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they want to buy. Chen Yujun

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    Sister Ma monkeys "Shanwa" Feed
    "Shanwa" very greedy

    Apple bananas "eat poor" host family

    "Shanwa" too naughty

    Blocking the road yard funny Jigou

    "Shanwa" nostalgic feelings

    3 times 3 times reintroduction forest home

    Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Tang Xiaojun and She Ying reports

    County High Chuanxiang Xinqiao, close to the mountains, after a heavy snow, farmers Chen Yujun couple came home a very special member of: up to about 60 cm of macaques.

    The members in this settlement has been a year, Chen Yujun couple fed each day of fruits, maize, rice, monthly living expenses of 200 yuan, equivalent to the usual family living expenses. One year, three couples Chen Yujun release, but macaques are yet to return. Yesterday, the high-xiang forestry station official said, today,http://funfundiscuss.no-ip.org:81/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=561674, the staff will take macaques to Mianyang examination, if there is no problem,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000001074314.html, will again be released into the forest.

    Uninvited guest

    "Houge" farmers at home and chick snatch

    "Shanwa, the dinner!" 20 afternoon near 3:00, Chen Yujun wife, sister Ma holding a banana, came to the yard next to the cage, and fed only called "Shanwa" monkey. See the banana, the monkey in the cage of about 8 square meters jump a few times, the probe is eating a banana delivery to Sister Ma.

    The monkey, in fact, is an uninvited guest. One day in October last year, the high plain country that year the first snow. Sister Ma into the yard chickens, suddenly jump out of the chicken coop in a small thing, quickly ran away. "I thought it was the mountains Wildcat." Sister Ma said, two days after her feeding chickens, found a small monkey grab chickens eat corn, "the monkey is very small, only more than 10 centimeters long."

    Poor little monkey looked thin, Sister Ma intends to give it some corn ready,nike air max pas cher, wait for it to eat away hope. Sister Ma and her husband immediately to the high-xiang government forestry station call. Yesterday, the High Plain Township Forestry Station, responsible person, after they received a report immediately to Chen view, but did not find traces of monkeys.

    Monkey Dog Wars

    Master "favoritism" monkey dog Transfer

    Do not want to, "Houge" Eat not leave the meaning. Chen Yujun said the beginning,http://www.aocs.org.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=219773&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=1304913, "Houge" during the day inside the chicken coop to grab to eat, to sleep at night and climbed up, then simply do not go, nothing to play with, and chicken. A few days to get along down, "Houge" has been the chicken yard and mingle, and chickens are not usually grab food, is holding the chick to prevent its escape. The face of the sun, "Houge" will be together and chick lying in the sun at the gates of the ladder.

    However, after successfully entered the backyard chicken coop, "Houge" does not seem to meet its aim is king here, so the sights Chen Yujun home watchdog. "Themselves beat a dog, but also to provoke, the result being chased ran the place." Sister Ma said he did not see the shot to help expel dogs, monkeys also jump to the front of the house cabin, with claws beat eaves, with an angry muttering sound of disapproval.

    Later, in order to avert the floor Fengpao "monkey dog Wars" Sister Ma dog with a rope tied up. This goes in the "Houge" play into the hands, become more daring, and sometimes even specifically chose midnight to "harassment." During that time, the yard is often fights utter confusion. In desperation, Sister Ma had to be brought in addition a dog,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/waiwai/gcu33l2.html, so that they completely cut off dealings.

    "That gas can be cute monkey, cute is jumping up and down every day, and cute playing;. Exasperating is that the long-term sister Ma dog amused 'bark' whining, sometimes late at night can not stop," Sister Ma Sister Shaw neighbor said.


    200 yuan per month, equivalent to a cost of living

    After a period of time to get along with their family already familiar with her guest, and it took its name, called "Shanwa",scarpe hogan, meaning the mountain came from children. However, with the "master" of favoritism, "Shanwa" emboldened,woolrich sito ufficiale, not only often went home rummaging Sister Ma, also to a neighbor rummaging through looking for food. Moreover, they often went home on the road next to sister Ma hailed.

    "Shanwa" often make a dangerous move, but also to nearby residents had an impact, they are worried about "Shanwa" harm the village children when naughty. Thus, the end of January this year, Chen Yujun couple spent 600 dollars, made an 8-square-meter cage,http://cdurable.info/spip.php?article3192, as "Shanwa" home.

    " 'Shanwa' very clever, can understand me, saying that as long as I do not hurt me, I'll give you feed every day to eat." Sister Ma said that since being shut cages, the "Shanwa" three meals a day are in charge of her, and now every day in addition to eating fruit, but also learned to eat rice, not to eat on bellowed.

    Chen Yujun said Sister Ma really regard it as their own children. It is like bananas, apples, corn, Sister Ma every few days will buy several kilograms of bananas and other fruits at home, give it a little fruit to feed every day. Only a month to buy fruit, corn,http://jsem.jp, will have to spend more than 200 yuan. But their home was not good, after all, this is equivalent to the cost of a month's living expenses of the person.

    Meanwhile, the monkeys were caged, also attracted outsiders,canada goose homme, they want to buy. Chen Yujun, said seven or eight people to buy the highest bid 6,000 yuan, but was refused.

    Love unfinished

    Three monkeys is put three times to return

    In March, the weather warms up, Chen Yujun Couple taking into account the monkeys began to grow, ready to be released into the wild. They opened the cage, the monkey just behind them, walking slowly.

    "It was gone more than 40 minutes, there may be three kilometers away, has come to the forest, 'Shanwa' to see the forest, quickly climb trees, jump east west jump. We take advantage of when it is playing quietly down the mountain." Chen Yujun He said that when the couple walked home and found "Shanwa" squatting beside the cage, looked straight at the outside, "seemed to blame us."

    "Shanwa" remembering the situation, Chen Yujun couple is also very sad, but they decided to be released into the forest again. From the first release over 20 days later,http://vegalta7.s156.xrea.com/aska/aska.cgi/asfjlkblog.c</aska.cgi, in April of this year, Chen Yujun again with a couple of monkeys came to the forest. This time, they walked a half-hour, enough is 6 km away, while the monkeys playing, they quietly left. But when they got home, the monkey has long been waiting at the door.

    Not released twice, Sister Ma believes that monkeys with their fate, so do not intend to bid farewell. Raised again after six months, the monkeys grew bigger and bigger, Sister Ma watched monkeys grow day by day, know that it has always been part of the mountains, although the heart is very sad, but after the National Day this year, they decided to release it again.

    This time, they did not bring the mountain Sister Ma, but directly open the cage and let the monkeys leave. However, monkeys seem to treat this place as home, afraid of being away, not only did not leave the meaning, but is also not naughty. The week, Sister Ma monkeys remain in the home.

    latest progress

    Forestry sector: medical no problem after reintroduction mountains

    Yesterday, the High Plain Township Forestry Station, responsible person, after a preliminary judgment, "Shanwa" is a monkey, belonging to the national animal protection. High River here in the winter snow closing, some wild animals to sneak into the house in search of food farmers, but usually to get something to eat soon leave,air max pas cher, like "Shanwa" this "struggle to give go" the situation is indeed rare. "May really have feelings, reluctant to go!" The official said, Sister Ma to take care of macaques actions people moving, but its "captive" approach is something wrong.

    The person in charge, for the protection of monkeys, today, they will go with macaque Mianyang Wildlife Conservation Center made a detailed examination, if the body is no problem,http://vct.volor.org/spip/spip.php?article63, the professionals will choose to bring home the relative distance Sister Ma distant places were released and allowed to find their own ethnic group.

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