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God Loved Me and our sister site, 4 Grace Alone, were created and developed by Suzanne James and Candace Morehouse. These sisters in Christ, close friends in spirit and heart – if not location – put together their areas of expertise and decided to use their talents to help Christian women who are seeking answers to the problems in their lives, seeking a closer relationship or God, or simply needing a place where they can feel free to express their Christianity and chat with like-minded women.

In addition to our forum, blog posts, and articles, we provide free resources for anyone who wishes to start a ministry in their own location. This can be anything from a small group of women who meet once monthly to a group with larger goals to provide aid in their community.

We encourage every Christian woman to become a member and contribute to the topic discussions frequently. Ask for help and give help when you can. This is what it means to be a Christian woman.

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