Free Ebook – Divorce and Remarriage – A Question of Your Relationship with God

Christian-Divorce.pdf ebook …. click this link to download a copy of this book

   Attached is a free ebook that offers bible answers on the topic: Can Chrisitans Divorce and Remarry.

It is not another anti-divorce or anti-remarriage debate where people pull one or two verses from the bible and cry ‘God Said’ – instead it is an indebth look at the topic of marriage from creation until Christ.

It covers hundreds of years worth of documents, and several schollars participated in the creation of this document.

I wrote this document to give people peace. God is not an uncarring God. There are biblical laws against the abuse of a woman, including a wife. Much of this teaching is ignored – it has to be, because to make a blanket statement that women can’t divorce unless their husbands commit adultery is fundamentally wrong.

Feel free to post comments. Feel free to download and read this document

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