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Tongzhou, Beijing to suspend the public rental bicycle cards

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  • Started 4 years ago by xz5dtzz8f
  1. xz5dtzz8f

    Tongzhou Beijing to suspend the public rental bicycle cards for the public to rent a bicycle card
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    <p> it is understood that the Tongzhou District bicycle rental card from 5 at the end of this year began to close down, can only fill the card and the card back. </p>

    <p> Legal Evening News (reporter Xie Lu Gong Xiaogang Ren Jia) recently, many residents of Tongzhou suffered a public rental office card difficult problem. "Want to ride a bike, but there is no way to do the card." In the face of Tongzhou residents suffered,hogan outlet, Tongzhou District, Beijing bicycle service center staff explained said only lease card temporarily "Duandun",occhiali ray ban outlet, will be filled as soon as possible. </p>

    < p > in the revival of the community of Mr. Zhang said, himself recently to to do a rental card, but suffered a closed, want to travel by bike the desire to complete the "bathing".

    <p> "public rental bike this year has increased a lot of cars, we will be in accordance with the site of hot and cold conditions to increase or reduce the vehicle, as far as possible to protect the majority of residents can rent a car." The staff said, when it can resume to do the card is not good to say. </p>

    <p> in accordance with the plan, this year the city will increase the public rental bicycle. Which will be for the first time in Haidian District 3000,nike tn pas cher, Xicheng District 3000, Fengtai District 2000, Shijingshan District 1000, Daxing District 6000. In 2014, the total amount of public rental car will reach 40 thousand. </p>



    < p > reporter morning from traffic monitoring department learned that at present the City Dongcheng,new balance baratas, Chaoyang, Fengtai, Shijingshan, Tongzhou, Daxing, Yizhuang seven regional set of public rental site. The city can deposit and withdrawal, deposit and withdrawal but the rural and urban areas can not be achieved, mainly due to inconsistent systems. In addition, the public rental car as a public transport, to encourage the short term that is also, the real ride from the suburbs to the city of very few.

    <p> for residents do not on the card problem, this morning,hogan olympia outlet, the reporter contacted the Tongzhou District bicycle service center staff, who do not have a day card is too much! Especially the new site, every day to do more than twice the normal number of card cards, but not so much." The other side explained that the main reason to stop running the card is currently the number of serious shortage of rental cards, is actively supplement, to supplement the normal processing. </p>


    < p > for urban and suburban rent car card is not universal, administrative departments also in the study of solutions,hogan scarpe outlet, future outer suburb district public bicycle will gradually support card rent the car, suburban counties and the city with the use of a card.

    < p > who lives in South Bin community of Miss Xu said, Tongzhou public rental bicycle rental card from March this year to begin limited, "in the beginning limited 50 a day, then 30, then simply do not give do." Miss Xu said, in order to do a card has been 5 times, the general 10 points after the card is all gone.

    <p> Tai Hing also appeared in a similar situation. Reporters learned from Tai Hing Public Bicycle management center, due to the saturation of the number of cards do, in August last year, the center will stop to do the card. Originally scheduled for July this year will be re run the card,ray ban sito ufficiale, but the specific time yet to be determined. </p>Related Articls´╝Ü

    Its interpretation, the so-called practice assessment of undergraduate and pilot college, are similar to the Yellow Sea college in Shandong Province, such institutions in the spring college entrance examination for enrollment. According to his understanding, in the past year, the number of such enrollment, generally more than 1/3 of the expected number of recruits.

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