WRITERS – Paying for Articles about Women of the BibleHello Christian Writers
We are looking for articles on several topics:

Women of the Bible

We are looking for stories that show how God blessed and protected women (most notably those who were not in covenant relationship) – especially Ruth, Naomi, Hagar, Rahab.

Inspirational Stories

We are also looking for writing on the Women who ministered and worked with Paul: The Apostle Juana, the deaconess Pheobe (Who also carried Paul’s letters to Rome), Lydia, evangelists like Eunice, and others. We also want articles on pastors like Pricilla. The word Phropetess means a woman teacher. A teacher is a pastor. So we want articles on any women in the New Testament who is labled a teacher, phrophet.
Inspirational Stories of Women in Ministry
We are looking for stories that show how women boldly stepped out in ministry. What made the women make this bold move in her life. How did God protect and bless her obedience. Most important, give some pointers on ‘how’ she started a ministry.
The main focus of these articles must be ‘God Loves Women.’
If you are interested in submitting any stories, please log in and send a private message to Admin. You may also post a comment with this post