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The Monopoly in Fashion Circle_1

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  • Started 3 years ago by fa1n2loi
  1. fa1n2loi

    The Monopoly in Fashion Circle Although more and more jewelry brands, fashion brands appear around the world, the brands that have real competition are not many. That's why consumers hesitate to choose products they want in front of various kinds. Those unknown brands in clothes, jewelry, cosmetics,scarpe hogan outlet, they don't enjoy good reputation and favor of customers, so it is difficult for them to survive on fashion market filled with cut throating competition. People always pay attention to those famous and big brands, a prosperous look among them, which makes people thinks fashion brands can make great profits. Actually, only those famous brands monopolize the whole fashion circle. On fashion week each season, fashionable people flood to appreciate famous brands' performance, while the niche brands have no chance. This kind of phenomenon is much more prominent in China. As long as the products are from well known brands, they would get impressive sales. Even if it is a lobster claw clasp, it would attract people's eyesight,sacs goyard soldes, which is the so called brand effect. In 1992, Louis Vuitton entered China, lots of famous fashion brands such as Chanel,hogan scarpe, Gucci swarm to China one after another. China now is a country with large luxury consuming,hogan outlet, a small number of to luxury brands gather in China to form a complete market monopoly. This leads to slow development of domestic luxury brands. When it comes to luxury,scarpe hogan outlet, people will naturally think of a series of foreign brand name, which causes puzzle for people's recognition of famous brands. It is difficult for people to distinguish which brand has a long cultural background, whether it has strong brand value behind expensive price, whether it can really be called a luxury. With the impact and monopoly of foreign fashion brand, people in China are blind to pursue those external products. In terms of internal products, only that cheap jewelry wholesale enjoys popularity,air max 90 baratas, because they are suitable for the consumption of middle and lower classes,woolrich outlet, they are more inclined to crystal beads wholesale,nike tn pas cher, satin ribbon wholesale rather than the pursuit of luxury brands. The current situation is that foreign giants use domestic channels to monopolize the whole market of fashion,moncler outlet online, and suppress national enterprises to get the largest interests. Under this kind of situation, China should introduce more of the world original designer brands and create national emerging brands, provide more space and freedom for creators and supply a wide range of fashion consumption patterns for consumers. Traditional concept attaches great importance to the influence of luxury logo; in fact, the emerging brands should also be given attention,michael kors pas cher, thus making a good environment for the existence of a large number of creative brands. Few brands open many chain shops in China; this act first goes against the principle of luxury, rare, precious and unique,hogan outlet, which contributes the stereotyped fashion consumption in China. Is only LV suitable for China? An expert puts forward a method that helps the reconstruction of fashion brands in the Chinese luxury goods market to find its own place, even including the excellent original packaging and many unknown designer brands. Through the help of emerging brands,adidas yeezy boost 350, the company will focus on operating international and domestic outstanding fashion designer brand, thus to promote diversified prosperity and development of the fashion industry in China.Related topics:

    don't go with yourself. Someone else is good, but also others. I can not bear, but also their own, unique. Strive to do the best of their own, will be able to give their biggest surprise. Envy others cost is the loss of their own. Others some you may not, you some others also may not have. Enjoy yourself, treat yourself to a business yourself, one day you will indeed dazzling light. Life is not to be compared with others, but to go beyond their own.

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