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    US-China Film Co-observation: From the main efforts of the implant to transform gold | Film Industry Film Market implant,biker ring

    Movie Network Zhuangao Last week,titanium ring, Disney and Shanghai China Oriental Media Group (SMG) signed a cooperation agreement in the coming years, the two sides will work together to develop Disney-branded movies. Huayi Brothers Warner Bros. Pictures president Jeff ago - Robinov new company Studio 8 injection of $ 150 million. Chinese film and television companies to cooperate more closely with overseas, China seems to have become a new trend in the film industry. Apply Huayi Wang Jun, chairman of the sentence: "2014 is the key word internationalization."

    Pictures two years of Sino-US interaction "intimate" level for all to see, but in 2014 the "internationalization" is different from floating on the surface of the cooperation in 2013. More specifically, it should be in the Sino-US Film repeated attempts contacts continue to learn from experience,anillo outlet, more "intimate" in-depth cooperation on the basis of the original. After the first two years of "bumps" China Pictures to gradually work out the doorway, approached more deeply Hollywood film industry's core technology,hip hop ring, to grasp the initiative in greater cooperation; and Hollywood also take more clarity Chinese film market demand,titanium ring, to develop more diversified forms of cooperation, to promote the development of Sino-US mutual benefit in the film industry. This article and the following three phenomena to resolve specific new development of Sino-US cooperation since the movie opened in 2014.

    Pictures domestic dispute extension of the international territory: from a single project cooperation towards long-term in-depth cooperation

    In 2012, Wanda Group to spend $ 2.75 billion acquisition of the second-largest US cinema AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc., the world's largest cinema operator. May the same year, Bona and Jin investment funds reached a cooperation, investment Sino-US co-production film.

    We look back in November last year, deputy director of the parent company of NBC Universal's Universal Pictures film in the Sino-US Summit announced the establishment of an office in China, a major shareholder Comcast said the office will integrate the resources of NBC Universal, while promoting Beijing Tongzhou Universal Studios project. So far, six major Hollywood companies in mainland China have a separate office.

    Today, the complex known as the Hollywood of Huayi and other investors together constitute the "investor Huayi Brothers," to spend $ 150 million stake purchase Studio 8 US companies,anelli outlet, as a party involved in capital Hollywood filmmaking, Studio 8 will rely on this funding at year production of about five movies. Walt Disney and the Chinese Shanghai Media Group (SMG) signed a cooperation agreement in the coming years, the two sides will work together to develop Disney-branded movies.

    In addition to these have been identified, recently famous musician Gao Xiaosong also a talk show claimed that the Chinese would have ranked ninth with Hollywood studios relativistic media agreement. Although the "scandal object" in the end will be Enlight or PolyBona hard to say, but in cooperation with Relativity Media has a very eye-catching. Relativity Media has been involved in production and distribution of more than 200 films. There are 37 North American box office champion boarded the film, the global box office 58 films over 100 million US dollars, won a total of 60 Academy Award nominations.

    Cooperation from the news frequently broke this year we can see, China Television Company Pictures and overseas cooperation has gradually out of staying in a separate project cooperation level, are turning to more long-term stability of the depth of cooperation. Wang Jun in media interviews undisguised international ambitions: "I hope that after 2015,anelli outlet, outside the description of Huayi Brothers film is several billion made films at the box office, English sheet several hundred million dollars at the box office."

    "The market is a large space," the lure of Hollywood, we want to get what?

    Comparison of Sino-US film market nearly 10 years, China just 10 years from one billion yuan in box office jumped to 21.7 billion (about 3.6 billion US dollars), while the United States nearly 10 years of almost no growth in domestic box office, has been hovering in the $ 10 billion the whole market is saturated. 2013 China's annual box office up to 21.769 billion yuan, the year 2014 will be more than 30 billion yuan at the box office. Strong market space for China to become one of the world film market growth in the core driving force,gemstone ring, the big studios have ambitions to achieve international hit Hollywood enthusiasm, really hit it off.

    But the growth in demand for film, whether supply can keep up with the pace of the film needs? Compare overseas mature sound production system, how do we fight domestic movie box office in the world to a higher release of? Our present quality script and production level is how to improve?

    Wu Bing DMG entertainment media group president has said: "What is the most cattle Hollywood script control is one who has mastered control of the script,jewellery ring, grasps the movie before we talk to the Hollywood writers talk about the script, even if we were to invest?. Party,bague pas cher, when in the past negotiations still have to search, so we are now thinking is that direct contracts Hollywood screenwriter, and they wrote the script together. many famous Hollywood screenwriter,pride ring, especially to know what the audience needs,jewellery ring, they will clearly tell you in particular. "relatively speaking, the domestic film writer becomes vulnerable in this regard.

    The Shanghai Media Group (SMG) in collaboration with Disney,bague pas cher, playing under the banner of the Ming said the exchange will create more opportunities for writers and producers of the two countries,engagement ring, which marks the China Television Company started to really get involved in Hollywood industry core areas. Zhou Yuan Shang Shi Pictures Film Division Director,anelli outlet, Shanghai Media Group, said, "The partnership with Walt Disney Pictures, gives us an opportunity to the world's most competitive content providers to systematically study project incubation processes directly involved in Hollywood development and production. "by signing this agreement, the Disney in Burbank team will work with the United States screenwriter, director and co-screenwriter Chinese co-production" contain China element "Disney movie. "Our content development team will work with Disney to discuss aspects of the film's themes, in constant discussion with the Hollywood writers together to complete the film script. In this way, our creative team has also been improved from." Zhou Yuan said.

    "We are ready to make a movie containing action, adventure and fantasy elements. This will be a live action movie dialogue in English." Zhou Yuan said,pride ring, "The film is a global audience, but will give special consideration to China market,anelli outlet, so China will certainly be stories and Chinese elements. "cut Hollywood screenwriter core areas,jewellery ring, and explore the framework of the story directly with Hollywood veteran screenwriter practices screenwriter, visible in cooperation with Hollywood, Chinese film industry has a big move forward step.


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    Top Italy Wedding Photographer Creates Unique Photographs Inspired By Moves And Art,blue ombre wedding dress

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    For the bride, there is so much to do and plan before the big day. Among the many activities, one of the biggest is picking out a wedding dress. This may seem like a rather simple concept though there is nothing easy about the decision. Even though the outfit is something that you are only going to wear once, dozens of pictures will be taken and is one that will appear on your album and create many memories for years to come.


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