Are We Sure?

I was wondering why we pray for such things and do not understand the consequences when the answer comes. Recently a few of us who get together at least once a week, have been praying for revival in our little town and surrounding area. But yet in church when someone new comes in, people can not say hi or even sit beside them. How ready are WE for what we are asking for? 

 Is there still a work in our hearts that is not done, that we have not seen the answers to the prayers? I wonder if we are really just praying for what we think we should be praying for, and not listening to the heart of God. There is a song that Jason Crabb sings, that really grabs my heart…it is called “Someone Like Me”…It talks about a homeless man who has an alcohol problem and smells..who comes to church on a sunday morning…dressed in a suit and still smells from the alcohol. No one will sit near him ..or talk to him.

 The sad thing is…they are singing  Amazing Grace. The man leaves the church and no one goes after him. That is the reason for the song. Everyone thinks it is up to someone else to do the job. So he says…someone like me.Are we really wanting this revival?Or do we still  need a heart change? We are called to be like Christ. We are to be disciples.What does that mean about where we are at? What should i expect me to look like when this is done?

 What more has to change in my like for this to be effective? Am i missing something that i don’t understand yet? Is God really wanting to us me the way i am, or do I have to seek more of His reflection in my life? Am I really wanting to lay down my life, so others will come to know Him?

 The stirring in my spirit is one of being aware that there is so much more to being this christian that i have come acustomed to being. I have only touched on the surface. a place that will only lead me to wanting and desiring more for me and for those around me. Like when i get glimpses of His love for me…I want everyone else to know and experience what i have.

 It must be like this for Father God and Jesus as well.  He died that we may have life and that life in abundance. Not material things but His life in us. With His life…we lack nothing. All hope and peace and joy are there. It will be interesting to see where this takes me. God’s blessings to you all…and to each surrendered heart …Hope for tomorrow.

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