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the original child very lively

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  1. gkjhk2e3j

    Scar face scar on the neck
    Southeast Network October 31 hearing Ms. Fu reflect: my mother went to Lily kindergarten children and found the child with multiple injuries, the teacher claimed that the child is injured, I think it's impossible Knocked! Children with multiple injuries
    Yesterday afternoon, in the vicinity of the lake Fang Wu, Herald reporter saw a bright boy (a pseudonym).
    Cheeks bright, obvious bruising,extensions a clip, look carefully, there are fingerprints on the bruises; his left ear scar, also played a scab; fingernails Jidao his neck injury marks.
    Herald reporter asked bright it hurts, he said timidly: "pain." Who asked him to play, he has been silent, he said.
    Ms. Fu Liang Liang's mother says that her son was 2 years old and 6 months,http://www.segue-studio.com, two weeks from Xiamen to Anhui home,tissage cheveux, to Lake Fang Lili nursery only a few days.
    Nightmares Xiaxing
    "28 pm, my mother went to Lily kindergarten child, that child has been crying,http://eye.catfood.jp/kousin5/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=40//�?/, very swollen cheeks, as well as fingerprints,http://kagome.fan-site.net, ears Popi." Ms. Fu said.
    At night these days, shiny did not sleep well. Ms Fu said: "The night before I go to bed with children, the children had a nightmare,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/gion/d-309m-d.html, was awakened twice,extension cheveux achat en ligne, but also kept crying and saying, 'Do not hit my teacher'."
    Ms. Fu said, the original child very lively, bawl now clamor to go home, these two days, she was holding a child walking toward kindergarten, the child will mumbled reluctant to even cry.
    Garden Party: bruised
    Yesterday afternoon, the Herald reporter arrived at Lily Lake Fang Indus community kindergarten, but did not find the person in charge.
    Subsequently, the Herald reporter contacted Wang kindergarten principal. Wang said the principal,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/red-one/mc-0070.html, bright indeed hurt in the kindergarten, but, bruises on his cheek, is they do not accidentally hit on classroom doors caused by neck and scars on the ears, then he caught himself.
    Herald reporter then get in touch with the then feature classes aunt Chan. She said that just arrived bright nursery days, not used, "28 am, shiny wet his pants in the classroom, I'm going to have it washed,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/s-tops-16-menscasual.html, can have shiny tight with me,extensions cheveux, asking me to take him to find mom,extension des cheveux prix, grandma looking. I Guzhe washed his pants, did not know he was right behind,http://cutyayu.sakura.ne.jp/cabbs/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=111&page=%3C, just as I shut the classroom door, shiny face hit the door, he cried in pain, we'll give him a drug. "
    As for injuries on the neck and ears bright, Chan explained: At lunch, she was afraid child dirty clothes, give him tied a scarf, he may be accustomed to, has been crying, and his hands were scratched and only then He scratched himself.
    In this regard, Ms. Fu questioned: Child face bruised, apparently to be pinched out of the finger,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/uchiyama-sports/sun-a211-a.html, and with a lot of effort.
    Ms. Fu said do not want the kids to go to this kindergarten.

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  2. hvgdfds0f1e

    Early in, two people gathered for an advanced glycation end products Figure
    January 17th,louboutin femme, the Modern Express reported such a story: 32 years ago, in Suqian Shuyang, 25-year-old nurse China, the US and China for the needy female patient Zhang Zixiu guarantee, let her in time to do the surgery. After years of looking, last month, 64-year-old Zhang Zixiu came to Nanjing, remembered for many years to see the benefactor. At that time, Zhang Zixiu decided,http://lover.zhenyao.net/, during the Chinese New Year, an old teenager gathered in Nanjing,http://mtbclubminato.cocolog-nifty.com, a good thank the "angels." Early in their family 18 people driving four cars,louboutin pas cher, really arrived in Nanjing. Modern Express reporter intern Sunqian Wen Hao more & nbsp;
    32 years ago unforgettable kindness
    May 1982 day 30-year-old Zhang Zixiu came Suqian Shuyang hospitals seeking treatment. After the medical examination revealed acute appendicitis perforation, surgery must be carried out immediately, or is likely to endanger life. In those days, hospital costs 50 yuan plus surgery, for economic difficulties Zhang Zixiu an undoubtedly large sum of money. Zhang Zixiu husband looking through a circle of friends and family, just to scrape together 10 dollars, wanted to treat his wife to let himself go chipped, did not obtain the consent of the hospital.
    There is no way, Zhang Zixiu ready to give up treatment, but the children always worried that she, at that time,http://www.urbandead.com/signup.cgi, four children, the youngest only a few months. At the time she was dazed,hogan outlet, a small window helping hand to pay nurses, good-hearted people who volunteer for security, and said that if the family is not after the money, you can deduct from your wages.
    After Zhang Zixiu discharge, the money back to the hospital, when looking for the kind nurse thanks, did not think she was transferred back to Nanjing. Since then, Zhang Zixiu been thinking about it and trying to find the name of China, the United States and China's "angels."
    January 16 this year, Zhang Zixiu finally found their savior in Nanjing, the two cried together, the scene is quite touching. The two sides agreed during the Chinese New Year, the two people to get together.
    A 18 foot on "Thanksgiving Tour"
    Zhang Zixiu have four children,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/spark-inc/kit-70wu-d2c-410.html, the eldest daughter settled in Beijing, two daughters and son in Shuyang home, little daughter living in Nanjing, three generations of 18 people, only to reunite holidays. To express gratitude for China, the United States and China, a person deliberately coordinated time, made a special trip to thank China, the United States and China Nanjing saving grace.
    Last month, after that the mother found a benefactor in the year of the phone, the eldest daughter Ms. Gao will start a feast Shane for this plan, "would have been prepared to travel, in order to come to Nanjing, then turned down." High President said that the mother then do surgery, they still have the impression, "I was only six or seven years old, and my mother was wheeled into the operating room, to hold his brother at the door crying." Ms. Gao said,http://www.mega.t-kougei.ac.jp, in order to tour the "Thanksgiving Tour "that he deliberately drive from Beijing back to Shuyang, and then brothers and sisters together starting from Shuyang home to Nanjing.
    Early in, Zhang Zixiu families to 18 people, driving four cars arrived in Nanjing. 16:00 more than two people finally see above the surface, although most people are the first to see, but we feel at home, "After finding Hua aunt, we often call them,http://www.cut-the-knot.org/cgi-bin/dcforum/forumctk.cgi, feel like family." Zhang Zixiu small daughter said.
    Dinner, Zhang Zixiu to China, the US and China as his "sister", "In the future we are a people, we must have time to go to Suqian guest." China, the United States and China also smiled and said: "Be sure to also welcome you often come Nanjing."
    "In the future I want to like their relatives"
    Chinese New Year is a time of family reunion, although the two were not related, but sitting together, laughter and happy.
    Dinner,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001169044.html, Zhang not only the families to 18 people, with China,yeezy pas cher, the United States and China have a person present, also the youngest child to hold in your hand. Zhang Zixiu eldest daughter Ms. Gao told the Modern Express reporter, this time with the kids to, is to let them know this happened 30 years ago in good deeds,http://www.kitsoft.ru, so that they develop a young age helpfulness,ralph lauren soldes, dedication better quality of society.
    For the dinner, Ms. Gao and children no less rush, after two people together, Ms. Gao on the night back to Shuyang, home is more than 1:00 yesterday, her family drove back to Beijing. Even all the way tiring, but Ms. Gao said the children were very happy, "the boy ready to write essays, take it after teachers and students to share for everyone to transfer positive energy."
    In the interview, the Modern Express reporter also learned that Zhang Zixiu's daughter has now settled in Nanjing, China, the United States and China, who lives very close and because, she said, after a year, in addition to the Spring Festival when a get to see outside of Nanjing Ms. Hua, usually they themselves would take more children to go to China to walk home, "like family."

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