he Forgiveness 2: Am I Saved?

This is a question many young Christians struggle with.  Some of the older Christian spout dogma and rhetoric without considering what it does to a young Chrsitian’s emotions, how it can confuse, or how it can be misinterpreted.

Am I Saved If I Cannot Forgive Others?


This is the question that haunts most of us. We can walk in love, but we are not perfect. Most of us struggle just to survive. We understand that we need to love, forgive, be merciful, but what has happened to us ‘messed up’ the way we think, reason, and react in situations. Some of us are on medication that makes it difficult to react in a Christian manner.  

When someone who has reached a level of perfection (or thinks they have) drags us back under the law, we can doubt that we are saved. The important thing to remember is that Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice and follow.” He also said, “If you believe on me, you will be saved.” Over and Over, he told people, “Stop stressing. Just call on me. I will save you.”

This is an unconditional salvation. He means that he will save us from Hell. He will save us from the prisons we create in our own mind. He wills save us from the perfect people who have it all together and can quote 1 bible verse out of context and use it to make you doubt your own salvation. He will save you from your own fears, emotions, doubts, and insecurities. All you need to do is “Call On His Name.”

The blood Jesus shed is sufficient to cover ALL of my sins, ALL of your sins, even those you cannot forgive yourself for – even when you have not forgiven someone who has hurt you.

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