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the car just started a roar rushed out

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  • Started 5 years ago by flkhggr8e2
  1. flkhggr8e2

    (Reporter Lu Tao) yesterday 1:10, Hanyang sanshilipu ten liters road in front of "the fat man Sichuan restaurant," a man driving a silver van just started the wrong throttle when the brake and immediately hit the road side food stalls and snack vendors six diners. It is reported that the injured have been rushed to hospital,http://www.alternativaa.com.br/socialt/blog.php?user=9588&blogentry_id=2394366, the accident investigation belong to man drunk and driving without a license,extension cheveux clip, has been detained by police.
    According to Sichuan restaurant owner introduced the evening two men driving a grade of E AL5W05 midnight snack van to come here, to point a few side dishes and a bottle of liquor. Restaurant boss remember that reminded them to drive,http://web-archive-me.com/me/d/deadeyes.me/2013-08-25_2706222/index.php,extension per capelli, do not drink. The other did not care, said: "Just a bottle of wine,extension a clip, no problem."
    Witnesses said Mr. Du, about 1:10 or so, I saw the man driving the car drunk and companion, the car just started a roar rushed out,http://www13.plala.or.jp/white_roots/gwbbs/gwbbs.cgi, knocking down a man and a woman after the same snack food stalls, but also crossed street, knocked on the opposite sidewalk to sell fried dumpling dumplings Ms. Yen and snack stalls side of a man and two women,meilleure extension cheveux, the moment six people were injured.
    According to nearby residents to reports, the accident panicked man get off in a hurry to leave, claiming to be the owners of their peers, left at the scene. Doo quickly dialed 110 and 120,http://www.xn--eck4dzdy45lfpwgk8azsw.net,6 injured immediately rushed to Hanyang railway hospital. Among them,infoltimento capelli, a woman sustained minor injuries after bandaging leave,http://www.postyourblack.com, but a man and a woman admitted to the intensive care unit,http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/post.cgi, and the other two women and a man hospitalized fracture.
    Reporters rushed to the traffic police brigade accident Hanyang Branch was informed that the perpetrators drink surnamed Liu, 40 years old,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gion/dh-hd14em15bk.html, Hubei far Anren,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/n-tops-34-menscasual.html, Han in handling work, the Department of driving without a license, in the morning the police arrested him in its rental housing now They were detained.

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