We Love the Place, O God

We Love the Place, O God

We love the place, O God,
Wherein thine honour dwells;
The joy of thine abode
All other joy excels.

We love the house of prayer,
Wherein thy servants meet;
For thou, O Lord, art there
Thy chosen ones to greet.

We love the sacred font,
Wherein the holy Dove
Bestows, as ever wont,
His blessing from above.

We love thine altar, Lord,
Its mysteries revere;
For there, in faith adored,
We find thy presence near.

We love thy holy word,
The lamp thou gav’st to guide
All wanderers home, O Lord,
Home to their Father’s side.

Then let us sing the love
To us so freely given,
Until we sing above
The triumph song of heaven!

Christian Poetry by Henry Williams Baker
Public Domain

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