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  • Profile picture of admin Women of the Bible – Inspirational Stories (1 post → 7 years ago ago)

    WRITERS – Paying for Articles about Women of the BibleHello Christian Writers
    We are looking for articles on several topics:

    Women of the Bible

    We are looking for stories that show how God blessed and […]

  • Profile picture of admin Cross Posting to Facebook (2 posts → 7 years ago ago)

    Does anyone know how to cross post FROM facebook to Wordpress?

  • Profile picture of admin Member Community Blogs (1 post → 7 years, 5 months ago ago)

    New for Fall 2010 will be blogs where users can post their own content. This is not a free for all, but is meant to let everyone have their own voice. The blogs must meet the community's terms of service, but you […]

  • Profile picture of Tami W. Welcome (2 posts → 8 years ago ago)

    Hello to you all - My name is Tami (aka AJ) I write women's fiction, and real life thoughts on my feelings about God, and how he pertains to my life. I have no pastoral training, and I think that shows in my […]

  • Profile picture of admin Submissions and Authors (1 post → 8 years, 1 month ago ago)

    Do you want to write for GodLovedMe? You do not need to be a pastor-or a woman. You do need to have a God centered message that pertains to women.

    Feel free to comment and join the 'writer's group'

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