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    ,golden goose outlet<p> it is the time of the country by bullying.In 1937, Japan launched a full invasion of China, are in Chengdu Huchong gentry often and classmates took to the streets, anti-Japanese propaganda.And a "Xinhua Daily", allowed him to broaden their horizons, to know Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai,hogan donna, Zhu De and other leaders,parajumper, but also know that the Eighth Route Army had rescued year old house. "I thought the old one was rescued by the Red Army down, coupled with historical reality, I pay tribute to such an army is more deepen."Further recalls that when lasting bonds with the party, was from the start an anti-Japanese cartoons. At that time, anti-Japanese comic cousin to see in the "Astral" published, he also drew a strong interest Comics contributor called a "counter-offensive", but also to be published,air max femme, but also to give 5 cents of royalties. Huchong gentry later learned, "Astral News" was the Communist underground party organ Chengdu.Maybe somewhere, the old one as an invisible rope will Huchong gentry tightly tied together. When he goes back to the old one when we are in 1940, with another five years.</p>

    <p> built on behalf of the body, after the early Republic of China has built up a part. Into a corridor, a spacious courtyard, the center of the courtyard, surrounded by rooms respectively. Patio is on "Serenity" yellowing plaque. Into the "Serenity", suddenly, here is the main hall. Patio through the main hall, the innermost is a three-storey wooden ceiling, antique, hump, QT and other abnormal exquisite carvings. Just not long inhabited,parajumpers gobi, the house leaks.Hu Chong Shen was born in 1923, the sixth month old one, a time when family heyday, came to congratulate the crowd, lined up outside the gate of the old one. Grandfather extremely favorite grandson, called "Beijing doll," gave him to take a tough time,hogan outlet, "Fu Chang." Then, grandfather and grandmother birthday,golden goose scarpe, will be put on three days of wine,outlet hogan marche, sing three days play. And every New Year holidays.</p>

    <p> to arrest Xichang killed.Risk of such changes, the mother then fell ill. At this time, the family received another message: Some people want to "extermination," the child may not be safe! Mother only disease, someone take the letter to the then doing business in Chengdu, uncle, asking him to find ways to secure the children to Chengdu. In March 1936,parajumpers sale, after all, the mother is no shore, tearful died. Well, shortly after the burial of his mother, the family borrowed from a distant aunt at $ 100 when tolls will Huchong gentry and younger brother rushed to Chengdu asylum.Leave the old one, to depend on others, although the uncle's home but have not fared well.Underground work � old house and do not gather, he came refuge away, and come back to hometown has shouldered the task of saving the home country.Small dilapidated house on the occasion.</p>

    <p> chef by the grandmother, daughter turns palm stove,air max pas cher enfant, make a large table of good food ... now Huchong gentry still remembered most was the old one to take read countless books, such as his father from Japan with back construction machinery books, Japanese,spaccio hogan, English,hogan online, and various ancient books building, in this environment, he argued, since childhood grow up craving for knowledge.Home to seek asylum � old house narrowly escaped potential agents burned through this unharmed, Huchong gentry oil is grateful - to save the ancestral home of the Red Army down.In 1935,occhiali rayban, 12-year-old Hu Chong gentry, this time Hu then began to decline,hogan sneakers, and come down in the old house also implicated narrowly escaped annihilation.This year, the Red Army after the ceremony states. A spy lurking in the ranks, alone broke into the old house,air max pas cher pour homme, kill a chicken, cook a pot of noodles, also pressed Kanwu elderly,under armour curry 2, home belongings Where? Half did not turn valuable things, spies recruited straw, Zhaizi burning desire to vent their anger. At home for the elderly begging,hogan online, the two Red Army came in and stopped the agents of evil. After this calamity, Huchong gentry oil is grateful - this is the ancestral home of the Red Army saved down.Misfortunes never come singly. In that year, Huchong gentry father and tri-being denounced in the state ceremony by the KMT, "Rangers' arrest. Huchong gentry remember very clearly, the incident in 1935 winter afternoon of May 28, his father and uncle were imposed "gentry, private buy firearms, fornication communist" charges.</p>

    <p> came to congratulate the crowd, lined up outside the gate of the old one.In the ceremony,parajumpers korting, Zhou Zhen, Hu is the mayor. Hu Huan Shen Hu Chong's grandfather, is the militia Secretary grasp local armed prestigious. Hu Huai father first, from the Tokyo Higher Technical School students returned, majoring in mechanical engineering. Rao Ying-fang mother from northern warlords Members family. Then Hu, also do a weaving factory, fame.Located in Xichang City, Zhou Zhen Yimin ceremony on the 25th Street South, this old house, and was also the local mansion. The three-deep courtyard.</p>


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