Lian, Xiao Lian sleeping in her home.
    Heartbreaking,http://www.careyalumni.com/forum/profile.php?id=49838, despite his father close at hand,moncler outlet milano, sin already landed in Xiao Lian body. Wolf × See Xiao Lian unconscious, will hold her to the bed began to obscene.
    After Qiu lied cheated Xiao Lian father immediately ran upstairs tipped off. Panic, a group of people will be carried balcony Siu Ho Xiao Lian home to hide. Wolf × not give up on the balcony continue Alois obscene. San Tsai stood by, using a mobile phone to record this process.
    6:00 that night, Xiao Lian did not wake up. She felt nausea, dizziness, malaise. Qiu also "kindly" let her eat a cold medicine.
    From mid-December, Xiao Lian have heard the students talk, saying she saw video of sexual abuse in schools QQ group, about more than 40 seconds. December 30, Xiao Lian teacher this situation to her parents. Xiao Lian parents to the police immediately. At this time,http://verdamilio.info/org/spip.php?article1248/, Xiao Lian was confirmed on December 4 things she violated.
    January 11, 2009, the police insulted Xiao Lian Qiu, wolf ×, San Tsai three captured. Qiu explained, December 4, 2008 evening, after she received the video from the hash using a mobile phone at Aberdeen, put 41 seconds of obscene video sent to the school QQ group.

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    "As of today,hogan scontate, three in the afternoon, they did not come." "Corporate Legal Daily" magazine "belongs to" executive editor Nguyen Gavin told the Post reporter yesterday afternoon.

    Nguyen Gavin said, "they" refers to Liaoning Xifeng County government sent police and others, had previously said yesterday to go to the magazine, the magazine correspondent for further communication with the reporter Zhu Wenna written by the "Liaoning Xifeng: a officials and businessmen contest "article" processing. "

    January 1,abercrombie fitch uomo, 2008, the magazine published the first issue written by the reporter Zhu Wenna "Liaoning Xifeng: a contest between officials and businessmen," a text. Article reports the woman Zhao Junping Liaoning Xifeng Xifeng County because of dissatisfaction with their government compensation process, a gas station owned by, texting satire county party secretary Zhang Zhiguo, was sentenced for defamation.

    January 4,peuterey outlet online shop, Xifeng County Public Security Bureau police to Beijing "legal" magazine editorial department, requested subpoena reporter Zhu Wenna.

    "We can not let them take reporters." Nguyen Gavin Post reporter said,hogan rebel, "I am engaged in the news 18 years ago,abercrombie roma, he has done much negative coverage, but this is the first time he saw the police all the way to catch reporters. Shocked ! "

    "Legal person" magazine: Some people worry about bullying means

    "On Friday, they came to produce a police certificate and issue a warrant card. Subpoena certificate and arrest warrant have been a little different." Nguyen Gavin Post reporter, said,hogan sito ufficiale, "We can not let them take away the reporter, we will protect reporters security. "

    Nguyen Gavin said that the day of Xifeng County Committee Propaganda Minister Zhu Wenna Li Fulu and Law Committee secretary Zhou Jingyu face to face communication, but communication is very pleasant, Zhu Wenna halfway gone. "They talk about the content of the article, say that they are defamatory. If it is slander, then you should be directly resolved through legal channels."

    Nguyen Gavin introduction, written by the reporter Zhu Wenna "Liaoning Xifeng: a contest between officials and businessmen," the editorial department after receiving the clue and reporting, assignment reporter to be Xifeng official conduct interviews.

    "But only one manuscript throughout the rhetoric, there is no 'official' statement, whether such a biased report it " Morning Post reporter asked.

    "We have some questions." Nguyen Gavin explained, the situation is that reporters interview in Xifeng, when,hogan interactive, of course, would like to interview Xifeng government side, but they refused to be interviewed. "Zhu Wenna after communicating with our editorial department, we decided to let her have her own Information left Xifeng government departments. But when the government did not contact her."

    "Zhu Wenna is the editorial director,escarpins louboutin, is a 12-year-old reporter, can not make such a stupid mistake." Nguyen Gavin said that due to the limited length of the article, the text of the word meaning "want to interview local government, but was refused" to be deleted. So now we can see such an article did not indicate when the government, there is only one party Zhao Junping argument interview.

    January 4,hollister pas cher,hogan scarpe interactive donn, Xifeng County Public Security Bureau police,giubbotti peuterey nuovo, then to Beijing "legal" magazine editorial department to communicate,bologna zeFFn6cfF6, "legal persons" the magazine said in a statement, a statement said: "The first issue was published in 2008," Liaoning Xifeng: a contest officials and businessmen,giubbotti peuterey,peuterey wiki 7PI556ghW2, "the article ...... Letter to each network media do not reprint this article."

    Nguyen Gavin explained this statement: As the parties raise any objections, saying that with the facts,hogan interactive P24T5dM292, so the newspaper carefully, will further verification, and is studying countermeasures. As for how to verify, Nguyen Gavin said, "We will have its own channel."

    "Although they did not come today,louboutin paris pas cher, but I feel they did not give up. If resolved through legal channels, we are not worried, worried that someone bullying means." Gavin said Nguyen,louboutin chaussures, for the protection of reporters, so the phone is currently Zhu Wenna off,giuseppe zanotti homme YFeYWL, people not in the editorial department.

    Xifeng County propaganda department: an interview with reporters on the ground only a few hours

    Post reporter a telephone interview yesterday, Vice Minister of the Propaganda Department Liu Xifeng County. Liu said that Zhu Wenna this "Liaoning Xifeng: a contest between officials and businessmen," throughout untrue, "is simply not true, she did not take any information from me."

    "She came Xifeng interview, not through our propaganda department or law enforcement departments." Liu said, the day when the reporter contacted the Propaganda Department and she has returned to the car. "We contacted her to say that you do negative reports should be subject to legal departments. She said, 'Understand, understand' people have gone."

    "Her story is one-sided. We understand the situation, so she made negative reports to Xifeng less than one day or even half a day, also a few hours, on the back." Liu said.

    For January 4 Xifeng County Public Security Bureau police to "legal" magazine editorial requirements regarding the subpoena Zhu Wenna, he indicated that they did not know. Post reporter interviewed yesterday afternoon Xifeng County police departments. According to reports,felpe hollister vfsjCNICmw, Xifeng County Public Security Bureau officers filed out of the office. Mr Wong's phone has been no answer. For "has filed for alleged defamation of Zhu Wenna," the issue of media coverage, Xifeng County Public Security Bureau departments responsible (Note: the office designated a telephone interview with the media), said:. "Completely fabricated to Beijing police arrested reporter no such thing. "

    The police took the issue a warrant card subpoena reporters The person in charge is very safe to say that on the phone,sac longchamp, "certainly not. This affair has caused a sensation throughout Xifeng, as far as I know,hollister saldi, did not go to Beijing police arrested reporter."


    Negative reports involving magistrates & nbsp; local police went to Beijing to subpoena reporters

    January 1, 2008, Beijing "legal" magazine reporter Zhu Wenna published the article "Liaoning Xifeng: a contest between officials and businessmen," the article described the event as follows: Xifeng Zhao Junping is the legal representative of two gas stations. The demolition compensation gas station --- two assessments differ more than 340 million yuan,hollister lille, Zhao Junping went to the province to reflect this. County party secretary Zhang Zhiguo statement: can not give Zhao Junping compensation; take Zhao Xifeng companies wiped off the map and the like. Last March 3, Zhao Junping because of "alleged tax evasion" is wanted Xifeng County Public Security Bureau, under anger, compiled a text message sent to the county some of the leading cadres: "There are major Xifeng, Liaoning,hogan saldi online, Zhang is the case of the main positive counties dominate Xifeng whole six years, venal sin unlimited ...... "March 21,occhiali da sole boss by hugo boss, Xifeng police intended to reflect the situation of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission from Beijing Zhao Junping recaptured. Final tax evasion crime, libel was sentenced to three years and six months. Beijing media revealed yesterday, January 4, Xifeng County police went to "legal persons" the editorial department subpoena Zhu Wenna. & Nbsp; Post reporter & nbsp; Wu Yurong

    &#160,longchamp sac de voyage wOeq8;

     Disclaimer: This article represents only the author,occhiali da sole d&g,moncler outlet online shop Iw, has nothing to do with the Phoenix. Its originality, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity, completeness, timeliness, without any guarantee or promise, the reader is for reference only,peuterey uomo, and please verify their own content.

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    <p> King County King State police command center received "County West Zone Hirokawa Street was a fight," the police intelligence command, immediately launched disposal. Police arrived at the scene and found that Zhang, Sohn two were wounded,hogan outlet, a Jetta car was burned.</p>

    <p> has become a pillar. WCC: in your heart, the other what is the most memorable? Yan Yun: a child, the family rarely eat canned fruit,rayban aviator, do not eat every time my brother, all left me (she laughed). There roll hoop, play,golden goose uomo, play games,cheap ua shoes, then brother legs very handy. Yan Hee: I Nianxia 2003 notice of dying,hogan outlet roma, frightened her, the first time to see her cry, I was very touched, and very uncomfortable, weird smells. Huaxi Dushi Bao: What is your biggest wish? Yan Yun: advanced medical technology,under armour shoes, particularly related with stem cell research, I learned that research is successful,hogan rebel donna, it can be cured paraplegic brother he can stand up. Yan Hee: of course,hogan italia, is to marry her, I can take care of themselves, and no longer a burden sister. Ancient bell Ghostbuster, today there is paraplegic brother sister marriage, three Meier, you are 39 years and I'm single, do not marry just old. WCC reporter Zhang Lu Yan Liu Chenping photography (Original title: Qionglai paralyzed brother forced sister dating: Single 39 years old just do nRecently the case.</p>

    <p> his mother remarried soon after,golden goose, from Zusun Liang on each other. Small felsic now grown up, but my grandmother also approaching 74 years old. "I'm too old,hogan on line, there is always a day away, the future hope small felsic can learn from it, take care of yourself, but also to have a good-hearted people want to adopt her." Here, the grandmother cried. "China Network thing" correspondent in Yongning township government guaranteeing Buyers Information Sheet learned from the grandmother in 2007, the first batch of Yongning Township enjoy subsistence allowances, the amount has been raised to $ 20 per month from the current 60 yuan per month, there are also small felsic poor boarders living allowance of $ 500 per year, but for almost no source of income for Zusun Liang does not solve all problems of life. "Now every day people called to ask small felsic case,hogan donna, and now her difficult life can be basically resolved." Maxue Jiang told reporters. Yongning Township Deputy Township Changsha Wen Gao responded by saying that the future will be to ensure that small felsic and improving the lives of her grandmother. Xinhua News Agency, "China Network in" reporter Ji Zhepeng Pan Linqing (EdiBEIJING, October 13 Hengshui Electric (Cui Zhiping Weipei Yu Li Nan) Hebei Province Jing County Public Security Bureau revealed that on the 13th,hogan store, the police station,scarpe hogan outlet online, deputy director of the county Jingzhou Li Jianhui suspects arrested in the course of many wounded, the main suspect Liu some was caught, he has been under criminal detention. At this point,air max pas cher femme, "4.12" Jingxian street mob armed Hirokawa knives to injure burning car major trouble in case uncovered in one fell swoop. In April this year at 16:48 on the 12th.</p>

    <p> about poverty occurs in remote Yunnan Province Ninglang Yongning touching story Township Hot Springs village,hogan donna, one pair of grandparents and grandchildren This year 14-year-old girl Yi Qiu Zhangying 5 years old when his father because of a disease wash away. Young felsic mother can not afford living in poverty, leaving felsic and elderly grandmother marrying foreign land, has not been heard. From small felsic brought up by the grandmother,hogan milano, the family's only source of income is the grandmother of 20 yuan per month subsistence allowances and felsic $ 60 monthly allowance for orphans. Neighbors could not stand, it will be sent to both potato Po Sun, in a poor harvest, when food shortages neighbors.</p>

    <p> often eating on Dayton. Small felsic finished at the foot of the small spa reading, go back and forth to the mountain eight hours, go home only on weekends. Usually a grandmother at home,occhiali da sole ray ban, sometimes one day eat one or two potatoes. Every time it comes to small felsic, my grandmother could not help but cry,under armour shoes, she said: "? If one day I go, small felsic how do ah" To think the only sensible granddaughter presented desire to wear a new pair of shoes, a grandmother live frugally to save 10 dollars. "The day the old woman got up early, because she knew too old to walk slowly. Go to town to buy shoes to go over 30 km mountain road. Grandma hand clutched tightly to buy back half shoes. This is a small felsic 5 years after the first time a pair of his shoes. ago are picking up neighbors or older students can not wear shoes to wear. " The net posts quickly caused a sensation on the Internet, many users visibly moved. Improving the lives of grandparents and grandchildren In order to understand the relevant circumstances, Xinhua News Agency, "China Network in" reporter went to Ninglang Yi Autonomous County Yongning Township Hot Springs Village to visit grandma and small felsic. In the peer-president Ma Xuejiang small spa complete the translation of reporters listening to grandma telling their stories: small sick felsic 5 years old his father died.</p>

    <p> called a "73-year-old grandmother low monthly 20 yuan a pair of shoes granddaughter starving orphans hope well-meaning people adopt" net posts aroused strong repercussions, many users visibly moved, eager to understand Zusun Liang . Xinhua News Agency, "China Network thing," Reporters recently learned from Kunming trek of eight hours arrived in Yunnan Province Ninglang Yongning Township Hot Springs Village, where Zusun Liang, saw poor service Qiu Jie and her grandmother comedown granddaughter Qiuzhang Ying. Grandma with granddaughter raising 20 yuan subsistence allowances April 14, appears on the Mop and other sites, "73-year-old grandmother 20 yuan monthly subsistence allowances for orphans starving granddaughter hope well-intentioned people to buy shoes adoption" of the net posts.</p>


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    mais il ya encore du travail à faire

    Pour un jeu basé sur un point et cliquez sur l'aventure, A Knight to Remember fait usage de la souris très peu. Surtout, vous ne l'utilisez que pour sélectionner des éléments de l'inventaire,scarpe golden goose outlet Le, l'examen spécifique «fermer» les scènes qui est souvent le seul but de cliquer sur une seule chose. Parfois, il se sent comme l'interactivité de la souris a été inclus uniquement pour jeter un os à réels joueurs PC d'aventure.

    Je ne l'avais pas réalisé à quel point mon esprit inlassablement poursuivi son mental pour faire des listes. Un moment de calme viendrait le long et mon tic mentale serait contraction Aller prendre soin des affaires! Mais pour cette journée seulement, je suis arrivé à résister, et de rester où je me trouvais, hacher les carottes ou le tri des chaussettes ou la construction d'une tour de Lego. Quelque chose en moi n'a vraiment se détendre ..

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    "Dead corner" scene schematic

    Li Hongjun said, pointing to cracks in the walls, which are being hit by a car.

    12, 11 am, Biyang Shahe Town Hill Village through the village of "Z" shaped bend of the road at the traffic accident took place: a three-wheeled motorcycle hit here when the line to the corner of the house Li Hongjun the house, the driver badly beaten. "This is the first 22 traffic accidents, and 16 months since the accident hit the house I have left three people dead and 50 others injured, our household knocked crack house many large seam." 13 morning,cinture d, the reporter went to visit the village, the villagers Li Hongjun said ruefully.

    House became the "target car"

    Mountain Village is a Mound villages under the village has 60 households, through the village of "Z" shaped Biyang Shahe Town Road west, east Suiping text urban and rural areas.

    In April last year,hogan outlet online, this road is hardened asphalt. "Z" shaped mountain road from west to east extends into the Village after 100 meters,escarpin louboutin pas cher, suddenly turned the near-90 ° sharp turn south,spaccio moncler, followed by a 50 meters long, steep slope of about 40 ° of. In the steep slope at the end,louboutin soldes 2015, it turned the road after a sharp turn eastward near 90 °, the villagers Li Hongjun home on the steep slope at the end of a sharp turn south, close to the highway.

    "Household house at the sharp turn, the villagers call it 'dead corners'." See Reporters on the scene to take photographs, 35-year-old villager Li Hongjun ran into the room to come up with a notebook, the book records the bloody scenes of what happened here the wall of traffic accidents -

    Last April, the hardened asphalt road to traffic less than 10 days, the villagers Zhang Wan Shan Manliang driving four-wheel vehicles from traveling down the steep slope, hit the back wall of the house at the corner rollover Li Hongjun,oakley lunette de soleil, Zhang Manliang rib fractures, a broken arm.

    10 days later, Yao Village, the villagers Lee tricycle driver when traveling to roll against the wall here,sac longchamp roseau pas cher, covered in blood when the villagers were rescued. May the same year,felpe abercrombie, there were two accidents wall, two in June, from July 3 ......

    Li Hongjun said that the most serious is that last October 19 at 8 pm to happen. Biyang Town Board Village villagers Chen Zhang drove a tricycle carrying seven people to eat Suiping Zhang Township happy face, when driving downhill to where the tricycle hit the wall after the rollover, resulting in 3 deaths ,hogan prezzi, two seriously injured.

    Great wall knocked split seam

    In the scene,adidas zx 850 femme, the reporter saw Li Hongjun home five tile-roofed house is in a "Z" shaped road downhill corner, the back wall there are many cracks,oakley cheap, the cracks can extend into the west wall of a finger. "Cracks caused by the car hit the wall." Li Hongjun Zhang Ni's mother said, wiping tears, "It's five houses we dare not live, for fear that one day another car crashed into the wall of the house. Now, our family six people crowded living room in three East. "

    "Has been to the village, the town reflects many times, had returned to the town to submit written twice to reflect material, nobody is nobody to ask; go on like this,hogan uomo, I do not know how many people here have to hit the wall casualties." Wan Shan villagers said angrily.

    "Dead corner" should be set deceleration zone

    12 at noon,fendi lunette de soleil, the reporter will be the case after the villagers Li Hongjun family room for frequent traffic accidents reflect the local roads, traffic, traffic police department, they promptly sent to the scene, and soon found the cause, that is steep, bend hurry. They said that the establishment of a few speed bumps on the downhill road,asics gel, street corner set up warning signs, we can effectively reduce the incidence of car accidents wall.

    In the afternoon, the reporter will this "consultation" Result phone told Wan Shan villagers, the village the villagers said: as soon as the purchase of materials,peuterey donna, set up warning signs around the corner,fendi occhiali da sole, the establishment of four speed bumps on the downhill road, so that the "death corner "into a safe corner.


     Disclaimer: This article represents only the author, has nothing to do with the Phoenix. Its originality, as well as in the statements and content without the site confirmed on this article and in which all or part of the contents, text authenticity,golden goose femme, completeness,hogan milano, timeliness,chapeau ymcmb, without any guarantee or promise,new balance 996 dames, the reader is for reference only, and please verify their own content.


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    <p> reporter: you and Guo Tao in the "Hubei education network" embarrassed energy-saving is the first cooperation, impression? </p>

    to clarify the rumors, grandpa has become the past glory

    <p> reporter: if someone asked you very seriously,tn requin pas cher.</p>

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    <p> reporter: in the "energy-saving" embarrassed in this movie, you played detective and what kind of image? </p>


    <p> Han Xue: I was interested in "picking hats" for the past two years, because the audience was impressed by Han Xue's eight year old. </p>Related topics:

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    ,hogan interactive donna<p> It does not recognize the "1992 consensus" historical facts do not agree with the two sides belong to the same core meaning, is to change the status quo of cross-strait peaceful development of relations across the Taiwan Strait peace and stability, stricken compatriots on both sides will work together to oppose.Zhang said that we safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity stand steadfast and consistent manner. We are willing to adhere to the "1992 consensus" on the basis of politics, continue to promote cross-strait consultations and negotiations, and promote cross-strait exchanges and cooperation in various fields of economic and social,hogan donna, family and well-being of compatriots on both sides to enhance, the two sides work together to build a common destiny. (Finish) Editor: Liu DeOriginal title: The Three Gorges reservoir water level fell below 160 meters Teng library for the past five years, the fastest speedXinhua News Agency, Yichang, May 1 (Reporter Tan Yuanbin) - Three Gorges Reservoir flood accelerate Teng Ying library.</p>

    <p> according to the law should be held criminally responsible for taking bribes.September 21, 2014, the Central Discipline Inspection official website message, Henan Province People's Congress party secretary, deputy director Qin Yuhai alleged serious violation of discipline,hogan borse, the organization is currently undergoing investigation.Reports indicate that Qin Yuhai is eighteen Central Discipline Inspection Commission after the first publication of Henan "Tiger."News BackgroundQin Yuhai interested in photography had long hung Beijing subway platformAs China Photographers Association.</p>

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    <p>Marc Liam has a web site on how to play the violin and violin lessons for beginners</p>

    <p> If you're not comfortable enough in registering yourself in some violin lesson colleges and centres. There's a fast method to learn the instrument,causing a violent explosion o,rajout cheveux,Zhang Changchun Panjin Xi Guo, and that is by online violin lessons. You'll be able to find plenty of it on the internet. Learning the violin instrument online is the best and cheaper way you can ever go with. You don't need to go thru the trouble of going to a different place simply to learn. You can start learning by simply staying at home. </p>

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  21. gdfgp1qdfgs

    The three is south of the town

    < p > is worth Mr. Jiangnan / Trois Rivieres < br / > < br / > Sanhe ancient town at Hefei, Lu'an, Chaohu City, at the junction of three places, is located in Hefei to Huangshan, Jiuhua Mr. tourism / gold line, from Hefei kilometers, because of the Fengle River, Hangbu River and a small Nanhe rivers flow during the penetration and intersection with this name. Compared with the town in Jiangsu and Zhejiang region of rivers and lakes, it is different,tn requin pas cher, Zhen River water around the ring a five miles long street, outside the town crisscrossed rivers, thus forming "outer ring on both sides of the Taiwan Straits and confrontation three states the unique landform. < br / > < br / > previously, I listen to local people said,scarpe hogan outlet, the beauty of Sanhe in twilight hours: early morning Mr. /, not bright days, softly scull will sleep the wake of people to dream, lure people couldn't help push up the window, watching the mist shrouded Mr. bridge and
    <u> water body; in the evening, the pedestrian gradually dispersed, the smoke away from the scene and like a picture of a light pen and ink painting. I really admire the town people to indulge in the water, water pillow sleep quiet mood. < br / > < br / > Sanhe beauty as in the water, her spirit in water, live in water, Sheng in the water,nike tn soldes, it can be said that water is the Sanhe Mr. soul /. The twists and turns sinuosity of small Nanhe through the town and, Sanhe add endless number of graceful and delicate, river water is clear and transparent, crystal clear as a mirror, weeping willows by the river, Riverside Pavilion, if painting, the the Anhui ancient town dressed up like the Jiangnan region of rivers and lakes of the natural. < br / > < br / > again, small Nanhe have many simple modeling Mr. stone body, the moon bridge, the bridge county particularly interesting. Looking from moon bridge to the west, there's the color of the wind fluttering, the flow of <u> </u> music heartily rendering the town of spring. Beside her, stands tall and majestic mochizuki. This ingenious combination of a transverse longitudinal, shows the wisdom and intelligence of Sanhe people. The old bridge is at the junction of three counties,air max femme pas cher, Feixi, Shucheng, Lujiang three county, the ancient "three county crow smelled". < br / > < br / > is said to Qiao also, first to the three rivers, is a breeze Mr. rain / noon, dim small Nanhe Mr. amidst the body,hogan scarpe, decorated boats, in twos and threes in the water floating, indistinct sound of string from the rain came, as if through the wind and the filter,scarpe hogan outlet, it is particularly clear and moving; today, although it is early in the morning, intermittent patter across a light rain, the river seemed much narrower,air max pas cher, before the opening of the boat crowded together, like held before the party and falls in the mist and water cooperation, terminal cover was dimly,hogan outlet online, does not distinguish things... <br <br="" /> I have stepped into the entrance of the ancient West Street, despite the rain entanglement wet, went to the depths. This old street pavement with a big blue stone paved, end-to-end, and founder lines. After hundreds of years of baptism and driving after rolling stone, the surface becomes bright. The street is about three meters wide, on both sides of the store for the row upon row of, in the late Qing Dynasty ancient residential buildings. These residential houses</u>Related Articles:

    Only a life on the edge of love letters, essays and so on, that is honest, tongtongkuaikuai a one-sided view. World is so vast, we staring eyes, face horizontally, vision or provincial poor dog stared at meat, bones, what taste to the care of the next and the dog? As for the usually called prejudice, had to aim than shooting, with an eye to see. However, some people think that it is aiming things in view of hearts.

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  22. l1k3v6k6z9x

    <p> we are talking about "gentleman Maintenance", that is the supervision of their own conscience. Users believe that the power of the limited cultural beliefs, higher cultural enrichment of the individual requirements; in addition there are users that belief may not necessarily have a like expression. ] Sixth,scarpe hogan outlet, backing down the mountain,hogan scontate, it will be run by the United States and the United States, by the continent's most reliable. (As West) [Philippines has yet to station crew were killed Philippine apology; fishing around Taiwan will first petition the Legislative Yuan in Taipei, Taiwan offices in the Philippines and then to throw eggs protest. User comments this occasion, the two sides work together to defend the national dignity is the good choice. ] Seven politicians like to fly,hogan borse, no matter how high you fly, the key is to safe landing. In official circles,hogan uomo, to achieve safe landing, not only difficult, it is not difficult. That is difficult,lenti oakley holbrook, it is to have desires.</p>

    <p> (Via. Shanghai sunny Costa Rica) [Chongqing Public Security Bureau,hogan sito ufficiale, former deputy director Tang Jianhua illegally accepting bribes totaling equivalent to 1695 million yuan, was double open; in Chongqing during the anti-crime, KY was credited merit. ] Third, Mr. Clinton also said then that he and Ms. Levin is not a relationship, because he thought the bite is not typical behavior - Hainan police Could also in playing with words? (Via. Bo Chen new name) [A primary school headmaster Hainan 8 evening open house with six girls in primary schools, has aroused great concern; whereas the forensic, six girls during contact with the two principals, sex does not happen, there are four girls hymen intact. Friends talk, not a complete description of the hymen not had sex. ] Fourth.</p>

    <p> the original Mimi was coquettish, Red lofty play the fool. Group godfather gets afraid, let Mimi mad freak. Today,hogan scarpe, the Red Cross money is difficult to fishing,golden goose scarpe, the people no longer pocket. Mimi went to get a knife to open it to know Mimi Henzhao. He said the godfather and slept, a video recording of self-protection. Which river Chaiqiao think, the United States and the United States to send you to jail. Red leadership anxious rumor, did not say to check issued notice. Another is a joke, godfather daughter can tell? (Via. Bottomhole beetles) [Zhou Xiao Yun this morning broke the news that, in essence,scarpe hogan, the Red Cross Society of the Oversight Committee is to support the Red Cross public relations,hogan shoes, and its actual controller Wang and the Chinese Red Cross alleged exchange between the commercial interests of the Federation. Friends laugh, since Mei-US time, the Red Cross would like to turn over a short time I am afraid that is not easy. ] Five,hogan scarpe, faith, you already feel into your blood, 1.3 billion Chinese people,golden goose outlet, good and bad,goedkoop parajumpers, a radius of 9.6 million, good and bad,hogan scarpe, as well as sun sunspots it, light is not used to illuminate shadow. (Via. Phone users) Cultural beliefs have the power,golden goose uomo, it is only for literate and self-discipline,golden goose uomo scarpe, so the limited role played by culture,scarpe hogan donna, not to mention by cultural destruction? (Via. Allen DK) [Zhao believes that the majority of Chinese people do not believe in religion,parajumpers gobi, but there are "cultural beliefs".</p>

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  23. salwkGHj9q7

    Taibu Xian high Beizhen Tau Village how old lady in a crowded eight dilapidated mud room, the home town of cadres say how old lady does not meet the conditions of poor households identified. Poor households by cattle staged pro-poor "results" Tai high Beizhen Tau Village alleged fraud response check. The village houses the worst poverty is not helping.
    Southern Rural News (Reporter Wang Wei positive) Guangdong Taibu Xian high Beizhen Tau Village Sinopec Sales Co.,extension a clip sur cheveux tres court, Ltd. of South China Branch units supporting the poor. Last June,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/waiwai/g-700bd-1avdr.html, the company is only a year to come up with the fact that 50,000 yuan of poverty relief funds after being exposed by the media, which then ferry the village to the rapid growth of investment in poverty reduction to more than 100 million. However, poor quality Tau Village and no consequent increase synchronization. Village cadres accused of abuse of power, to meet the alleged check fraud - let all sorts of noise path out of poverty jetty villagers extremely tortuous.
    Secretary son embrace Poverty Reduction Project
    April 19, Southern Rural News reporter was heard to interview poverty alleviation, Taibu Xian high Beizhen Tau Village, many villagers have been directed against one of the breeding base in poverty alleviation projects. "Why is this project was handed over to the son of the secretary of the village out, so that he will receive a 10 million yuan of investment?"
    Tau Village by Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd. of South China Branch and Dapu Financial Bureau supporting the poor. Two units in 2011 were invested more than 100 million and 30 million yuan relief fund. In January this year, crossing the village using 100,000 yuan poverty relief funds to build a chicken base was officially opened, the operator is the son of the village Party branch secretary Liu Rongkun, which raises questions about some villagers.
    Liurong Kun told the Southern Rural News reporter, to his son to engage in the base so that the villagers really have a lot of opinions, "but no one is willing to operate in the village, had to let him engage in the." He Rongpeng high Beizhen deputy mayor, "said Liu Rongkun son the project turned out 10,000 yuan per year to the village for the issue of poor households. "
    Some villagers told the Southern Rural News reporter, the village there are some farmers more than the son of the village secretary needs help, "the village where there was a lady, family eight people crammed into a mud room at any time may collapse." In the Southern Rural News reporter how old lady home to see the walls crumbling houses, eaves beam is crossed three pillars propped the kitchen is in the soil from support from a pot. How old lady told reporters that her family has so far failed to enjoy the pro-poor policies. "After reflecting,costo extension prezzi, village or town you come to the house to take pictures every time, it has been six times, but has not below." How old lady son said.
    In the case of how old lady home,tagli capelli corti, high Beizhen Poverty Alleviation Office Director Huang said that all those who have been to think how old lady's house in need of rehabilitation. "But her family has three or four labor does not meet the conditions of poor households identified." Rongpeng high Beizhen deputy mayor said.
    To be honest poor households be stopped
    In addition to anti-poverty funds being questioned villagers "do not help the poor to help the rich", the number of poor households work on Tau Village village poverty also complained.
    Some poor households told the Southern Rural News reporter, mid-March day, the village of 34 poor households were summoned to a meeting together, each household received a list of poverty reduction, "the village cadre told us that there was to be sent to check poverty alleviation, he said according to the list of numbers. "
    Poor households have found a list of the contents of the discrepancy with the actual situation. There are poor households said that he had obviously only collar 2,3000 yuan poverty relief funds, the table was written in 9000 yuan. Chow Sang poor households (a pseudonym) said that he husband and wife are in the village farming, two daughters married into the Hunan and other places, but the inventory write their home in the "2 migrant workers" and "migrant income 20,000 yuan ", the annual per capita income of the couple is also" be raised "to more than 6000 yuan," I only brought respectively over 1000, 2000 yuan purchase cattle models in 2010 and 2011, the table has written a total of 9,000 yuan relief fund, including production funds more than 5000 yuan. "
    Poor households Huangda Fei (a pseudonym) told the Southern Rural News reporter, he received a total of 2000 yuan for poverty alleviation funds chicken, "fifty or sixty chickens not sell the herd suffered blast killed off, any income at all. In March mid-provincial cadres to examine poverty reduction accompanied by town and village cadres down to my house,http://www.jakyoto.com, pointing to the list of poverty reduction in the purchase of production expenses 5,000 yuan asked whether or not to receive, I'm afraid will be shortened to lie, did not receive was about to say, it is by the side of the town cadres stopped. "
    When asked about the circumstances surrounding the 5000 yuan per household production funds, high Beizhen deputy mayor explained that He Rongpeng 100,000 yuan industrial projects to help his son run the village secretary, the annual need to pay 10,000 yuan issued by the village poor households, "so, fundamentally speaking, this 100,000 yuan is helping 34 poor households, put the money in equal shares of poor households per household name."
    Reconstruction superficial
    Some Tau villagers told the Southern Rural News reporter, the village poverty alleviation is not just watered the digital section of the poor.
    The villagers say that a thing is almost everyone knows, in order to show the implementation of poverty reduction policies into practice, village leaders called on poor households have to buy cattle led to the dam put together in order to promote its pictures, but some poor households did not buy cattle, he borrowed someone else's ox to take pictures. Tau Village branch secretary Liu Rongkun did not deny this, but stressed that "(this) is not much."
    Tau Village five guarantees Liu old man (a pseudonym) told the Southern Rural News reporter, late last year, he lived in the village for the transformation of dilapidated buildings, "three tile-roofed house just brush the outside, inside the house I live in whitewashed half, above the bed the walls have not brush, and the other two have not been painted inside. "he said the county to acceptance time," I was reminded, do not open the door three rooms, I have to hide, giving a nobody feel at home, and acceptance of people will not go read. "Liu old man told reporters,extensions cheveux, after the completion of the" village cadre told I had spent more than ten thousand four hundred yuan, but the village mason said, four thousand dollars on You can do a good job. "
    Southern rural newspaper reporter in Dapu poor information found on the Internet, one of the outcomes spent 35,500 yuan poor maintenance village cultural activities were classified as stage Tau Village, but according to the villagers say,http://www.joby.jp, the maintenance stage the money is donated Xian. Liurong Kun acknowledged the existence of this situation, saying that "at that time to meet the inspection,extension capelli prezzi, only then these projects are included to go."
    ■ reporter observed
    To money,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000961595.html, but also to supervise
    "To double" since the implementation of poverty reduction achieved encouraging results, but this formalism is always eroded the effectiveness of the greatest threats. Sinopec Sales Co., Ltd. of South China Branch smelt can change, should be affirmed, but how to protect the capital investment to increase after,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001124134.html, can be synchronized to enhance the effectiveness of the work,http://www.ticovision.com/cgi-bin/index.cgi, it is a more important issue. If the aid to units not only be able to do "money to" do more "to the people",http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/topism/denim-18-topism.html, "to supervise", then Taibu Xian high Beizhen Tau Village of this poverty "nobody knows for sure." Maybe it will not appear.
    On the other hand, the project is poverty alleviation "dual to" poverty reduction an important form of aid - more blood transfusions, in a certain sense, this might be a good choice. But the project managers to determine the process should be open, transparent, and not to "other people do not want to engage in" stall the villagers, more critical is the need to project income distribution as equitably as possible to the village in need of help poor households, poor security projects can maximize the benefits, so as not to fall "to help the rich do not help the poor,http://www.postyourshavedpussy.com," the laughing stock.
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    8 choses les personnes les plus réussies ne font que leur grande

    2. Comprendre la différence entre un plan de produit et un plan de projet. C'est l'une des idées reçues les plus courantes. les droits d'émission woolrich outlet bologna garantis pjs pas cher femme ne garantissent pas que vous devrez payer le même prix premium pour Medigap le reste de votre vie. Donc, avant de doudoune canada goose vous inscrire, consultez les règles assureur de souscription. Si cette information isn indiqué dans les documents de politique, demander à l'assureur.

    objectif réel de Joll était l'histoire des idées largement conçues philosophique, éthique et esthétique, aussi bien que politique et l'interface entre ce dernier et l'histoire politique de l'Europe dans scarpe hogan outlet online les 19e et 20e siècles. Il croyait fermement que l'histoire a été faite par des gens plutôt que par les forces dépassionnée. Mais il nike tn requin croyait aussi michael kors watches sale 927159099 que l'on ne pouvait pas comprendre pourquoi les gens agissent comme ils le font moins que l'on comprend aussi les influences qui leur moulées minds.Although il a écrit une demi-douzaine d'ouvrages savants importants, il sera probablement mieux connu pour sa conférence inaugurale en tant que professeur Stevenson Histoire michael kors handbags outlet internationale à la London School of Economics en 1967, «les hypothèses tacites».

    Et cela n'a pas été quelque chose michael kors factory outlet que je louboutin pas cher femme sentais que je ne pourrais jamais me remettre dans ce genre d'environnement cheap michael kors outlet nouveau. PETER OVERTON: Carren a été emmené à Bali par ses deux amis les plus proches. CARREN: Je viens hogan outlet serravalle d'avoir cette pensée que je devais sortir, et je ne savais pas que je l'avais été blessé, mais je voulais juste essayer de trouver Jodi et moncler outlet online Charmaine dans tout cela.

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    En fait, elle a réussi michael kors outlet uk à faire parler de lui-même, et quand il a refusé de discuter s'il Minded avoir à renoncer à son poste d'officier de marine, il est évident qu'il a fait. Il est golden goose 2016 un peu comme une palourde quand il vient à ses sentiments. Alors, quand je demandais, avez-vous profiter de votre temps dans la Marine, hogan outlet qui me semble être mbt outlet ufficiale une question assez canada goose outlet anodine, pour lui, il était comme un chiffon rouge à un taureau. Serait-elle le faire différemment, si elle pouvait le faire à nouveau? Longue pause, puis: «Probablement pas, parce qu'en fait, ce que je pense que nous avons eu à la fin était la vérité à l'homme.

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  25. tsf3n68r

  26. ijd810ywriw

    Newspaper reporter Ren Ming super,iw7qe428X2
    After searching the sea for 48 hours, two students are still unable to find the missing. Police involved in a search and rescue told reporters that their chances of survival is almost zero.
     Video: School student organization acting 1 2 missing people drowned Source: Chongqing TV "live Chongqing"
    Prior to this, approximately at 16:00 on January 15, before and after a total of 10 people were involved in undersea waves. In addition to the two missing students, and one person was rescued and taken to hospital died, 7 of them lucky or light or heavy survivors, still lying in Wenchang City, Hainan Provincial People's Hospital ward.
    These students come from the victims of Wenchang City,1ElyP3cWWP, a private high school Confucius school, they did not think the school had said a mobilization meeting extracurricular activities, actually because: Students do extras involved in shooting 30-episode TV series "liberation of Hainan Island", and principals will cast 2500 yuan per day; they did not think the school said training opportunities, even to his three students lost their lives.
    When high school students on the extras
    January 14, Thursday. Early in the morning, Confucius, a high school, sophomore year a total of eight classes of students had just run out of breakfast, he received notice of the class: after dinner to the playground set, something the school announced.
    On the playground, the principal and vice principal made a speech to the effect that: these days, the school will pick more than 100 extras in your midst, participate in the "liberation of Hainan Island" telenovela shot.
    School leaders say: Confucius selected the drama school, the whole Hainan only Confucius secondary school students as extras, indicating an affirmative school, but also to provide students an opportunity to exercise.
    The presence of the majority of students appeared very excited. "Finally there is a chance the TV series." High School (3) classes Fu Dongdong said, though he did not know specifically what you want to play, where to play,bP9c4mY099,louboutin pas cher, but he was a great believer in school leadership and teacher's words. He put his own TV series as a matter of extracurricular activities, he did not tell their parents.
    Some students then whispered: soon to final exams, learning very nervous, how schools at this time to make myself as extras, this is not to affect the study?
    A teacher at the school knew of the decision, the heart some drums: I will not speak affect student learning, so many students participate in performances,qFJXbkgILD, how to ensure safety? There are no signed agreement and the crew? There is no insurance for the participating students?
    Was rescued a drowning student told the China Youth Daily reporter, January 14 finish after mobilization, the crew selected from more than 100 students lined up for students, in addition to the requirements vary in height, but there is no other crew requirements, regardless of the will swim, regardless of whether the body is comfortable.
    Selected extras, the students were the bus pulled platinum coast of Wenchang City, began the first day of shooting. Although the problem does not appear that day, but still reflect a student to teacher: tired ah. More individual student said, props heavy, carry the day, shoulders chafe.
    On this day,9uUPXjby92, according to the results of the local police investigation, the principal PAPERS receive 2,500 yuan in cash from the crew there is no money to the school's financial transactions.
    Previously, Hainan has passed a PAPERS Association, and is responsible for the "liberation of Hainan Island," a Beijing-based media company specific shooting privately reached a verbal agreement: their students as extras, crew pay a fee.
    A teacher told reporters that he had heard the principal person in charge of the crew and fellow Hubei.
    A big wave to fight over, I was swept away by the sea
    The next day, more than 100 students to continue to act as extras, but this has changed Locations: Wenchang transferred from the Gold Coast to Tongguling Tai O Bay.
    Wenchang City, Mr. Han people told the China Youth Daily reporter, Tai O Bay perennial stormy sea floor simmering, only some very familiar with the local fishermen will love the sea in Tai O Bay sea.
    However, the crew, the Tai O Bay was more suitable for shooting pictures of PLA from the sea landing. Although Tai O Bay Road leading to some being renovated, bumpy, crew or in the January 15 students pulled here.
    Fu Dongdong memories lying on the bed, when Tai O Bay, particularly wind, the waves are particularly high, especially cold seawater, the students lined up and organized a number of queues, went waist-deep waters. Crew photographic frame on the beach, the students rushed to the shore to greet the camera from waist-deep sea.
    15:30 or so,wwQFU2YQUG, the crew and students are concentrating on shooting, wearing uniforms of the PLA over 100 students to move forward coast.
    None of the students aware, when the seabed has changed a lot. In front of more than a dozen students, the seabed has formed a deep bunker,woolrich sito ufficiale, resulting undercurrent seabed are ferocious rotation.
    When the students near the bunker, behind a big wave came, some people began to stagger. Then again a big wave came,tn requin pas cher, a dozen students were swept out to sea.
    At this time, the crew and all participating students panicked, we quickly began to help themselves. Although there are several students were rescued on the spot, but there are still some students missing.
    Wenchang City Public Security Bureau received the alarm call quickly, this news is immediately reported to the meeting of Haikou, Wenchang City Party Secretary Peicheng Min.
    Pei Chengmin immediately asked give the city the power to rescue, and arrived at the Tai O Bay. Ultimately still a person died, two students missing.
    January 16 morning,canada goose pas cher, the reporter on the scene saw at Tai O Bay, helicopters are still hovering over the sea search for the missing students, armed police and border police officers in the Tai O Bay on both sides to find.
    A police official said, has organized local divers search the seabed, but also a large number of fishing vessels involved, the search extended to the surrounding waters.
    Several parents of the missing students were subsequently brought to the Tai O Bay, they helped by the staff of the local government, walking and cried: "? How do ah"
    Reporters learned that a student killed two missing students and is senior grade, they are Wenchang locals.
    Sad atmosphere of the Middle School of Confucius
    After the accident, the Confucius School Principals PAPERS been controlled, the school doors are closed, outsiders without permission are not allowed to enter.
    PAPERS phone still kept open, he told reporters on the phone, he was in a police station in Wenchang county, whether an interview to the police instructions. Police rejected a reporter's interview request.
    January 16,f27SVC6Rsl, reporters saw at the door of Confucius school,doudoune canada goose pas cher, some students face painful wandering in schools. There are a few girls got their teacher by the teacher to come forward in the security room after signing the registration, it was put out.
    A girl's eyes filled with tears, told reporters that she is the senior grade students to go to the hospital to visit rescued out of the students.
    Reporters called the Confucius middle school headmaster of the phone, he said that the current municipal government workers are school surveys, there is no time to be interviewed.
    January 16 afternoon, Wenchang City departments responsible person told the reporter, currently do not allow reporters to disclose the specific circumstances of the accident.
    Reporters found that the January 15 evening 8:00, a local Hainan Wenchang've emerged about the accident on the post the next day to open the forum, the posts have been omitted.
    Day of the accident, there are also some local media reporters rushed to Hainan Wenchang interview, however,4bPICVN8kl, when the deadline date, have yet to see the matter through media reports.
      Their students to play one person drowned two missing Source: Chongqing TV "live Chongqing" Play Video

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  27. hgdsds7n6j

    (Reporter Guang-Jun Li) live in Yuhua District Gaoqiao Village, Zhou Guohua fifty-one a four odd behavior: do not go out for a long time,woolrich outlet milano, but through a window to communicate with the outside world. When people have speculated the family's motivation, last May 24, it was found covered in blood Zhou Lei Zhou Guohua son died at home. Yesterday, Zhou Guohua Li Ying-jun and his wife, daughter, Zhou suspicion of intentional homicide case in Changsha City Intermediate People's Court.
    Prosecution allegations, 2008 May 24 20 am,moncler outlet milano,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000738307.html, the victim Zhou Lei in the home due to the distribution of housing rage, anger and then the family, has the use of knives,nike tn pas cher, sticks and other tools,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gion/dh-hd14en10bk.html, the defendant Zhou Guohua, Zhou Min, Li Ying Jun fight hurt. In the course of the scuffle the victim Zhou Lei fell to the ground,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/brandcouture/wewood-w001.html, the defendant Zhou Guohua, Zhou Min, Li Jun and should use sticks, pipe pliers and other tools, in turn have been unable to resist the assault Zhou Lei, causing their instant death.
    Zhou's family in court confession, basically confirms these episodes.
    Yesterday's court session, Zhou family did not appoint a defender almost no defense. Only Zhou Guohua has claimed that his own son was killed, and his wife and daughter has nothing to do "with 22 years of cubs, I do not want to kill him, but it is no way."
    According to Zhou family narrative, when the mine after a week at home watching the news network, suddenly claimed toxic within sister do the cooking, the family tried to persuade Zhou, Zhou Lei remained unmoved. Then Zhou Lei frantically with toilet spiritual mother to his mouth and eyes,http://vct.volor.org/spip/spip.php?article63, squeeze, and then go out to pick up a hammer to knock her head, then took a kitchen knife toward the mother, father and sister hacking. Later,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/s-pants-15-menscasual.html, due to the ground water, accidentally slipped Zhou Lei, Zhou then three with sticks, pipes pliers and other tools, Zhou Lei was beaten.
    After identification, Zhou Guohua, Zhou Jun and Li Ying were induced psychosis,doudoune moncler pas cher,http://www.youjishipinwang.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, when committing the crime has not yet completely lost the ability to recognize or control his own conduct. It is understood that induced psychotic delusion is a kind of system to highlight the symptoms of mental disorders often occur in the same environment or family relationship between two or more close relatives or very close friends,http://www.oka-soft.net/cgi/bbs/aska.cgi/?a%E9%88%A7?u?a?a%E9%88%A7?i?, and in the low level of education, superstition conserved environment,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/imanando/sweat-checker.html, under the influence of heredity, premorbid personality and other factors, suggesting that the mutual influence each other, so there has been a similar psychiatric symptoms. A person is more mental symptoms first appear, and then pass it on to other people, it was secondary to the primary psychiatric symptoms who quickly convinced that without absorption analysis to produce the corresponding delusions content, resulting induced psychosis appear. & Nbsp;
    After a morning in the trial, the presiding judge announced that the case is therefore particularly important case,nike tn pas cher, will regularly pronounced.

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