Where Is Our Peace?

Because we live in a more complicated world than our predecessors, we are required to incorporate into our schedules activities and times for rest and rejuvenation.

Everything makes us tense and stressed these days.  Work, watching television, talking with friends, thinking of the tons of things that are left undone at the end of a long day.  The fact is, many of us are so stressed, we no longer know what it is to relax.  Something has gone wrong–terribly wrong, and we’ve been part of the stress merry-go-round for so long, we’ve  forgotten how to fix it.

There was a time, not too long ago–maybe twenty years or so, when people actually knew what it was to take a break.  They looked forward to spending quality time with their families, and winding down at the end of a productive day.  What happened to that?  How do we retrieve such an essential part of our lives?

Several things happened to put us in the rat race we’re running today.  One thing is technology.  But wait a minute!  Wasn’t technology supposed to simplify our lives?  Well…yes.  That was the idea when things got started.  Technology was going to pave the way to people having more free time.  I remember one commentator saying that with all the technological advances, what on earth would humans find to keep themselves busy?  It didn’t  take very long for people to find something.  Today Americans work longer hours, get less sleep and are some of the most stressed out people in the world.  The average parent spends about fifteen minutes per day of quality time with their children. Something’s got to give.

Finding time for God is a must. You and I were created by God for fellowship with him.  If we are not taking the time to fellowship with him on a daily basis, we are running on empty.  We don’t need more things to accomplish, what we need is the joy and peace that only God can supply.  Jesus never told us that as his followers, we would not have trials in this life.  But when we fellowship with God we are refreshed and renewed, our energy levels are replenished, and what may have seemed like such a formidable task becomes so much easier to  manage.

1Peter 5:7 tells us to cast our cares on him (God), because he cares for us.  Peter’s words are as meaningful for us today as they were when he wrote them to persecuted members of the early church.  We have to cast all our worries, anxieties and disappointments on God, for he is the only one who can deliver, preserve, sustain and restore us.  We must call on God in prayer, rely on him for strength, trust in his solutions to our problems and learn to wait upon his timing.  Allow God  to give us a peace that passes all understanding.  Where is our peace?  Lasting peace can only be found in God.

Matthew 6:33; James 5:13; Philippians 4:6-7; Isaiah 26:3

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