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    <p> but also get out of bed,celine purses, but the action has been very slow. But I know that, and then go on other diseases, Xu Xiangying bedridden could not escape fate.She lost themselves in the nearly 20 years of walking the way homeLife is calm and happy,nike tn pas cher, but I do not know since when, capable of Xu Xiangying the rest of my life,acheter louboutin, gradually have forgetful problems."In retrospect, it should be seven or eight years ago. She often dropped things, umbrellas do not know how much to lose. Later became often forget things, relatives told her a little something back from the market,http://www13.plala.or.jp/gakuki3/cgi_bin/aska/aska.cgi, obviously the day before she had brought over ,nike scarpe uomo,http://azumano.sakura.ne.jp, and the next day she brought,baby gear, with the third day, sometimes with three or four times. "SHEN Xiao Su said.Finally the family worried.</p>

    <p> specially took her to see Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine with improved memory, continue to eat more than a year. However, these days down, Xu Xiangying's condition not only not improved, but more serious.Family then took her turn to see Western medicine, doctors suspected she was there to be afflicted with "early-onset Alzheimer's disease,giuseppe zanotti sneakers," memory will become increasingly worse, and finally do not remember anything,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/cio/n0506300001.html, like a know nothing of a child,woolrich parka,http://miken.room.ne.jp/~abug/cgi-bin2/apeboard.cgi?msgnum=10&command=read_message/, We need someone to take care of."The doctor said the disease hear when I suddenly numb. And store things at home before, I do not control, just concentrate on good care A fish pond on the line,nike shox, she suddenly die, I do not know how to do? "Xu Xiangying husband Zhou Yuxiang said he was almost frantic.Doctors, however,scarpe hogan outlet, also suggested that, had the disease,zanotti pas cher, stay motionless, but the disease will progress faster if to maintain a regular life and work, to some extent, can help keep her features.Thus.</p>

    <p> Zhou Yuxiang decided to store the tea market continues to go on, and invited individuals, both to help in the shop, but also to look after both his wife, He's hoping that such laws make life stable and gentle wife's illness slowly Get better.The fact that once again mercilessly crushed Zhou Yuxiang hope, progress of Alzheimer's disease is irreversible, especially the rate of progress of early-onset Alzheimer's disease, patients faster.Soon, Zhou Yuxiang found once shrewd wife began to figure out the price of a variety of tea, may lose track of accounts every day,nike scarpe running, even their own money in the purse is not know where you come from.He became even more worried that Xu Xiangying gone the way home in the past 20 years.</p>

    <p>Xu Xiangying therein is particularly loud,doudoune pjs, well look at the past, she was much younger. However,tn requin pas cher, approached,lunettes de vue ray ban, it was found that she did not perceive us closer."Sister,http://c4mzwth5.seesaa.net, Hello, I'll see you." I gave her some close gently asked loudly good.Xu Xiangying finally looked to one side slightly, with eyes peering at me. Second,http://bamboo.wao.or.jp/~haitaman/cgi/aska.cgi?mode=resmsg&no=3444%3C/a, two seconds, three seconds ... 10 seconds later, she looked at me, but no response."So you know this person?" I stood, pointing to her small niece Su Shen continued.Or that the peering eyes, but I noticed that her eyes squint slightly narrowed, his mind seemed to strongly back thinking,nike outlet, but in the end still look back to the state that peering. She gave up thinking,hollister italia,http://huicentral.com/node/add/article, give up memories.The woman,acheter chaussures, only 45 years old this year.In the small Shen Su memory, her aunt has always been a shrewd woman."15-year-old, she would catch a special bird insect and sold to make money; more than 20 years old, toss yourself open breakfast shop; uncle later told me after marriage,ray ban femme, she was in the tea market opened a shop , from start to finish in the care of a man. "SHEN Xiao Su finished after this passage, several attached sigh complain, "My mom Yeah, come to a hospital,http://www.huicai2010.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=190860&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=1082422, cry a ah."However, in her view, aunt to the state of the bed next to these old ladies a little better.</p>

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