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want face to face two children to communicate something

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  1. yumiseu5j9

    China's current law,http://wx.jazzsynth.com/wxcgi/kizai/sunkizai.cgi?mode=form&no=63&page=2,tagli capelli corti, the age of 14 to have sex with young girls constitute rape
    Express News correspondent correspondent Han Wenhua Zen Zeng Chunhua less subject reported the Spring Festival approaching, just after the 17th birthday near Zhou Liang has received a criminal judgments from Chancheng District People's Court.
    Because many times with a girl under 14 years of age to have sex and cohabitation Linlin,extensions cheveux,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/cio/n0100100991.html, Linlin cause truancy and running away from home for two months, eventually committing rape Zhou Liang was sentenced to two months a year, suspended for one year six months.
    Zhou Liang from Hunan,extension a clip naturel,http://www.51yam.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, junior high school education, unemployed. According to his confession, the Dragon Boat Festival on the eve of last year about his casual acquaintance with Linlin and established male and female friends. When met about two weeks,http://www.bic-bed.jp, he learned from her mouth Linlin only 13 years old, taking into account the other side is his girlfriend,http://4510m.in, both on a voluntary basis,http://www.katena-net.com, many times with Zhou Liang Linlin sexual relations occurred. From the beginning of summer vacation, stand simply do not want to go home Linlin, Linlin Zhou Liang also acquiesced to live in his family's behavior. Although sometimes think that is wrong, he and his mother had had to persuade his girlfriend to go home, but Linlin always want to go back. Zhou Liang's mother, said she and her mother is a fellow Linlin, Linlin family are very fond of, for Linlin contacts with son she was more supportive, myself have attempted to invite Linlin mother to eat, want face to face two children to communicate something, but did not receive a response to the woman's parents.
    Zhou Liang and their families say, Linlin agrees. "They treat me very good, Quanguo me home, but I just want to go home." Afraid of their own home grounds,http://otdo.aa.tufs.ac.jp/index.cgi, said it was afraid Linlin own feelings and Zhou Liang suffered from his mother,http://www.center.edu.city.hiroshima.jp, while acknowledging that happened last week with the relationship is voluntary.
    September 19, police in the rental Zhou Liang located and arrested him, along with the police rushed to the scene this Linlin mother finally found the missing two-month daughter.
    Prosecutors handling the case pointed out, our law, and the age of 14 to have sex with young girls, regardless of the behavior of people using what means,diradamento capelli, do not ask whether the girl agreed,extension capelli clip, constitutes rape.
    (Note: Due to a minor and humanities in all use a pseudonym)
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  2. k473k62cor

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