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Twenty-sixth teachers' day to celebrate the presid

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    < p > a year since, under the correct leadership of the school, the full implementation of the scientific development view, adhere to the "people-oriented" educational philosophy, pragmatic, forge ahead,hogan outlet online, do solid work, selfless dedication, the cause has been better development. The goal of college entrance exceeded, the mid-term exam achievement breakthrough platform, high grade, midline target record,hogan sito ufficiale, the first English into the forefront of the region, all these achievements are the result of joint efforts of all the staff. We would like to take this opportunity to express our highest respect to all the staff for their efforts and hard work for the development of the school! Express our heartfelt thanks to our understanding and strong support for our work!

    < p > the new school year, our President Hu to the school with a dilemma, deliberate proposed "unity of thinking, concerted action, effective measures, executive firmly," the idea,cheap mac makeup, in order to improve the quality of education our response district government a call of the Longquan "reading of the city,hogan outlet online, proposed the short-term goal is to create a" civilized campus, classroom order learning environment, in order to comprehensively improve the high surface quality of high school to lay a solid foundation, we deeply know that, to achieve the goal of the school, the current more than at any time need faculty solidarity wholeheartedly, unite as one, to overcome the difficulties,scarpe golden goose, overcome difficulties. School party leadership decided to closely rely on, and unity of all the staff,hogan outlet, under the leadership of President Hu, with all large secondary school teachers and students, work hard, joys and sorrows, innovation sharp,air max soldes, large secondary school to create new glory!

    Twenty-sixth teachers' day to celebrate the president's speech

    <p> dear teachers and comrades: you are good! </p>




    < p > walks into the golden September,charm pandora outlet, we greet the 26th teacher's day, in this to celebrate festivals, on behalf of school party leadership to the hard work of the faculty and staff with sincere greetings and good wishes for the holiday! To receive the title of outstanding teachers and people teacher contest competitions teachers congratulations!

    <p> to celebrate the twenty-sixth teacher's day President speech </p>Related Articles´╝Ü

    Our team has four members of the team, in the face of heavy production tasks, we know that "blacksmith must own hard truth, since the development of" four base "construction work, we in the party's guidance and help, actively fully serviced with a strong team members, establish and improve the work system, strengthen professional knowledge learning, to further enhance the team's cohesion and combat effectiveness.

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