Women In Ministry

Here’s an age old controversy which has spawned much contention, and caused many women to question their call by God.  At one time, I also questioned whether God was calling me to ministry, based upon a few places in the Bible that seemed to discourage women from leadership positions in the church.  I was also attending a church which strictly forbade women to hold any position of authority other than teaching women and small children, and this was to be done outside the church.  Women were never allowed to stand at the pulpit, or to teach in a mixed setting (where both men and women were present). Since this was such a hurdle for me prior to attending seminary, I would like to encourage other women who may be going through similar trials by sharing some information I compiled on the subject before I answered my call.  While each person has to come to her own decision concerning how she will respond to God’s call, I will share information which hopefully will help women make a more informed decision.  For the next few weeks I will write posts and provide videos to this site for that purpose.

May God continue to bless and guide you in all endeavors.

Pastor Sheryl

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