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US school shooting suspect identity exposure photos suspecte

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  1. ehdh384ldl8g

    <p> Lanza lives in Hoboken New Jersey and is from Newtown Connecticut,golden goose.</p>


    Lanza himself is also dead,nike air max outlet.

    Authorities also told

    <p>According to his Facebook page </p>

    <p> 14,zapatillas new balance baratas, 2012 (WPVI) - tell ABC News that the gunman in the Newtown Connecticut school shooting is 24-year-old Ryan Lanza of New Jersey.</p>

    <p> was among the dead at the school,adidas yeezy boost 350. She is believed to be a teacher there.</p>

    <p> that a gun used in the attacks is a.223-caliber rifle,adidas yeezy 350 uk.</p>

    <p> according to ABC reports, the U.S. state of connecticut school shooting suspect identification,lunettes de soleil ray ban pas cher, 24 year old gunman Lanza Ryan,yeezy 350 pas cher, the identity card issued for New Jersey,golden goose femme pas cher, according to reports of the mother is the shooting of the school's teachers. </p>


    <p> 27 including children 18 were killed in the shooting Friday morning at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut,wholesale mac makeup.</p>

    <p> U.S. Cbs Broadcasting Inc reported in the United States, Connecticut School shooting suspects found a body at the residence of the suspect's home. </p>

    <p>CBC reported screenshot </p>

    <p>,hogan outlet, according to the U.S. National Broadcasting Corporation reported that the U.S. state of Connecticut in the western new town of Hawke Sandy primary school shooting suspect the father of local time 14 morning died in the home of New Jersey. </p>


    <p> police at the scene found the murder of his mother's body. </p>

    AuthoritiesLanza's mother

    people.The official said

    NEWTOWN Conn.,yeezy 350 pas cher, December -

    <p> ABC News that a dead body was found at Lanza's home,scarpe hogan online.</p>相关的主题文章:

    Japan recently appeared a new weather anchor Morita Mikuiko (this was sweet for child rights protection), in addition to her with a baby face, there are still a good figure. Many netizens think she looked like Aki Hoshino, and some people even call, she is the Japanese version of Yuri Huang anchor.

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  2. hjgfd0z6p

    Photo Girl on Girl diploma to graduate this year from vocational college
    ■ reporter Gao Hong report / photo
    Siping News newspaper October 16 19 am, who lives in Lishu recently graduated female students Cher (maiden name) in the Red-billed Siping City Economic Development Zone, the park rainbow bridge plunged into the artificial lake, was killed. Cher falling bridge, it was found that pink coat, shoes and mobile phones are placed in the rainbow bridge. Hey girl suddenly died, the families of suicide Cher skeptical. Alarm Tiexi District Public Security Bureau to initiate an investigation, the investigation related personnel, initially identified as suicide.
    Woman jumping lake leave coats and shoes
    Day 19:30 Xu, reporters came to the park to see the map in the light of the Rainbow Bridge,http://sori.org/hangul/conv2kr.cgi, Rainbow Bridge on the north side of the lake surrounded by a lot of people in the crowd on the lawn east side of the lake, a pink raiment of the deceased head and upper body of the deceased lying on the lawn facing the lake, the whole body than the clothing clean. North from the dead pair of sneakers less than two meters under a willow tree.
    According to the site a knowledgeable person, witnesses found the woman from the arched rainbow bridge "splash" jump the lake, a park watchman care after that went to the scene, a photo with a flashlight and found a pink T-shirt, a pair of sneakers placed in the rainbow bridge, there is a mobile phone and an ID card pocket. The watchman to call the police 110. Police rushed to the scene to view later, respectively, to 119 and 120 for help.
    Family members said before leaving home is also good
    18:53 the same day,http://www.postyourflasher.com, 20 fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene to rescue them. After 3 minutes, the girl was put ashore lake jump. The woman is about 1.65 meters tall, wearing a white sweater and jeans. 120 emergency medical examination, the woman was not breathing. Red-billed Fire squadron commander with a dead cell phone to his family a telephone call, asked family members to the scene as soon as possible.
    Nearly 20 o'clock,http://cutyayu.sakura.ne.jp/cabbs/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=110&page=%5B/ur, the deceased's parents and other family members rushed to the scene. According to the deceased's father speak,extensions a clip, drowned girl named Cher, 22 years old, some stubborn character, who lives in Lishu pear town badger hole 5 village community, there is a 18-year-old sister. This year graduated from the University of Marketing Siping career after graduation Street, a pedestrian zone in the West leather goods store to do a salesperson.
    "A week ago Cher home Grilled corn,extension a clip naturel, two o'clock in the afternoon to leave the house back to Siping. She called at the object Dongmou,http://bizboard.nikkeibp.co.jp, six months, and the object in Hongbao Levin to work,http://repository.hyogo-u.ac.jp, I have been to my house once, the object's home Red-billed in the nearby park. "deceased's father said," when you come out from home,http://www.oka-soft.net/cgi/bbs/aska.cgi/?a&amp;, walking and music, because I do not know what ye ...... "
    Testament indicated that the cause of death and broke up about
    Cher to see families on the phone display screen page "I love you & amp; Dragon" message. Finally,extension cheveux naturel, a short message content Cher 15 pm heard: "Believe it or not your business anyway, believe it or not it has the object of love..."
    Families find relics from Cher Cher August 26 wrote a swan song book, swan wrote: "Today is my most painful day, the day is also a relief, I choose not to love, I Fortunately interested (oct) bitter, sad good, suffocated, in fact, I knew you do not love me, between you and I would have no feelings ...... you ruined my everything, ruined my life. snow children must document. "after the swan also pressed a bloody handprint.
    The families of the cause of death for girls doubtful
    Several families of Cher's death skeptical, why fall lake before she took off his coat and shoes? Coat, shoes and mobile phones why put in the Rainbow Bridge? The mystery, how they are inextricably linked. Suddenly I remembered the deceased's father, because her daughter's hands and body a little vitiligo, targeting the home and therefore have been proposed and Cher broke things. Family suspected, Cher's death may be related to objects related to whether the two trouble contradiction, or what words inspired Cher so what things too hard? still is……
    Deceased boyfriend: the two have split
    According to her boyfriend introduced him to six months to get along with Cher, just know when he went to her home, and later broke up, because he has the objects. Incident the afternoon, she gave him a phone dozens of times. Day 6:00 am, she called him and they meet in Hongbao Levin back door, asked him in the end there is no object, the other had nothing to say, about 10 minutes after the meeting, they broke up.
    According to a witness described the scene of the first segment, he and Cher awareness and Dongmou friends, live in the same building. On the same day evening around 6:30, Cher call him, she said in a lake. When he arrived at the lake, he heard the "splash" and then see the exposed surface of the lake under the bridge hand. He then alert the care of a park watchman. Time of the incident, near a group of dancing,http://www.leesauthenticationservice.com,achat extensions cheveux, there is a pair of lovers near the lake.
    Police: initially identified as suicide
    That night, the family in order to find out the cause of death Cher,http://www.cyclotourisme06-ffct.org/spip.php?article194, the Tiexi Public Security Bureau reported the matter. Law and order brigade police the night of Dongmou,ou trouver des extension a clip, and other related personnel section of a survey carried out visits. Dongmou have alibi, initially identified as suicide. At present, the body of the deceased located in Siping City funeral parlor.

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