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    At noon the day before yesterday, Guo Youjuan and his mother and sister in the ward to meet. Chongqing Evening News reporter He Huaixiang photo
    She is 57 years old, suffering from liver cancer, but the treatment is not dragging. Her eldest daughter, 31-year-old, suffering from parotid gland, waiting for chemotherapy after surgery.
    She is 24 years old, in addition to take care of seriously ill mother and sister, but also weave cruel lie, to hide from each other sister and mother's condition.
    Chongqing Evening News reporter intern Chen Lu Yuanlin
    My mother is suffering from liver cancer, can not let my sister know
    Sister is cancer, can not let my mother know
    This strong mother and her daughter
    They do not know each other very ill
    The day before yesterday, Daping Hospital inpatient beds in Zone A, 13th Floor, 30, a thin woman lying in bed. Her name is Guo Youjun, recently diagnosed with left parotid gland, is recovering after surgery.
    12:00, Guo Youjun ward door was open,extension a clip naturel, and a young woman with a Granny totter slowly into the room. Woman called Guo Youjuan,http://sparesort.mn/en/2013-02-21-08-46-59.html?pageNumber=11&pageNumber=177&pageNumber=99, Guo Youjun sister; old woman called Jane Jiang on behalf of their mother. Grizzled Jiang on behalf of Jane, the daughter saw lying in bed, I could not stop the tears welling, "You, your body okay ......"
    Guo Youjun mother looked gaunt face, squeeze out a smile,extension a clip,http://www.518map.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2985852, "I'm fine, smooth operation,http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form&no=57&pag, will be able to leave the hospital tomorrow."
    "Good discharge, discharge, I have nothing serious the illness ......" Jiang on behalf of Jane muttered.
    Mother and daughter looking better,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/menscasual/s-pants-15-menscasual.html, but the side of Guo Youjuan aside to secretly wipe tears. She was afraid, at this moment, his own painstaking efforts lies will be exposed in regards to the mother and daughter's concern --- they do not know each other terminally ill.
    Strong mother
    Seriously ill daughter Manzhu
    Jiang on behalf of Jane is Tongliang County cattle town of Wangcun Bachuan, former sick in Tongliang Ding Xi hotel workers, two daughters are married. Daughter Guo Youjuan with a 4 year old child, and the old couple living together. Guo Youjuan had to do cosmetics sales, resigned in March this year. Not completely faded childlike Guo Youjuan, how could not think of a few months,http://www.youjishipinwang.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, all the family of the burden will fall on the shoulders of her alone.
    "Start in May, my mother always said that an upset stomach." Guo Youjuan said July 5, in their own,http://facegrey2.hazblog.com, accompanied by her mother to Tongliang Chinese medicine hospital examination.
    Guo Youjuan says, CT lights have little fist of a large tumor on the liver mother. In this regard, her first reaction is do not believe we need to review, there is an idea that they can not let her mother know. Immediately, she took the results to the hospital outside of the copy shop to change the inspection report, into the liver cancer liver. "The report showed fake mother, she was relieved expression, so I think everything is worth doing."
    15, Guo Youjuan Daping Hospital with his mother to check to make sure the mother with liver cancer. That, Guo Youjuan still concocted a false inspection report. Guo Youjuan that mother's illness can not be dragged, 21, she hoped her mother when surgical treatment, said the truth will eventually out. Much to her surprise, her mother said, "I know my body, know that conditions at home, these things do not let your sister know." Since there is no money treatment, the mother had to return home.
    "Sister grew up poor health, often sick." Guo Youjuan say the same body in rural sister at home with children, and occasionally go out doing odd jobs. In June, Guo Youjun felt a dull pain in the left cheek. Month on the 27th, she went to Tongliang Chinese medicine hospital examination, found a long neck mixed parotid tumor, July 3 surgery, mother and family around with her.
    Sensible daughter
    Cancer mother kept it
    "After opening the knife, doctors found that the tumor is not so simple mixing." Guo Youjuan said, without telling the mother, her sister will be surgically removed in vivo to the Daping hospital, July 7, confirmed the cancer cells. "My sister had wanted to hide, you can check later, my sister secretly find a doctor, understand their condition."
    For a good hospital admission, a tearful sister told her: "Sister, we have to fight together, my illness must not let her mother know that she older,http://www.lovekensyo.com, in poor health, can not afford." Guo Youjuan nodded, sister,extension cheveux clip, how can know, has been She was told that her mother has been suffering from gastric inflammation of liver cancer.
    "Two people are terminally ill loved ones in front of them, I pretended to know nothing ......" Guo Youjuan could not help but burst into tears.
    To this end, Guo Youjuan also greet relatives and friends to know this, so they hide sister and her mother's condition.
    Guoyou Jun said he spent 60,000 yuan medical treatment, spent almost all their savings,extension cheveux tresse, to continue treatment, but also let the family debt, "the mother suffers from gastric inflammation, the disease can not be dragged, I'm going to the hospital as soon as possible, to save some money treat her mother. "
    "My illness is nothing dead,http://sportsfan.jpn.org/cgi-kban/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=125&page=1, we must first daughter's cure." Jiang said Jane generations.
    I looked at the mother and sister want to give up treatment,extension de cheveux, Guo Youjuan around to borrow money, without success. In desperation, only to help the media, "though worried Goof, but it is nowhere to turn up ......"
    "Guo Youjun cancer has spread, treatment can not give up." Daping Hospital Maxillofacial Dr Yeoh said Branch, Guo Youjun followed by two years of receiving chemotherapy, give up the treatment during this period, there will be life-threatening.
    "Should receive treatment as soon as possible." Daping Hospital of Hepatobiliary Division Dr. Xie said Jane Jiang on behalf of the suffering is exogenous liver, small chance of deterioration may be surgery.
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