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Xu and ready to take to measure alcohol content

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    Xu was found drowned in a river in the soup. Xu runs the place is a lawn, a distance not more than 50 meters.
    A minor accident he left the 27-year-old man in Bengbu, Anhui Xu drunk driving a modern car,http://recit.cadre.qc.ca/~cmi/spip.php?article34, driving to the Jiangning District Tangshan Street Tangquan when the road towards Jurong direction into the reverse lane, hit a roadside barrier. Just when the police find the driver, Xu has mysteriously disappeared. Just seven minutes later, police found Xu even at a distance of 50 meters from the site of the incident soup river. However, the police will be salvaged after Xu, he already unconscious, after the rescue, Xu died,http://pond.org.uk, at home there are only 14-month-old son. Within this mysterious 7 minutes, Xu what happened, the Yangtze Evening News reporter conducted an investigation.
    Yangzi Evening News reporter quarter Yuxuan text / photo
    After the mysterious death 27-year-old man gathering
    The day before yesterday afternoon, the Yangzi Evening News reporter arrived at the police station near Tangshan Tangshan street Jiangning District of Nanjing, the deceased's brother Xu Longchamp told reporters that night Xu is on this road to the police station in front of a car accident, then was found dead in the nearby river soup. So, then what happened? Longchamp relayed a passenger on board was saying Hemou Hemou told Longchamp, when Xu Tangshan participated in a group of friends of the party, after the party by Xu car ready to go to a nearby KTV singing, the incident at that time on the road to the KTV. At that time,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/saifu-bagya/saifu-deep-1001rd.html, due to the road conditions are not familiar Xu, Xu after driving through an intersection, reverse into the lane, and soon placed in roadside fences collided. Passengers said the accident was not serious, Xu was on the parking. However, after 4,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/first19782012/7000319.html,5 bit off police questioning Xu, Xu and ready to take to measure alcohol content, then I do not know why Xu was gone, and then they heard the news of drowning Xu, Xu friends feel the presence Can not accept.
    Yangzi Evening News reporter saw at the scene, according to the Longchamp, Xu night driving should be towards Jurong direction from Tangshan, after passing through the intersection, road conditions have indeed changed. Reporters saw, from north to south lane is not straight, but has a 30 ° turn around, but on the contrary, straight past the opening direction is from south to north bound lane. Near the public that this road the locals know,extension cheveux clip, is not wrong,http://www.altritaliani.net/spip.php?article213, wrong is generally to the field of drivers. Longchamp told reporters, which also explains why Xu will be wrong. Reporters saw Xu driving after driving the wrong direction into the anti-road, less than 30 meters is set up checkpoints Tangshan traffic police squadron, used to check the direction of the vehicle to Nanjing Jurong. Xu fences precisely the impact of the traffic police established.
    Place of death less than 50 meters away from the accident site
    According to Xu family argument, Xu obviously have been controlled, why would go to the scene less than 50 meters away from the river, which is really difficult to explain, bizarre. Xu family told reporters they had briefly seen the monitor, then Xu 0:11 time-sharing also appears in the monitor, and then began to run, then ran out within the scope of monitoring. Then around 0:18, the police realized that the river was started salvage. Within a short span of seven minutes, even Xu has led to death within seven minutes in this, what happened Xu, Xu family has been to figure out, they repeated communications to the police, do not have a satisfactory answer . Xu family doubts that the cause of death, but there were several wounds on the body Xu.
    Yangzi Evening News reporter on the scene saw Xu accident took place at the roadside, the east side of the road is a park, there is a park across the river, the river is called the soup, Xu finally was discovered drowned in this river . Location 0:11 Xu appears in the monitoring of the bodies recovered from the last place,http://ir.nul.nagoya-u.ac.jp, the distance between a maximum of 50 meters, the middle is also covered with flowers, people simply can not get involved in it. Such a short distance,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/red-one/ri-0159.html, coupled with Xu show in monitoring a running movement, most will take up to 1 minute, then the remaining six minutes, Xu suffered what is unknown. Reporter then went to the river soups, there are two bridges, bridge fence about 1.2 meters, about 1.75 meters tall Xu, falling from the bridge are not likely on this river. According to Xu family said the incident the next day, the family came to the river to measure the depth of the river, there is the deepest 1.5 meters.
    Reducing traffic monitoring mysterious 7 minutes
    Tangshan traffic police squadron leader Sarkozy told reporters rushed to the scene immediately after the crash that night heard the sound of police bayonet point, this car modern car crashed about 5 knots fence, in fact, together with a small accident,http://www.postyourshavedpussy.com, directly notify the insurance company to deal with can. Since the police are very close, so we cleaned the fence debris and restore traffic order on the road. According to relevant regulations, a minor traffic accident,extension cheveux clip, the traffic police do not have control of the driver at the time. Police immediately began looking for the driver, but this time, Xu was gone. Police immediately began searching, finally found Xu soup in the river. Xu police salvaged after their blood, the results confirmed Xu per hundred milliliters of blood alcohol content of 252 mg, is drunk driving.
    Yangzi Evening News reporter saw tone control, according to the monitoring show that night 0:11, Xu left the driver of the vehicle, went to the park lawn, looked back at this time, Xu around and no police. Xu see no one around rush began, he has been to the hot spring river direction until leaving the monitor screen. 2 minutes later, police found Xu disappeared began to search,extension cheveux naturel, but to see action from the police, the police apparently did not know Xu soup is to go in the direction of the river. 0:18, an auxiliary police found a river in the notice strange companion, 1:00 Xu was salvaged. There is speculation,meilleure extension cheveux, Xu probably drunk driving after the accident, the traffic police to worry about being found, so take advantage of the traffic police did not find to flee the scene, accidentally plunged into the river, drowning the results. Fansuo Zhang said, because there is no monitoring to take Xu exactly how the water,rajout cheveux, so this statement can only be speculative.
    However, through forensic identification, Xu is indeed the cause of death was drowning, exclude the possibility of homicide. It is involved in the search for the night police said, this river never more than 1.5 meters deep, 1.7 meters of a police river trip simply not in the end, there are at least two meters depth. For Xu body injuries, forensic also gives opinions, forensic believes Xu scars may be pulled and when rescue a relationship, not directly lethal wounds.
    (Original title: drunk driving after the mysterious disappearance of the driver drowned in the river)

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